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  1. nUUb Minutes: weekly nUUbies challenge
  2. For those who feel stuck
  3. Lefthanded newbie with a question
  4. Makala Concert vs. Tenor, I play guitar. PLEASE HELP
  5. PLEASE HELP: Makala Tenor or Makai TK 55 Tenor?
  6. Noob Challenge Week One!
  7. What kind of strings does a Lanikai LU 21 c have?
  8. How to tune semi-note sharp?
  9. nUUbie! collaboration videos
  10. What brands/models "sing?"
  11. Baritone Bridge Help.....
  12. Should I get the Kala Ka Slng?
  13. What's a chord that sounds like the G string?
  14. Cutaway and right hand
  15. How do you know when its time to change your strings?
  16. Care of wood ukuleles
  17. Electric Ukuleles...any advice?
  18. Easy-ish songs for female singer?
  19. Blues on Ukulele question
  20. Any advice on practice routines?
  21. Finally bought my first Ukulele today
  22. Electric Ukuleles...HELP!
  23. Sealed Tuners?
  24. Once in a lifetime opportunity - dilemma (and a bit of a ramble, sorry)
  25. Perfromance anxiety AKA stage fright
  26. A Good Way to Slide Gently Into Public Performance
  27. Weekly Newbie Challenge #2
  28. can't decide...help!
  29. wtb baritone ukulele,
  30. I should know the answer to this...
  31. Please help :)
  32. Wearing away my fingernail?
  33. Restringing/intonation questions
  34. Wedding rings and Ukes
  35. Transition from Barre chords
  36. I want to teach my family some easy Christmas songs
  37. Best way to store a uke
  38. Good Ukulele books?
  39. Too High (can't get over it)
  40. nUUbies group members - please subscribe to group posts!
  41. How/where to place humidifiers
  42. What are these types of songs called? (video included)
  43. My first uke jam (South End Ukulele Society @ The Kona Kai Cafe in Kent, WA)
  44. nUUb challenge WEEK 3 (my control issues at work)
  45. New ebook - The Ukulele Explosion - FREE
  46. Plectrums...........
  47. Want to be mentioned in the new UU DVD? Ask your beginner questions here
  48. Why is Ukulele set up so important?
  49. Is the ukulele for me?
  50. Feedback needed please!
  51. Having problems restringing my uke. Help?
  52. odd C.F. Martin Ukulele dimensions
  53. Why When I Pluck, It Makes Thumpy Sound?
  54. AJJ strumming
  55. First uke!
  56. Playing on Beach in Waikiki
  57. Looking to get my first uke.. Lanikai LU-21C vs Lanikai LU22CGC
  58. Strumming question
  59. Weekly nUUbie Challenge #4
  60. Just posting some pictures :)
  61. Need bulk pegs
  62. Rosewood or Ebony?
  63. Not a good start !
  64. Recomend some songs tunes ect
  65. New, and maybe intimidated by this little flea
  66. Uke just arrived. How long to wait before unboxing?
  67. E major???
  68. My new uke arrived
  69. tuilip wood
  70. Can anyone teach me ukulele,pls?
  71. Who is Ray (Roy?) Sakurmora? Strumming Pattern Master?
  72. Great source for uke songs - Richard G
  73. Strings
  74. New and need assistance...
  75. Thanks
  76. String Problems - Harmonic???
  77. nUUb challenge #5
  78. My fingers don't want to cooperate. . . .
  79. The Ultimate Beginner
  80. Please help... Big noob when it comes to microphones
  81. Getting started, w/new uke
  82. New strings for Dads 30$ uke???
  83. Conflicting Information
  84. What has been your best confidence booster?
  85. My nUUb thang...
  86. Are guitar chords supposed to work on the ukulele?
  87. Ukulele For Kids - A good book for all beginners!
  88. Bright Sounding Tenor?
  89. Soften that sound!
  90. Oden/ josh send me an email.
  91. This "En or That 'En? (Puh-lease help me... my indecision is killing me!)
  92. Hitting the C string too hard on the strum
  93. Clawhammer TABS
  94. Any Good?
  95. Is the Kala KA-SLNG any good ?
  96. Few questions from a beginner
  97. fingerpicking: 4 fingers? 3 fingers? how many fingers?
  98. Beginner: Which uke?
  99. Thumb Strumming and Chucking Problem
  100. I'm a beginner, please help with this question.
  101. First proper Uke:Ohana SK-10s or a Lanikai LU-11?!
  102. Odd strumming question
  103. What are the most common keys for popular songs today?
  104. new uke strings
  105. Who writes with their Uke?
  106. Tuning question
  107. After 2 months as uke beginner, got another funny uke
  108. Multiple Ukes: How do you decide which one to play?
  109. G7 vs. G
  110. Baritone GCEA vs. Tenor GCEA
  111. One small question of strings and tuning
  112. HELP! Strumming pattern???
  113. Can you re-use strings?
  114. C vs D tuning
  115. Trouble with buzzing/twanging noise when playing the F chord
  116. Just wondering when is the right time
  117. teach yourself books
  118. Ukulele Strings Smell
  119. Progressing to the next level.
  120. Of foam hardshell cases, in-case neck supports, and velcro.
  121. Lessons?
  122. Slowing a pop tune down and adding swing....oooer!
  123. D# arg!
  124. Transition from first position chords
  125. Wrist Problems when strumming
  126. "Chords from websites"- What if there is a capo?
