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  1. Stabilizing the neck when playing Barre chords
  2. Stretching Strings Before Stringing Up ??
  3. Muting open strings in swing
  4. New here with a new used 8 string. Need a little help!
  5. Low G String or Set?
  6. How Do You Know Good Strings?
  7. Lesson #17: The Number System
  8. Using the ring finger when picking a jazz melody
  9. All I want - Kodaline
  10. Ukulele Tab
  11. Barre chords and action
  12. fingerpicking, 3 fingers or 4 fingers?
  13. Playing chords on pocket uke
  14. ukulele transposing
  15. Bariton String Numbers
  16. Ukulele Karaoke- Same scene different viewpoint.
  17. Alternate finger for chords
  18. How should I hold the neck of my uke?
  19. Strings on Pono PC Tenor
  20. Ukulele Nuisance Noise - Keeping your Ukulele Practice Quiet
  21. What should I do next?
  22. muscle memory fretting hand
  23. String Numbering and Tab
  24. Big hand unable to fit on frets
  25. The fake book is frustrating me, tabs frustrate me...
  26. A fun way to train on chords.
  27. DM7 hurts!
  28. C dim chord!
  29. Strings Beyond Aquila
  30. Noob restring question
  31. Picking notes
  32. Dark/mellow/woodysounding soundboard for a tenor?
  33. Why do we accept such cheap junk ukes on the market
  34. Uke won't stay in tune...
  35. Blemished Lanikai!
  36. Not all friction pegs are equal
  37. What Is A Fluke?
  38. Beginner tenor uke
  39. Im a lefty!
  40. Slip slidin away
  41. Touch of Uke vs Guitar and Bass
  42. Identifying strings
  43. wagon wheel solo
  44. Suggestions for beginner fingerstyle/picking songs
  45. finger exercises for beginners
  46. 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons: #18 The Dreaded D Chord
  47. Kala or Luna? Tips before buying?
  48. B Flat Chord Chart?
  49. Is it my ear?
  50. attempting to learn a song
  51. Looking for a good starter uke!
  52. How do you know which strumming pattern
  53. New Player Lost in a Big Ukulele World
  54. string height at twelve fret
  55. Uke hunting advice needed
  56. Snail ukuleles?
  57. Buying my first ukulele
  58. Scale shapes confuses me
  59. Newbie with questions about a vintage Martin soprano
  60. 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons: #19 Playing In Different Keys
  61. Had my first Ukulele lesson today!!
  62. How can I easily record myself playing the ukulele?
  63. Am i going to break the bridge of my Ukulele?
  64. Hey, hey, playing the ukulele.
  65. strumming
  66. Concert vs Tenor
  67. Help Identifying this Martin Ukulele
  68. new to ukuele
  69. Ukulele Camp?
  70. Newbie strumming and chord videos
  71. my chord progress!
  72. New Beginner Lesson: The Bb Chord
  73. F#: 3121 or 0121?
  74. Campanella style
  75. Attachments
  76. first attempt at a real song!
  77. Changing chords from tuning
  78. Problems with strumming AND singing
  79. soprano or tenor?
  80. 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons #21: 12 Bar Blues
  81. Really dumb stringing question.
  82. Why are there different chords for the same note?
  83. Having Trouble With Bar Chords
  84. This makes me so happy
  85. Transitioning to other instruments
  86. The most fun I have had with my uke so far
  87. Finger Picking Tutorial? and various other questions
  88. Dug this out of my old guitar case.
  89. Soprano/tenor strings on Concert?
  90. "Today" a great song to learn the flow of chord transitions
  91. "Dud" note on 4th fret A string?
  92. 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons #22: The Chunky Chop Strum
  93. Staying in tune
  94. Kanile`a --> Amazing customer service
  95. ukulele forensics
  96. UAS struck so fast!
  97. How do you play melodies/single notes?
  98. Anyone play both the uke and guitar?
  99. Do you give your uke a name ?
  100. My C string seems to tighten itself?
  101. Son Bitten by Lute Bug -- Baroqulele or Lute-Kulele Worth It?
  102. How long do you think to learn this strum?
  103. any (free) Android App a beginner should know about
  104. The Bar Chord Lesson
  105. a fun new strum
  106. To pre-stretch new strings or not?
  107. Anyone played a Pae'Aina uke?
  108. what should I buy
  109. Question about open gear tuning pegs
  110. Help me pick a ukulele?
  111. Anyone else just starting out?
  112. Left handed Ukulele Fretboard diagram
  113. Clawhammer Crawl
  114. Please help, need a hard case for a Kamoa E3-GC
  115. Basic Uke Lesson #24
  116. Need Help Determining VSL -- Schoenhut 5400 Overhaul
  117. Changing Chords
  118. Buying new upgrade uke, occasional amp use, inbuilt pickup or external when required?
  119. I hope I am doing it right...
  120. Romero Creations tiny tenor string ? and a scale ?
  121. different necks
  122. String question!
  123. Very Noobish Question.
  124. Kala KA-15S for total beginners
  125. Difficult chords
  126. Baritone Uke Resources
  127. Encouraging a new player.
  128. Lessons in San Diego
  129. A quick question
  130. Capos
  131. Selling/Donating Ukes
  132. Some very cheap ukes aren't that bad, honestly!
  133. beginner tab question
  134. FM chord
  135. 3 versus 4 finger/ finger picking
  136. Help! A string slips off of the tuning peg (Risa Uke Solid Tenor - new :-( )
  137. GiveIt100 - Fun project for ukulele beginners
  138. Can I fix this and is it a uke or a banjo
  139. Lesson #25: Learning a song from sheet music.
  140. New Ukulele Purchase Advice Needed (No STARTER models)
  141. 1 year later...How we interpret music over time.
