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  1. Playing Ukulele by Ear
  2. First Uke Recommendation
  3. Getting ready to order my first uke!!!
  4. Where do you fingerpick?
  5. 3 Chord Slow temp song for beginner
  6. Finger warmup or practice?
  7. White Rabbit
  8. Help deciding on second ukulele
  9. Was a Tenor for my first uke a mistake?
  10. Musical background.
  11. Need help buying strings!
  12. Good Tenor for beginner.
  13. Quoted Lines on IPad
  14. Hulala HSA Solid Acacia Concert
  15. Confused about strumming pattern
  16. Just a little bit high
  17. Can you play D# on the ukulele?
  18. New Strings for Makala Dolphin
  19. Learning tools
  20. brown brought my new uke!
  21. Open Tuning
  22. Sing and Play at the same time!
  23. Tuners: intellitouch pt10 mini clip tuner?
  24. DIY Music Lessons
  25. Misc beginner questions: Buzzing, low G for flea, Bb chord, straps
  26. How do you figure out the notes for a song when no music is available?
  27. Learning tools - My Fretboard 'map'
  28. Fingers hurt
  29. hello
  30. Baritone Tuning vs Non-Baritone Tuning
  31. Chord Families
  32. Kala KA-CEM or Cordoba UP100
  33. Essential Elements for Ukulele
  34. C-String feels loose and lasts longer than the rest
  35. Secret to sustained sound?
  36. Buying my First Uke
  37. Aquila Strings - Red and white mixed?
  38. Reentrant tuning?
  39. Where to go next - From beginner to intermediate
  40. Uke Stick
  41. right or left
  42. Strings for a Tanglewood Union Series TU 6
  43. Playing Ukulele vs Practicing Ukulele
  44. Bugs Gear vs Woodi USA
  45. E chord just clicked.
  46. Arpeggios, broken chords, & Strumming frustration
  47. Cordoba UP100 or Kala KA-S?
  48. I've narrowed my search!
  49. A little chord progression help?
  50. Which starter Book? Uke for dummies vs. Complete Idiot's guide to playing the uke!
  51. Comment Deletion
  52. This will be my 1st UK
  53. Exposing 2 1/2 year old to the Uke
  54. Crazy G and more like it
  55. 3 Finger F Chord?
  56. Ukulele Chords
  57. Electric Ukelele
  58. Need some simple songs for a Ukulele Club for kids.
  59. Advice needed: 5/10 year olds
  60. Aloha! I need help choosing my first ukulele!
  61. B7 to Em
  62. Difficulty Barring chords
  63. Finally Decided!
  64. Anyone rely on sound samples?
  65. Should I learn on an electric uke
  66. Best online shop
  67. Memorizing Stuff
  68. left to right
  69. UAS: Help me! I have a Ukulele on my back!
  70. Finger Picking
  71. New Uke/Mixed Feelings/Lesson Learned
  72. One string won't tune
  73. Restringing: Is it necessary to tuck the loose ends under the other strings?
  74. uke falls down in some chord changes
  75. What do you call this tuning
  76. Need help playing "Siiting on top of the world" Al Jolson on the Ukulele..HELP
  77. Just having some fun
  78. Dolphins vs Sharks
  79. My New Handmade Ukes :)
  80. Formby Song a structured approach
  81. First ukulele advice
  82. Out of tune on G chord...What's going on?
  83. How should it fit in it's case?
  84. Can I tune a Venezulean Cuarto to a ukulele?
  85. San Diego Ca. Area ukulele stores:
  86. Good first song and how do I learn it?
  87. Strumming patterns......it happens
  88. Issuing a Challenge
  89. Fingerstyle for beginners?
  90. Can you hang your uke AND humidify it?
  91. The Ukulele Way course by James Hill
  92. When does One plus Two equal Two?
  93. Low g in the uke
  94. Again...which ukulele would be the best?
  95. Stretching ukulele strings
  96. Favorite Resource
  97. newbie working on playing d chord
  98. My index finger hurts
  99. I think I need a bigger uke
  100. Low g question
  101. Bm vs Bm7
  102. Help identify this ukulele
  103. How many fingers to use when finger picking?
  104. Low G tuning on any uke?
  105. reaching other strings when barring chords
  106. Books, books, and more books.
  107. What exercises should I do for practice?
  108. Reading TABs
  109. Next Uke for my wife
  110. Concert sized fretboard for a small 8yr old
  111. Tuning a UKE to CFGC
  112. where can I find the sheet music with the words and chords?
