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  1. Plateauing
  2. What do X's mean in chord charts?
  3. Ok, I'm going to ask...what is re-entrant?
  4. Bar Chords - is my finger supposed to contort like an inchworm??
  5. Looking to buy my first Ukulele
  6. The Ukulele Explosion- New Ebook for Beginners now ready!
  7. Holding my soprano without getting bruised
  8. Which finger?
  9. Baritone Lessons? Scales?
  10. Microphone help needed
  11. Kala KA-STATTOO vs. Luna Honu: Advice?
  12. Just bought this, does it look decent?
  13. Advice please: Ukulele or Guitalele?
  14. Search Marketplace Forum
  15. Assuming daily play, how often do you change your strings?
  16. CHILDREN'S UKULELE POSTER CONTEST - 6 Winners will get free soprano ukuleles
  17. Plainsong
  18. Uke Leash Question
  19. Any Baritone players out there? Help! Can't find resources for my Baritone Uke!! A
  20. Banjo ukulele tuning
  21. I have to upgrade my uke
  22. dry climate uke?
  23. Which Ukulele is this?
  24. Ukulele sound
  25. Need help identifying my Ukulele (pictures inside)
  26. Diminished and 2424-form chord fingering - barre?
  27. Finger picking help
  28. Akata Ukulele
  29. Need help with strumming!
  30. Ashbury Ukulele Customer service.
  31. FREE Uke Lessons At Your Local Guitar Center!
  32. Why the long... neck?
  33. Online uke lessons for kids?
  34. Could I teach a uke class?
  35. I think I got a compliment
  36. What type of ukulele is this?
  37. Basic Uke Songs for a Beginner
  38. So I've picked out my first uke, what else do I need?
  39. Herb Ohta Ukulele
  40. How difficult is restringing?
  41. First Tenor Ukulele
  42. What are tabs?
  43. Decorating a ukelele
  44. One-finger D
  45. Need websites for 1920's and 1930's uke music.
  46. I think I made a horrible mistake
  47. ukelele intonation
  48. Two beginner questions
  49. String Questions
  50. Sound problem
  51. F chord problem
  52. Ukulele underground
  53. swollen forearm
  54. Brüko 6 (soprano) tuning
  55. Should I change my tuning?
  56. chuck it in the bin!
  57. New ukulele, how does it sound?
  58. First step up --UAS-- From Dolphin to Fluke Concert
  59. Clothes for my uke
  60. Uke lessons
  61. Buzzing when plucking..is it my technique?
  62. Luna (posted wrong forum)
  63. Out of Control
  64. Lanikai showdown: CK-C Concert vs. SZW-T Tenor
  65. How to clean dust off Ukulele?
  66. beginner tabs
  67. Exercises for playing chords more fluidly?
  68. First performance!
  69. Pesky down up downs!
  70. Cord confusion
  71. Where do you buy your strings?
  72. New to the site and to the uke.
  73. Which Ukulele is best to sing with?
  74. cutting a string
  75. Beginner songs - suggestions?
  76. cases and cases
  77. volume or quality of sound
  78. Changed my strings
  79. Time to strap it on.
  80. So, tell me about your uke playing
  81. progression stall
  82. Is Concert size easiest to learn on?
  83. Baritone recommendations?
  84. Which Ukulele is Better?
  85. Ringing C String!
  86. Beginner Setup
  87. Beginner Hawaiian Song Suggestions
  88. i am new to the site and to the uke ....
