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  1. Reading chord / tab question
  2. Tuning
  3. What chord is this?
  4. first uke purchase
  5. Ukulele Chord Flashcards..
  6. String Change - FAIL
  7. Painful String Pressure
  8. "Will's Pub Song" by the Corsairs strum pattern
  9. "All Together Now" by the Beatles strumming pattern?
  10. Playing with hand/wrist pain
  11. Battle Scars
  12. humidifiers, do you need them in the UK??
  13. Totally oblivious to the ukulele
  14. Which Brands Go Easy On Finger Pressure
  15. Help please read!
  16. Total noob wonders what step 1 is
  17. Speed vs Accuracy?
  18. Trip to GC and recommendation requests
  19. How do I know if my uke is tuned to high G or low G?
  20. Number of Strums Per Bar in Songs with Lyrics...?
  21. help choosing my first uke
  22. figuring out what uke to get for daughter??
  23. Play a Ukulele Chord -The C Chord
  24. Strumming Stumbles...
  25. Still think you're a Beginner? Try this...
  26. A question so stupid i'm almost afraid to ask it....
  27. Music course advice
  28. Still stuck in the tuning step, please help!
  29. woah...
  30. High G String not used in most song?
  31. Makala MK-C v. Lanikai LU-21c?
  32. string choices
  33. Work Out J.Cole Ukulele tutorial! SUBSCRIBE GUYS!
  34. banjo-uke - attaching strings to a vintage tailpiece
  35. Chord question.
  36. Is Makai MC-70 crappy??
  37. Any drills for progressing beyond strumming?
  38. Question about strings
  39. Plinking sounds
  40. Concert, baritone or tenor?
  41. New Concert Surf Flea
  42. Tuition DVD
  43. Samshed Finger On The DL
  44. Where/What to buy for 7th birthday
  45. For those who never have seen this...
  46. Play a Ukulele Chord -The F Chord
  47. C & Am songs for the very young (or the very old)
  48. Concert uke for $80
  49. What's the ukulele equivalent of Em/B on a guitar? Help!!!!!!
  50. Another Xx/Xx note question
  51. String Stretching
  52. Strumming advice
  53. Bar chords are hard!
  54. Best book or video source for beginning strumming technique?
  55. My dilemma: thumb pick or finger pick?
  56. HELP ... I need a song book!
  57. Stubby fingers need more room
  58. New Uke ......new uke player!
  59. Finally, I Made My Decision
  60. pauses when switching chords
  61. Don't be afraid of friction tuners!
  62. Chords?
  63. how to love strumming patterns lil wayne
  64. Barre chords
  65. uke cases
  66. Learning with Ukulele Mike...Suggestion?
  67. soprano to tenor
  68. Play a Ukulele Chord - The G Chord
  69. Where to put & What to use....strap holders
  70. How to start?
  71. Pickup/case/humidifier recommendations for Covered Bridge tenor?
  72. pink floyd will help me learn...
  73. Stringing affecting sustain?
  74. Noob frets about D and A7
  75. question about finger placement for this chord
  76. My uke is humming from the soundhole :(
  77. New Strings Sound Great..
  78. Sound Sound Sound
  79. Three-Finger Tremolo a Finger Picking Roll?
  80. Looking for a Ukulele Teacher in Albany, NY Area
  81. Preferred tuning for Baritone Ukulele, any advice !!!!!!!
  82. Play a Ukulele Chord - The A Chord
  83. Today's transition: Bb-C
  84. Anyone use this book for beginners?
  85. strumming pattern "love type thing"
  86. finger pain
  87. Cold Frosty Morning
  88. New strings going sharp
  89. 3rds Harmony
  90. Is UU+ worth it?
  91. Problem singing while fingerpicking
  92. Black ukulele strings?
  93. Hey, I learned to chunk!
  94. Recommendations for songs and pieces to play
  95. Uke newbie questions.
  96. Learning Notes in Ukulele
  97. I'm D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y a Tenor Uke Guy!
  98. Impressions on Fender U'Uku
  99. Beginner School Groups Start Playing!
  100. Spruce it up or wait for Red Cedar Mainland
  101. Need a working link to Uncle Rods uke boot camp please..?
  102. Help with Key locations on the finger board
  103. Ouch my fingers!
  104. hey all!!
  105. 52 songs to pick from
  106. My noobie Question High/low G
  107. Two probably stupid questions from a new guy
  108. Good Book to Start With?
  109. UU+ - Where to start?
  110. Lanikai Lu-21 Vs. Fender U'uku
  111. Switching chords smothly to Bb or Bm
  112. Tips needed to learn by ear
  113. I've Uploaded about 10 lessons if anyone is interested...
  114. Does anyone know the chords for Fix a heart by Demi Lovato?
  115. Lanikai LU-11 vs Lanikai LU-21/other good starter Ukes around $50
  116. D chord sounds...off
  117. Scales on a Baritone Ukulele?
  118. Streamed uke lessons
  119. I don't know witch Uke i have. Left or Right handed.
  120. solo ukulele tabs for beginners?