  127. Uke dyslexia!
  128. Looking for great teacher - south shore of Boston
  129. Model JCD-1 Ukulele
  130. Ever had one of those days ?
  131. Help me choose please?
  132. Do tone holes have a better sound quality than epaulette holes?
  133. Some possible steps to make a cheaper ukulele sound better?
  134. Difficulty Holding Uke
  135. Are friction tuners in any way "similar" to violin/cello peg heads?
  136. How do I get rid of the sheet music?
  137. Good uke tutorial dvd?
  138. Confused about finger positioning for High D and E note
  139. 'chunking'
  140. Tiny mic to attach to uke?
  141. Re-entrant dgbe
  142. Catching fingers on up-strum
  143. Is my left hand just too weak yet, or what?! (doing fine on soprano, not on concert!)
  144. Strum pattern for Sweet Home Alabama
  145. Questions from an uke starter
  146. ok... I can't sing.. NEVER will sing.. so, what songs should I think about?
  147. Kiwaya Eco-Series Models Vs. Keli'i Soprano Silver Series
  148. What do do about a clipped short C string, bridge level, that is poking into my arm?
  149. Song ideas for next months get together.
  150. swing strum and muting chords
  151. UU Lessons or local private lessons?
  152. ukulele help
  153. Strumming question
  154. Strings using weedeater nylon string?
  155. Advice needed on technique
  156. Goals For Beginners
  157. Non-sing-along advice needed
  158. The Ukulele Explosion - FREE copies still available...
  159. where to buy Hawaiian ukulele
  160. "Big picture" Ukulele learning method?
  161. I need help picking out my first Uke!
  162. Baritone - Finger stretch problems playing G tuned tab on D tuned baritone
  163. what a twat i am!
  164. Where can I find vintage uke music?
  165. Having Trouble Playing a D chord? Video help is here!
  166. Begginer need help on first Ukelele!
  167. Question about Strings
  168. First Ukelele
  169. Can anyone help with this please.
  170. Uke help?
  171. What is the finger placement for D7+5
  172. My First Ukulele
  173. Koa Pili Koko VS Koloa KU 620
  174. Tips on limbering up fingers?
  175. Just perusing the site and a quick question about UUU
  176. Ready to change your strings but scared to do it yourself? Video help is here!
  177. Wife gives me 'The Look'
  178. Uh, help?! Restrung uke, something not right.
  179. Terms used on Moore Bettah site, help?
  180. Question about F6 and G6 chords
  181. Which key?
  182. Which way to learn? It's too overwhelming!
  183. Where can I find the melody to Ukulele Bailey?
  184. What's your top 10 playlist?
  185. Large hands + long fingers = Soprano impossible?
  186. My first question : How is the ukulele tuned in the video?
  187. Question on callouses
  188. Update on 'wife gives me the look' thread
  189. ukulele banjo question.
  190. Kohala K2-C or Kala KA-C?
  191. Chord Diagram file with individual gifs or jpegs?
  192. B6 Chord and D Augmented Chord
  193. Where do you pick?
  194. Hey everyone, new ukulele player here!
  195. Having trouble changing chords while strumming? Video help is here!
  196. Strum pattern
  197. New Uke, Old Uke
  198. What's the difference between Cdim and Ebdim ?
  199. What will I gain if I learn how to read music.
  200. Muscle Memory
  201. Tuning Question
  202. Strum Fingers
  203. Info Thread - Entry Level 'Ukuleles
  204. UU+
  205. Learning Barre Chords
  206. What is a banjo ukulele
  207. Will I ever be able to strum?
  208. Width of C strings in a set of Aquilas; is the ratio greater than in other brands?
  209. How to Hammer on/off on 0?
  210. nylgut nylon strings
  211. Feeling dumb about ukulele for dummies 500 miles by proclaimers
  212. Learning to Strum (the actual motion)
  213. F Chord on Baritone Ukulele - Anyone use four fingers?
  214. Transposing.
  215. What do you think of the new Riptide Uke?
  216. C/F, Dm/F guitar chords translated to ukulele?
  217. What happens when a string snaps? Will it hurt?
  218. a couple of very silly questions?
  219. Is there an alternative to Bm?
  220. Keeping Soprano Dolphin steady while banging out mad riffs ?
  221. different ukulele tuning
  222. Uke upgrade
  223. Explain the difference in these two chords
  224. A very minor victory.......
  225. First Group Gig
  226. Better Sounding String?
  227. How do you reach a moderator to discuss removal of a thread?
  228. Up-Strumming techniques...
  229. Fascinated and still such a beginner
  230. Uke Chord Book
  231. Is Ukulele a good match for me, and if so, standard or mandolin tuning?
  232. Hey guys! Need help!
  233. What does an asterick next to a chord letter mean?
  234. Any suggestions on a decent beginners uke?
  235. Bruce Wei Ukulele
  236. What is the finger placement for D#9?
  237. I thought you were kidding about UAS...
  238. Chord fingering whilst reading a tab and plucking
  239. Help. My playing is sloppy
  240. Sheet music - Where is this note on my uke! Arg!
  241. Strumming
  242. Looking for a Ukulele Teacher in Greensboro, NC!
  243. Playing with someone else playing the guitar
  244. Do You Use a Pick, Fingers, Piece of Folded Paper?
  245. Does fingerstyle playing require specially written music?
  246. Just unpacked it
  247. Finally I got a concert ukulele
  248. nUUb Challenge #6
  249. Breaking in
  250. Smaller number in tab.