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  1. Sweet Home Chicago
  2. How to Add Pictures
  3. The easiest way to low G
  4. Question About Humidity Devices
  5. Strum n rhthym 4/4 time newbie help please
  6. Looking for a good Concert Uke
  7. Overwhelmed By Choices Of Strings Available
  8. Strap save the ukulele
  9. What I learned about tuning my pocket uke
  10. Newbie recommendation for Ukulele Underground +
  11. Recommendations on chord changes to practice?
  12. Do All Ukes Need Setups?
  13. Pono vs. Mainland Tenor
  14. When is a beginner no longer a beginner?
  15. The more I look and listen
  16. Strumming Question - I Keep Missing!
  17. Does it make sense that Pono uses a truss rod?
  18. The Logical Next Step
  19. Set Up and Tuning Guidance?
  20. Hastening the Death of a Ukulele
  21. Straps of Freddie King and Albert Collins
  22. guitar @ 5th fret for uke tuning -- what about the top 2 strings, nice drones?
  23. Is it OK to play the D Chord this way ?
  24. pls recommend soprano, pono kiwaya(famous) or others?
  25. String gauge, help, how do I know, I have examples
  26. It blew up! (But got better.)
  27. I made a big mistake, looked at a K Ukulele
  28. books
  29. resonator vs banjo
  30. Waiting for FedEx
  31. Not sure if this is where I should post pics, Kamaka HF-3 Tenor
  32. Correlating chord diagram to name
  33. 3-4 chord songs, I'm ready for more.
  34. Fret board stickers and note map
  35. Low G on a soprano
  36. Getting started with finger picking.
  37. Can guitar/piano chords on fake books be used on ukulele?
  38. Helpful Hints
  39. Thoughts about Tunings
  40. Finger nail length
  41. Buy a Uke that is Set Up
  42. Fingerpicking: concert vs. tenor size
  43. "Tips to Using Search" or Advanced Tricks to Searching with Stellar Results.
  44. buzz sound because of the way you play chords?
  45. Picks for ukes
  46. Grip Strips?
  47. Ukulele Underground play-alongs
  48. strings touching fret.
  49. back in black
  50. how long before fretting becomes comfortable?
  51. Music shops
  52. which part of the finger to fret with?
  53. Uke size & hand cramps
  54. What size to use as mandolin practice substitute?
  55. Dm chord..
  56. fretboard lifting right below the nut..
  57. Tenor vs Concert
  58. Hawaiian melody ukulele songs for beginners to learn
  59. Hello!
  60. Newbie Discomfort...
  61. The best ukulele wood?
  62. Quiet Nightime Practice
  63. Fingerpicking/Fingerstyle Instruction
  64. Boohoohoo, buzzing on my new uke
  65. New here and clueless
  66. now waiting starts..
  67. Budget Ukulele?
  68. Chord question
  69. a really dumb question
  70. buy electric uke, or buy an acoustic and install a pickup?
  71. Noob from Louisiana
  72. Buying a tenor uke with a budget
  73. Uke shops in Rodchester NY?
  74. Low G Major Scale fingering
  75. Scales
  76. Chunk
  77. Strings
  78. Tenor to Baritone - stuck in chord hell. ..help please!
  79. Left Hand Position - Interference with A String
  80. Lessons, straps and strings
  81. Better strumming
  82. Ohana tk-10
  83. Free Fret Tester
  84. "What was that?"
  85. 50 Easy Uke Chord Solos by Gery Long
  86. Low G string out of tune
  87. Low G for Kanile'a K1-T
  88. Reference for chords that belong to a key
  89. which finger to fret while fingerpicking.
  90. Beach Uke
  91. Uncle Rods Boot camp, question?
  92. I had the nicest conversation with Ryan from UU in regards to UU+ yesterday
  93. Uke SB for 200?
  94. How do you post (embed) a picture?
  95. U Bass
  96. Newbie question about jargon
  97. newbie one month into getting uke.
  98. Alternate chord shapes resource?
  99. Chord Chart Question
  100. Guide fingers in Chords
  101. B flat major fingering
  102. What's this chord?
  103. Ukulele case
  104. re-stringing your ukulele - safe to remove all strings at once?
