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  1. Jazz Ukulele Artists
  2. As a new player, how to tell if your ukulele is set up properly?
  3. Stuck in a rut, help! Not sure what to do
  4. Noise While Switching Chords
  5. 3 Ukes in less than 3 weeks
  6. new strings
  7. New Uke from HMS-strings & action advice
  8. Problem with tuning on the very first Ukulele
  9. Free 30 minute Ukulele Lessons...(Northern Illinois/Southern WI)
  10. Where is the BEST Place to Start My Learning Focus?
  11. Strumming Critique please
  12. Restringing problem
  13. Stupid chromatic tuner question
  14. Strumming Basics?
  15. Why the missing perfect 5th in the 'standard' Uke F7?
  16. Translating a certain song to Ukulele?
  17. Left handed question.
  18. lanikai koa concert?
  19. New too the site....Couple of questions as welll.
  20. New to stringed instruments of any kind... Kala MA-S or KA-P?
  21. Can't Stop Strumming to the Lyrics?
  22. Guitar Capo on 5th fret is UKULELE ?
  23. UAS: Oops, I did it again
  24. Ukulele tone
  25. Uke won't stay in tune for more than a few minutes
  26. Little Stretching Advice
  27. How to play boom-chuck bluegrass accompaniment
  28. How do I pronounce some of these chords?
  29. Becoming a lazy uke player..
  30. So I bought an electronic metronome...
  31. Simple C to G Chord Change
  32. Tuning up half step
  33. Multiple ukes
  34. chord progressions
  35. Probably the most popular uke song ever?
  36. How Do You Store Your Ukuleles?
  37. Calypso strumming pattern (DDUUDU)
  38. Just ordered a Dolphin
  39. Decision
  40. String Tension
  41. Intentionally over-tightening new strings.
  42. Do Ukuleles Open Up with time & Playing?
  43. Learning Piano Songs
  44. Recommendations for fingerstyle songs
  45. Questions on starting a church Uke group
  46. How am I Doing?
  47. Ukulele Mahalo Tenor
  48. 2 or 3 digit finger picking
  49. An insane question: can the makala dolphin be fitted with Gotoh UPTs?
  50. Guitar String on a Ukulele
  51. Can I plug my UBass into a non-bass amp?
  52. Need help tuning your uke with an electronic tuner? VIDEO HELP IS HERE!
  53. Where are all the beginners
  54. Confuscation
  55. Need a cheap electric uke preferably with a headphone socket... Peanut?
  56. Mixed up my strings
  57. My Islander MSC-4
  58. Complete beginner please help
  59. Mk-t help
  60. Fingerpicking technique?
  61. Some more advanced uke questions from a beginner :)
  62. I love ukulele! Major achievement day! :D thanks to everyone at UU!
  63. 1920's Banjolele
  64. D chord
  65. My first ukes...
  66. playing along with other instruments
  67. Fingerpicking question about slides
  68. Problem with sloping saddle
  69. Fender Stratocaster 15w amp
  70. Open Strings In Tune, Fretted Aren't?
  71. Uke Picking Without Nails
  72. sheet music
  73. Finger picking exercises/songs?
  74. tuning
  75. I love those natural 6ths!
  76. My fingers won't stay at a good angle doing Bb
  77. More questions on strum technique & Fingernails
  78. Friction Tuners
  79. String lift off
  80. Holding the Ukulele (woman)
  81. My tuner keeps slipping on my KoAloha long neck soprano.
  82. Ukulele Pentatonic Scales?
  83. First appreciative uke audience
  84. Chord Inversions
  85. New ukulele New problems!!
  86. Which strumming patterns for which songs?
  87. What is the best way to learn the ukulele?
  88. Stronger Pinky Finger
  89. Finding d-g-b-e strings for a tenor ukulele
  90. BRILLIANT YouTube channel for beginners!
  91. The advantage of the concert and tenor sizes over the soprano
  92. Strumming question.....
  93. What is a "long neck" ukulele?
  94. Total n00b tenor tuning question
  95. Oh, my back!
  96. Do I need to change strings to tune my uke to low G?
  97. Questions about a troublesome Ohana tenor
  98. Preparing for my first open mic night
  99. Basic strum question.
  100. My new uke
  101. New uke purchased
  102. my husbands Uke for Valentines day
  103. Noobie string/tuning question.
  104. strings for an acacia KPK concert
  105. playing the soprano
  106. how to find a comfortable strum..
  107. Do I to replace my strings?
  108. Ukulele Wednesdays in London
  109. Strap button installed at local music shop?
  110. Nut width
  111. What Constitutes as "teaching myself to play"?
  112. Can Soprano Strings fit on a Concert Ukulele?
  113. Comparing concert and tenor?
  114. How do I finger Bbmaj9 standard tuning
  115. Intonation issue on KoAloha KSM-03 long neck pineapple
  116. used santacruz value
  117. Wanna Spice up some basic Chords? Strum-along Video Help is here!
  118. How to get used to playing dotted notes?
  119. Any uke's made on the "Big Island"?
  120. Help, my button is loose!
  121. Bought my first ukulele today!
  122. What Ukulele is this? (Picture included)
  123. Do you take your 'best' ukulele out to groups etc?
  124. holding a tenor uke
  125. What ukulele should I get?
  126. Is there an alternative to Em?
  127. This stuff about humidity doesn't make sense in Alberta...
  128. Advice for a noob?
  129. Is this normal for a new ukulele? (Noob question)
  130. Left hand problems?
  131. Chord Shapes
  132. New Uke and new to playing
  133. Ok what is UAS?
  134. "Ukulele Buddy"
  135. Learning notes : the right place
  136. Em7=G6=Gmaj7 ??
  137. Help with restringing my uke
  138. Which Sounds Better?
  139. strings for flea
  140. String options for bari guitalele?
  141. Banjolele cont..
  142. Newbie question: Distance between strings.
  143. Total Noob Question about figers and fretting
  144. new to ukes, just purchased a Pono MS Micro-Blem from HMS
  145. using strings the uke came with or put on better ones ?