  121. Mahalo Ukulele.
  122. Looking for a music theory/Ukulele textbook
  123. Best Starter Ukulele with the Best Intonation for around $50
  124. Help! How do I properly notate my song ideas?
  125. Different Strings for C or D tuning?
  126. Hello (from) Cleveland!
  127. Lefty string order?
  128. Song Recommendation for Beginners. :)
  129. Soprano Uke Set Up for beginners?
  130. C string troubles
  131. any begginners fancy jumping on the jam?
  132. Flirting with the idea of a Banjolele
  133. struming pattern to maggie may
  134. how do u read this???????
  135. Very elementary question
  136. Ukulele chords for "Beyond the Blue Horizon" by Lou Christie
  137. What's the difference between a good uke and a great uke?
  138. Plucking all four strings- try it you'll like it
  139. Kindle uke books for beginners -- chime in!
  140. Lanikai LU-21 Soprano
  141. Can't finger b chord. HELP
  142. New to Ukulele's, Are felt picks worth it?
  143. Restringing from a high G to low G
  144. Broken Tuner Peg
  145. what is a Radius fretboard?
  146. UKULELE MIKE has resources for beginning ukulele players. Check out his website . .
  147. Fret Board Diagram
  148. Learning to play the uke with your kids
  149. Tuning. Open string vs. fret issue.
  150. Buzzing: is it my uke or my strings?
  151. Human Uke Teacher or Youtube Uke Teacher?
  152. Trouble with converting Chords!
  153. G7 instead of G
  154. Aquila Nylgut - string colors equal what strings?
  155. String Theory
  156. What a Help A plus **** ,Ukulele University.
  157. Reusing Aquilas
  158. B Flat tuning
  159. Need objective opinions on UU+ membership.
  160. uke music
  161. Help wanted: how do I memorize songs, play standing up, record songs, get a good amp
  162. Fingertip Feelings
  163. "Setting Up" a new entry level Uke'
  164. 1st time performing open mic tonight
  165. Lemon Oil Use Advice Please
  166. Chord Melody
  167. nails - if I bite them am I out of luck?
  168. which uke
  169. 1st time buyer: KoAloha, Kanilea, KoAloha...???
  170. Is it just me...
  171. What does it mean and what can I do to fix it?
  172. ukue clubs
  173. Hawaiian Slack Key Ukulele
  174. size does matter
  175. new threads
  176. Which D ?
  177. Fretboard radius
  178. Finger style?
  179. Bruce Wei Art
  180. Tips on strumming with your thumb
  181. English chaps (and chapettes)
  182. Flat fret
  183. Fifth fret
  184. Low D string gauge for tenor banjo uke
  185. what do you think of my uke?
  186. Holding the Uke
  187. Fluke - can someone explain the point of them to me ?
  188. What do you do when you break your strumming nail?
  189. post question about selling
  190. Restringing my uke
  191. Hey from Texas
  192. Two chord questions: alternatives to C9, and did I just invent a chord?
  193. long-neck sopranos and finger style?
  194. My first ukes are here! Some newb questions.
  195. Ohana CK-10S or Kala KA-C
  196. Oh dear god, not another "high G / low G" thread !!
  197. Uke Tuner?
  198. How should I tune my uke?
  199. Action set to?
  200. Tips on chord transitions
  201. Strumming Pattern For OCMS "Wagon Wheel"
  202. Fluke Firefly strings
  203. High G string gauge?
  204. wants to learn UKE
  205. New Uke!
  206. Solid Koa uke care
  207. Creampuff Powder Man by New London CTs Punk Uke Tribe The Weird Beards
  208. baritone for 8 yo?
  209. why a baritone instead of small size guitar ?
  210. why a baritone instead of small size guitar ?
  211. Time for a 'Test' to see if you're really still a Beginner
  212. So, I'm new and bought a Makala Dolphin
  213. C string sustain
  214. Need Help ID A Ukulele
  215. Concert Ukulele
  216. Restrung my uke for the first time....Aquila's are great.
  217. I have returned from NY...with 2 Ukes, dammit!
  218. Classical wound C
  219. Why does my amp buzz and crackle?
  220. 3rd string (Aquila) wound or plain?
  221. Aquila strings...
  222. Aquila Red Series
  223. Changing strings on a Koa Pili Koko....?
  224. 2 Questions: Need for Low G string and Capo?
  225. Plectrum Hole-Punch
  226. What to expect with lower cost ukes?
  227. Chords and structures.
  228. good brands of ukes to buy
  229. Weekly newbie challenge ?
  230. Switching tunings on the same uke question
  231. Lesson Learned - Instrument Case vs Performance Location
  232. Strings on Kohala KO-C
  233. Fretting practice without a ukulele
  234. Need help joining classical forum
  235. Private Lessons vs. UU+
  236. uke songs for kids
  237. Are there strings for different styles of playing?
  238. High G?
  239. Low G; Changing Strings Questions
  240. The best brand/size ukulele for me personally?
  241. Good Ukulele Under 80 Dollars?
  242. Is the Makala Tenora good ukulele?
  243. Luna Honu vs. Kala Ka S vs. Makala Mk Tenor
  244. Inherited a souvenier uke...now what?
  245. Ukulele type problem
  246. D Chord- Different ways?
  247. UAS 101: Save your boxes
  248. versatile ukes
  249. Makala Concert or Tenor?
  250. New to this