  113. Super stoked!
  114. Upgrade questions
  115. Any of you "un-musical" types take up the uke and learned it well?
  116. How to properly strum a ukulele??
  117. Slide On Ukulele
  118. Sharing my uke socially
  119. Best strings for Kala, solid cedar top with acacia body, tenor? Worth or…?
  120. Beginners practice guide book, with CD/DVD, any recommendations?
  121. New electric uke - Need some help!
  122. G chord finger position
  123. Ukulele Scales
  124. Mike Lynch Chords and Melody + 1 free song
  125. Ukulele Tuning Problems
  126. How to Strum Louder?
  127. Learning how to play the Ukulele?
  128. Fingerpicking
  129. Fill in Chords
  130. Leffty Uke Player Help
  131. Is there a "standard" or "best" way to restring?
  132. Ukulele Aerobics
  133. What to "slash" chords mean?
  134. Numb fingertips
  135. Two Chord Playalongs by Aaron Keim
  136. Chordify ???
  137. Strumming technique: index finger or thumb?
  138. TIPS for Buying your First New UKUKELE
  139. Dim chord construction
  140. Looking for an online songbook
  141. Opinions for this beginner
  142. Is it possible to tune to Open Gm my soprano uku?
  143. Playing ukulele from song books
  144. Buying first ukulele , need some advice
  145. Where do all those chords come from?
  146. Ukulele Rattles or Buzzes on the first 4 frets
  147. DGBE or GCEA
  148. Triple Strumming technique
  149. Holding the ukulele
  150. Why did you start to play the ukulele?
  151. Beginners uke ~ 200
  152. New UKULELE
  153. Bad Days
  154. The thumb- “is it, do as I say or is it do as I do”?
  155. Sneaky Brother in Law Orders Martin T1K Ukulele
  156. A Little Advice For The Newbies
  157. What does the phrase "chord solo" refer to?
  158. How long can the excuse be used?
  159. finger dexterity "exercises"?
  160. Left hand fingers stick to strings and play notes on release
  161. Silent Ukulele
  162. most common keys in uke playing
  163. are 7th chords more commonlye played in the uke than in guitar?
  164. Learning fingerpicking
  165. Calling All iPad Users
  166. Please validate my ukulele choice (or offer some alternatives).
  167. G to G7 (Or Versa Visa)
  168. Best Tenor for Beginner
  169. I have no rhythm !
  170. Learning scales?
  171. Playing for others.....or.....Feelng like a Rock Star
  172. Bruko not holding a tuning
  173. Pick playing
  174. Barres on a Six String
  175. Looking for Memphis Uke Group
  176. Kala Ka-T?
  177. Can you help a Neub out Ohana CK-25S vs Kala KA-ACP-CTG
  178. tuning my baritone
  179. Bought my first serious uke!
  180. The benefits of memorizing.
  181. Couple Uke questions
  182. Progress.........it can go unnoticed
  183. Learning Uke from Jake
  184. I Got Those E Family Blues
  185. Chord Charts
  186. Emaj7
  187. Kiwaya KTC-2 Hard case
  188. Kiwaya KTC-2 Hard case
  189. My first uke song i made called baby steps
  190. Tunning a Baritone Uke
  191. What size am I looking for?
  192. How light is a Kiwaya?
  193. Michael aratani???
  194. Anyone use TENOR GUITAR~?
  195. Kala Uke stand for my soprano? Any alternative recommendations?
  196. Beginner Strum Issue
  197. Another Newb Chart Question
  198. Anyone familiar with ukulelehk.com?
  199. Aaron Keim's Fingerstyle Book?
  200. My Corral of ukus
  201. Recommendations for a starter uke? (size and brand)
  202. High D Tuning
  203. the 2-step chord change
  204. BAS, do you have it too?
  205. Anyone knows length of Koaloha Super Soprano?
  206. Low G Question
  207. Double Chords
  208. Ukulele Aerobics and Fretboard Roadmap
  209. Ukulele for girlfriend?
  210. Weird thing to love about uke playing?
  211. Heavy VS light
  212. Open Tuning
  213. Help with which model ukelele to buy .
  214. How do YOU learn songs?
  215. Center Stage Ukulele Academy
  216. Non-Wound log-G string
  217. Lanikai LU-6E tuning
  218. Chord Chart Question
  219. Fingerpicking Help (?)
  220. playing with tiny hands
  221. Buy a cheap yet good Ukulele
  222. Wagon Wheel Question
  223. tuning
  224. stringing uke without the string ends poking out?
  225. Left handed ukulele beginner
  226. Help! Regular Chunking vs 3-finger chunking
  227. Do you have lessons?
  228. Need advice - strap question
  229. Baritone & Tenor Ukes Tuned the Same
  230. Playing Ukulele with damaged hand
  231. Hard time squeezing strap on button
  232. First Day as a ukulele player
  233. how to restring ukulele with one hole slot bridge
  234. My ukulele G string is stuck being an octave too low!! it sounds off
  235. Not too hard ballad-style song?
  236. Avoiding a sore strumming finger
  237. Dancing, or other movement while playing for others?
  238. Which chord book is best?
  239. Adding harmony - how?
  240. Can I use finger 4 (pinky) instead of finger 3 (ring finger)
  241. A suggestion...
  242. Holding the ukulele
  243. Ukulele Setup
  244. Canoeing with ukulele - bad idea?
  245. What make a ukulele a ukulele?
  246. Guitar tabs for uke?
  247. Meaty hands and muted chords, lol.
  248. Cheats for tuning with friction pegs?
  249. Beginner
  250. A Beginner Mistake I Made for 2 Years