  105. Standard to Baritone chord conversion chart?
  106. Tuning problem
  107. Baritone or Tenor Ukulele for a beginner?
  108. Sound Comparison
  109. Wondering why C and E strings thicker than the others?
  110. Eddy Finn Minnow or Mahalo MR1
  111. Confused on music theory
  112. Hard time hearing other voices
  113. Another " Which Uke for my first " question
  114. Wound Low G and Low C?
  115. Uke Neck Differences.
  116. Anchor or free floating right hand when finger picking
  117. What was the first tune you learnt on the uke?
  118. bought first ukulele
  119. Standard Musical Notation flip card app
  120. Standard Musical Notation flip card app
  121. Near new Cordoba 15cm
  122. Weird plastic sound when I'm fingerpicking
  123. Can I learn to play with a pick?
  124. I am trying to convert baritone from 4 to 6 strings, help appreciated
  125. What is this variation of the Minor Pentatonic scale?
  126. String selection for beginner
  127. Kala model designations
  128. beginner question on string action
  129. Identifying an old uke make
  130. Uke Syllabus for Beginners by a Beginner
  131. Strap purchase for a New guy
  132. Which ukulele to buy?
  133. Help forearm and ulnar nerve pain
  134. New ukulele player asking for advice on what to buy...
  135. Keys of songs, chords and singing
  136. Beginner Plateau
  137. Ordered another one
  138. Can Someone Tell Me What These Chords Become?
  139. Need some advice/opinions on these two brands...
  140. Help with this song
  141. Strumming with a pick question
  142. new ukulele pics
  143. Luna Tattoo Tenor Low-G Setup?
  144. Passing time without an actual ukulele
  145. Bar chords
  146. Chords G and G7
  147. Luna ukulele questions
  148. Introduction to Tuning
  149. So what is the ukulele equivalent of "Smoke on the Water"???
  150. In Hawaii - caught the Uke Bug - where to buy?
  151. Chords in a Key?
  152. Discounts?
  153. Up strum
  154. Baritone tuning on a soprano
  155. Ukulele shops in minneapolis???
  156. How do you make a D chord in 1st position?
  157. Beginner Ukulele Help
  158. possible to use guitar chords on soprano?
  159. Goals, Tips, and Thoughts
  160. Where to buy child's beginner uke with good setup?
  161. Terminology :What is .....
  162. Chunking
  163. My goal is to go busking - advice please on getting me up to speed
  164. First performance stories.
  165. Capo question
  166. Ukulele cabinet advice wanted quest to keep our cost under $250
  167. Lead Sheets
  168. the Uke University
  169. Best song to try out a new ukulele at a store
  170. Song key - Just Wow!
  171. Really Slow Fingers
  172. looking for a new wood ukulele for beginner
  173. Just quickly, what key is this. It's otherwise wonderful so check it out.
  174. Case/bag recommendations?
  175. Which uku for tall skiny guy
  176. Booming C String?
  177. Advice on holding position
  178. Hello, UUPeeps!
  179. Notes lower then C
  180. Guitar Tabs to Ukulele
  181. How did you go about learning to play the uke - your first year
  182. Best uke stores in DE/PA/MD/NJ area?
  183. Magic Fluke
  184. To repair or not?
  185. NUD Kala Michael Aratani limited edition tenor
  186. Arpeggio and Travis picking
  187. Low G string going sharp
  188. This music theory book: Harmony and Theory by Schroeder and Wyatt
  189. Strange tuning?
  190. Tomorrow, uke practice resumes!!
  191. Random Things I've Learned Today
  192. New strings for D tuning?
  193. When to change Strings?
  194. How do you read this notation?
  195. The Hidden Strings
  196. Barring on the 10th fret and up on a tenor . . .
  197. Uke stand recommendations?
  198. New player, old uke. Lots of questions!
  199. help
  200. The "Cowboy Strum?"
  201. HOW to play the guitar chords on my ukulele for this song?
  202. sing along required while playing the ukulele ?
  203. Uu+ ...
  204. How to Slide?
  205. Some beginner questions
  206. Child lessons in NW Ohio?
  207. Why E is one of the most difficult chords?
  208. Which key is easy to play?
  209. Where to find single Fluorocarbon strings?
  210. Shoulder straps or neck straps? Pros? Cons?
  211. Tuning Baritone Uke to GCEA
  212. Ready made or kit?
  213. Portable pocket fret trainer? o.O
  214. Slotted headstock or not?
  215. Strum Patterns for songs in Chord Books
  216. What is the difference between a 6 string Baritone Ukulele and a guitar?
  217. Kinda proud of myself....
  218. Wood Uke Okay In Desert Climate?
  219. Question about switching between chords on an up strum after the 4th beat.
  220. Using all four fingers for strumming down, and thumb for strumming up?
  221. How to play 5X57
  222. Fingerpicker--best uke for under $500
  223. The nail shape of the right hand's index finger
  224. Headphones
  225. Easy Keys on Uke and Acoustic Guitar
  226. How did you solve the difficulties when you learn by yourself?
  227. Help with Practice Routine/ Resources
  228. Where can I get my new uke setup?
  229. What uke is the best
  230. Ukulele capo/strap
  231. music book for newbies
  232. I have the staff of notes, but what are the CHORDS?
  233. New ukulele for 5 year old daughter. Tuning?
  234. Worth Strings Question
  235. b flat chord alternative
  236. Lohanu tenor uke
  237. A stupid beginner question
  238. noob with wrist pain
  239. Soft bag/backpack For Soprano
  240. Metronome
  241. Issues with Barring- Could it be my uke?
  242. C string sounds dead on many of the tenor ukes I have listened to.
  243. Help
  244. The Joy of a Ukulele!
  245. Trying to decide on a baritone ukulele
  246. Finger nails or lack thereof
  247. Ukulele lessons
  248. Help with chord name
  249. Need some advice - buying my first concert ukulele
  250. UU learning to play the ukulele