  146. Low G tuning
  147. Eleuke Help
  148. Confession: I played uke chords on a guitar and I liked it...;-)
  149. How to read THIS kind of uke songwriting
  150. TIP: Easy record yourself with webcam
  151. I need the chords to the Beatles Birthday song
  152. Help with banjolele for a clueless beginner...
  153. Are these the right strings to buy?
  154. Acacia and "cutaway" -- how do they affect the sound?
  155. Posting Photos ??
  156. putting it to-gether
  157. a bit of help and some progress
  158. fingerpicking - done over the sound hole and not closer to the neck?
  159. Is there a 'definitive' thread comparing string tone/sound?
  160. Strumming problem
  161. Very Easy Tutorial That Sounds Advanced!
  162. Can you help me evaluate these custom-made uke's?
  163. What gives with Am chord?
  164. Youtube question
  165. So Cal Beginners - A weekend for YOU!
  166. Found this in the archive - thought it was worth a bump - Ukulele Chord Finder
  167. Aquila string change??
  168. oasis humidifier question
  169. video for beginners!
  170. What's up with no end pin?
  171. What's up with no ball end to uke strings?
  172. UAS symptom?
  173. Tying strings with knots invisible
  174. Over the rainbow/Wonderful world picking pattern
  175. Songs to play with a capo...
  176. UU Private Song Lessons
  177. Lonley uke player needs accompanyment
  178. Beginner books for the musically literate?
  179. Sound difference between concert and tenor of same manufacturer
  180. TAB question
  181. Ukulele Strings
  182. Please help me choose 1 of 2 ukes
  183. Unwound Low G on a Risa Solid Concert "Stick" Uke?
  184. Is there a post with a list of vendors?
  185. Pono Mahogany vs. Mainland Mahogany (Tenor)
  186. Rewiring my brain from guitar to baritone uke
  187. Difference between lamimate and solid wood
  188. I Can Sing and Play!
  189. Practice- am I doing this right ?
  190. Rocket ukulele? is it a scam?
  191. Buying a Uke: Setup vs. Stock
  192. Banjolele Tuning advice needed
  193. My uke sounds muted
  194. Lanikai LU-21 vs. Kala KA-S vs. Rogue Ukulele
  195. String question
  196. Holding the ukulele and supporting the neck.
  197. Yea, I made a Noob mistake of buying a Uke Online
  198. Beginner Uke around 125?
  199. Transition from High G to Low G
  200. Wow, after 3 weeks playing my new ukulele
  201. can you change just one string?
  202. Please recommend a baritone.
  203. Can someone explain the Season thing here?
  204. Strumming Triplets
  205. UBass Lessons
  206. Where on earth to start, seriously... (AKA Will's Essay)
  207. Beginner Ukuleles? Which one is better?
  208. Is it wrong to strum with a thumb?
  209. Which ukelele brand is best?
  210. What kind of oil for my fretboard?
  211. Finding local Ukulele groups
  212. Singing the praises of Makala
  213. First time playing out
  214. Soprano vs concert for beginner
  215. Baritone Slash Chords Online Anywhere?
  216. Pain when switching from d to g repetitively
  217. Baritone string advice please
  218. Night time Ukulele
  219. First Re-stringing Experience: Coulda Been Better
  220. Attach audio
  221. Looking for guidance on intonation
  222. Why are gear ratios for uke tuners much lower?
  223. Need help with a looping device
  224. When your fingers just won't go there
  225. Song to practice triple strum.
  226. Is this a good starting ukulele? Which one is a better choice?
  227. Ukulele underground app
  228. My compilation of how I got started with my uke.
  229. Tuning whole-step down (F Bb D G) : how to keep in tune?
  230. Kala model ka-smhgt ???
  231. Resale value
  232. Fingerstyle finger assingment
  233. Mom's Birthday present
  234. Soprano strings on a concert...
  235. Remote area - online lessons
  236. Broken strings - Dented fingers - still going .
  237. Concert Uke Size Variation & how to live with it?
  238. Easy songs
  239. Help a newb: Forgotten link/title for jamming ebook
  240. My ukulele doesn't sound right...please help!
  241. Shops too far from where I live in Japan
  242. Ukulele begginer
  243. Beginner's trip to Sam Ash
  244. Private lessons
  245. Spokane or Coeur d'Alene UKE club
  246. Hey thought id share this
  247. 1st and 12th fret in tune.. others not
  248. Humidifiers - where in the case?
  249. Kids Ukes? Where to buy a dolphin?
  250. Where to learn how to read music?