  89. re-stringing an old banjolele
  90. Tuning problem
  91. start over again
  92. Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele
  93. Fingernail filing
  94. Getting a grip on things
  95. Uncle Rods Bootcamp
  96. song for xmas
  97. New song lyrics!!!
  98. guitar and uke
  99. restringing to low G
  100. Which is the best deal.
  101. Graeham Goble and Beeb Birtles I'm Coming home chord
  102. The Ukulizer
  103. First post, uke newbie...Seeking help to break a bad strumming habit! :)
  104. Second Uke Purchase... one to last
  105. Strumming and Singing
  106. Kala KA-T Lefty Nut?
  107. strumming
  108. Strings sound dead
  109. GCEA or gCEA explanation
  110. Namm
  111. Playing chords relative to lyrics
  112. Sometimes I wonder why I'm trying to play
  113. Strum with what finger
  114. Air travel and ukes
  115. Ukulele book, FREE to good home
  116. Sealed Gear Tuners, better?
  117. 40th ngsaidg
  118. No Callouses.....And a solution
  119. what constitutes a beginner
  120. Baritone Ukulele
  121. Different ukes
  122. Learn All the Ukulele Frets with Android
  123. Which Ukulele should I buy?! D:
  124. which ukulele fender v Islander MT-4
  125. Point of frustration
  126. Can Anyone Identify This Ukulele?
  127. In a progressive rut!!!
  128. Playing X song on Ukulele?
  129. Newbie with questions..
  130. Feeling for the Frets
  131. Mainland cedar soprano or Kala concert
  132. Hobby lobby
  133. Tenor strings on a concert
  134. First Ukulele
  135. Tenor tuning, string issues
  136. First time buyer ukulele ~! In need of help!
  137. What is a "Radio Tenor"?
  138. Favorite instructional books?
  139. My "changing temperature" lesson
  140. MK-S soprano vs dolphin
  141. newbie
  142. Dolphin
  143. First Ukulele (last thread, promise!)
  144. New player, new uke--help!
  145. Em Chord Question
  146. Ukulele Christmas Songbook
  147. What form are your songs in?
  148. Head Keeps Tipping Down, Please Help
  149. How to incorporate a strum pattern into sheet music!
  150. Advice on Accidental String Muting
  151. Different uke?
  152. Where to buy a Kala KA-S that ships to the UK?
  153. Questions about playing single notes
  154. strumming position
  155. new uke
  156. An 'Octopus's Garden' by The Beatles
  157. HELP on choosing uke
  158. Singing while playing? I must be doing something wrong?
  159. Anyone else have trouble with Dm?
  160. Buying uke for a child
  161. Sound Difference between Ukes?
  162. Plz help me figure out strumming
  163. chords
  164. Pick, Artificial Nails, Instructions?
  165. Kanaloa KC Concert Ukulele
  166. semitones
  167. Taking Guitar Lessons to Learn Ukulele?
  168. ukelele for a 6 year old?
  169. The Roll
  170. Dm7
  171. Any advice on playing in front of people?
  172. Can anyone provide me a link to the Charlie Brown Christmas instrumental in chords
  173. First Song
  174. Uncle Rod's Boot Camp... for Baritone... sort of
  175. Am/E?
  176. String sizes?
  178. Fingerpicking - fretted strings sound dull?
  179. Santa and Rudolph are coming to town!
  180. My uke has multiplied!
  181. Is my tenor not set up right?
  182. Your very first chord chart - 6 chords to learn first
  183. Please explain uke scales to an ex-guitarist
  184. Buzzing on chord changes
  185. lost with first songs help advice please
  186. Is this a good quality Ukulele?
  187. so excited
  188. Sound of ukes so different
  189. Baritone tuning
  190. Non-patronizing Instruction Books
  191. About strings...
  192. How do you figure out what key matches your voice?
  193. How to clean a uke
  194. Follow a course in a book or learn songs?
  195. Banjo ukulele
  196. A very talented 'beginning' ukulele player - Yestyn Griffith
  197. Uke repair
  198. fingerpicking book for beginners
  199. NYC lessons
  200. Bb is impossible, I can't barre!
  201. xmas
  202. Taking Ukulele into High Humidity
  203. "hybrid" strings on a tenor ukulele?
  204. Tenor ukulele advice
  205. Will a high-end Uke help me play and/or sound better? How do I know when to upgrade?
  206. Help with choosing first Uke
  207. USE EADG Tuning
  208. Sheet music says C#m, all ukulele covers skip it?
  209. Best book for a beginner?
  210. Percussion on Ukulele how to do it?
  211. What did Kamaka use to finish the white label line?
  212. Banjolele Lessons
  213. Do most people teach themselves or take lessons? Is it worth getting lessons?
  214. New uke - tuning problems
  215. How to Amateur band or ukulele orchestra????
  216. changing Islander strings
  217. Typical Newb Questions: Which Uke & problem with fret buzz
  218. Does this price seem low ??????
  219. chord progressions amd strum practice
  220. Well thats a new pain (thumb issues) pic
  221. How do I know when my ukulele needs restringing?
  222. Just ordered a new ukulele!
  223. Ukulele won't tune properly
  224. Question about improvement.
  225. Anyone have experience with Ukulele Hotline?
  226. Arizona and humidity case question
  227. Should I get the Concert Kala KA-CEM or Kala KA-T Tenor?
  228. Humidifiers and Hygrometer
  229. thanks
  230. Accidental Bending of Strings When Playing
  231. Banjo Ukelele
  232. Got my Uke but chords don't sound right
  233. Ukulele Electrics - passive/preamp?
  234. 10th, 11th and 12th frets sound the same
  235. I can't hold my Ukulele
  236. Fret dressing
  237. Uke Strings
  238. Ordered my first uke from HMS
  239. Epiphone Les Paul Uke arriving on Monday! Strings?
  240. 15cm vs. 20cm?
  241. a little advice
  242. Just Bought My First Uke!
  243. How long does it take to get barre chords right?
  244. Is this a good begginer Ukelele?
  245. Tenor or Concert? Low G on a Concert?
  246. I changed my ukulele's strings! :D Normal to go out of tune THIS quick?
  247. Looking for players
  248. addicted to chucking
  249. Excited noob!
  250. Beginning with difficult songs?