  142. How do you combat UAS?
  143. How do I add comments in GP6?
  144. Uke too small?
  145. Sticky tuning
  146. Hanging my uke
  147. 26 Basic Ukulele Lessons #26: Now Get Out There!
  148. Fretting Info
  149. Tuning
  150. Some String Confusion/Help
  151. Question: ukulele theory vs. piano theory
  152. Lowering the G String Question
  153. The tough chords.
  154. Best Learning Order
  155. my first uke
  156. Thoughts after the initial day with my first uke
  157. Strumming struggle
  158. Thumb Placement
  159. The first song I decided to try as a newbie - evil chord!
  160. Yeah thats right D7, you aint' got NOTHIN!
  161. I've got an itich.
  162. What size Ukulele to learn on?
  163. My first uke!
  164. Starting ukulele
  165. Sound hole is sloping toward bridge; strung with Low G
  166. Can anyone tell me how to play like this?
  167. Why choose a Tenor Ukulele question
  168. Interesting day. New strings.
  169. Dumb question of the day
  170. Whats that strum?!
  171. ukulele bracing
  172. complete novice
  173. aquila tenor strings on a soprano?
  174. Question on proper hold while sitting
  175. after a long wait, I now have a uke
  176. Notes below low C.
  177. Bar Chord Chart
  178. Left handers?
  179. motivation to play ukulele and continue practicing?
  180. "Setting up" a ukulele
  181. Mastering Fingerstyle Tips
  182. Bummer: Developing carpal tunnel symptoms with my first uke
  183. Playing Ukulele without straining your body
  184. San Diego Ukulele Festival
  185. Thumb or first finger for C string?
  186. How to keep my left pinkie finger (freting hand) from cramping?
  187. Too early to test different strings?
  188. Writing tab on iPad
  189. Overwhelmed by budget tenor choices!
  190. Re-Stringing
  191. Teaching ukulele to a blind person
  192. Guitar tabs for Baritone Uke
  193. Ach, today I feel like giving up!
  194. Who has switched sizes of ukes and found joy
  195. Trouble with b flat .
  196. A learning system/roadmap?
  197. Slack Key Uke question
  198. Baritone?
  199. update
  200. Oh Straps, where have you been all my life?
  201. Jewish Music for the Ukulele - Help Me find some
  202. Ukulele Festival
  203. chord charts for 4 tha tuning
  204. Just bought my first uke!!!...
  205. Practice
  206. Beginner question: Choosing string sets for my uke
  207. Makala tenor- luna Mo'o concert cedar?
  208. Semi New Player with Sausage Fingers... Wondering which Uke to Get
  209. First private lesson!
  210. First new strings.
  211. Best Site for Tabs?
  212. Buzzing
  213. Fingering exercises.
  214. D chord
  215. Guitalele Chord chart
  216. Dumb Guy moment
  217. Fret Markers
  218. New player here: concert Aquila strings for a Mahalo U-30 soprano?
  219. Kala KA-15S vs Lanikai LU-11
  220. Workshop set-up ukes
  221. How to inspect a new uke?
  222. Newbie question about slide in and slide out
  223. Learning a guitar sheet song
  224. Tuner says the A string is right, but it sounds flat and feels loose. Thoughts?
  225. My uke cracked!! What happened, what do I do?
  226. D7 different voicings
  227. New ukulele sounds weird
  228. Islander MC4 -sharp bottom edge. Ouch!
  229. Song Library Question - Song Length for UU Members
  230. Hmm... did I accidentally get a left-handed uke?
  231. Any reason guitar players should use GCEA ...
  232. How to tune a ukulele
  233. Bar chord frustration
  234. "It Is A Puzzlement!"
  235. Help. I learned the Uke wrong, and I can't un-learn it.
  236. Groups
  237. Tab Notation
  238. Buying my first ukulele
  239. Where should I begin??? More to learn
  240. Learning styles.
  241. problems with playing between chords
  242. Strumming and fingernail issue
  243. Perfect First Ukulele buying experience!
  244. Sounded pretty good, now it's buzzing and hardly plays!
  245. Is this curly koa?
  246. Another acoustic strap question
  247. Learning fretboard and notes
  248. Vintage hawaiian style body vs modern style
  249. Recommended electric acoustic ukulele?
  250. Playing Ukulele by Ear