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  1. UU learning to play the ukulele
  2. The importance of E and Bb chords
  3. Chord Memorization/ Reading Music
  4. Rhythm,,,,i don't got!
  5. What is three chord (C, F and G7)?
  6. Credence Clearwater revival.
  7. New C string buzzing
  8. Is there any rule to remeber chord?
  9. Which string is the first string on my ukulele?
  10. First Tenor Ukulele
  11. Another Worth String Question
  12. string bending, causing string to go out of tune?
  13. Brahms lullaby
  14. Sanford and son tv theme song
  15. Just the two of us
  16. Is ukulele a small guitar?
  17. How to avoid boom of wound low G string
  18. Strumming pattern
  19. Proper Marketplace Protocol
  20. Good Uke Exercise book?
  21. Quick question????
  22. a couple of "how to play books'?
  23. Proper Left Hand Position
  24. looking for christmas music -perferably in tabs
  25. Questions about taking lessons from a private instructor
  26. Is there any advantage to high-G over Low-G in strumming?
  27. hawaiin music resources
  28. Finger picking book
  29. Banana
  30. Adjust action, copied from my introduction thread
  31. Transition from Thumpicking to Fingerstyle
  32. ukulele amp
  33. Practice makes perfect
  34. Beginner Practice Sessions
  35. Next step
  36. How to remember the three cords of all keys.
  37. Entry level uke recommendation
  38. How to Remember Key Signatures with ukulele
  39. Happy Birthday the first song for my friend
  40. Hawaiian Uke (Fingerstyle) Resource - Recommendation for You
  41. "Like" This Post If You Agree: Method Books Don't Have To Be Based on Folk Music !
  42. Clacking sound when I strum
  43. Struggling with strumming!
  44. Basic classification of chords
  45. Uke Syllabus Update
  46. Soundboard patches
  47. Replacing high G string on a gCEA baritone uke.
  48. Cordoba 24T Tenor - Slightly Rounded Back?
  49. Trimming the fat.
  50. Would you recommend a Kmise Concert Ukulele to a beginner (solid mahogany top)?
  51. Opinions of Kala Soprano KA-15S vs. KA-SEM?
  52. Ukulele Teacher App
  53. Jimi Hendrix Chord
  54. My biggest piece of advice for beginner Ukers
  55. Cupped back and sound board/ help!
  56. Ukulele, guitar, viola and violin
  57. Any Leftys Here?
  58. The keys used in A Hard Days Night by the Beatles
  59. Strap stopper
  60. The Keys of Jake Shimabukuro (Travels)
  61. Which subscription for ukulele lessons?
  62. Found a cool FREE 50 part Theory program
  63. NUD: Cordoba 22C
  64. Help with tuning
  65. what about care and feeding of newly acquired instruments?
  66. Next steps
  67. E Chord Practice songs
  68. acronyms like NUD
  69. Please Explain Pickups To Me
  70. Jingling sound in the string?
  71. Tomorrow is NUD!!!
  72. Super beginner - instrument problems - dead spots
  73. Consistency of Action?
  74. ukuleles
  75. O'Nino NUD but don't know what to do/play!
  76. Barred strings impossiblity. Me or the Uke ?
  77. Solid Wood Uke and Humidity
  78. Los Angeles beginning ukers - new class starting Feb 1
  79. Wha are your thoughts please?
  80. Strumming the ukulele?
  81. Treated like royalty at a retailer
  82. another NUD!
  83. G chord practice
  84. help with friction tuning
  85. How many ukes are enough?
  86. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  87. E string seems more dominant than others
  88. Ukulele Mike Appreciation Thread
  89. Fingering for notes
  90. Any Time At All
  91. Acceptable intonation variation
  92. Guitar tabs to ukulele?
  93. Ukulele Beginner Resources
  94. Which size for beginner?
  95. Yesterday
  96. If you could choose just one?
  97. toy guitar
  98. TNT free tab software (asking you help to improve)
  99. Tips on transitioning from open to barre chords.
  100. fingernails vs fingers
  101. Am7 Query
  102. A beginners choice! - Need help choosing a ukulele!
  103. Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix
  104. D and Bb tuning
  105. Chords with thumb.
  106. Which size for an experienced player.
  107. Why soprano, concert and tenor are C, and bariton is G tuning?
  108. Can you put Tenor strings on a Concert?
  109. Reading Chord Sheets
  110. Hi !
  111. HUGE frets???
  112. Trouble Moving the Middle and Ring Fingers
  113. what Electric\akustic tenor ukelele for about 200usd?
  114. Low G Tuning for Tenor Uke
  115. New guy, did I goof?
  116. 8 String tuning help please! C
  117. Changing Strings for the First Time
  118. Can I Play a Baritone Ukulele in a Group Guitar Class?
  119. Thank you UU! I got the "The One"
  120. a little inspiration for beginner ukers
  121. Yamaha MG10XU mixer question
  122. Quick chord, strumming & strap questions
  123. first ukulele for lefty
  124. Lamination, It's not just for wood!
  125. Do You Want to Know a Secret?
  126. How to play the staccato notes on the ukulele?
  127. Increasing playing confidence
  128. Don't you have a trouble to remember chords on your baritone?
  129. A Waste Of Money
  130. Uke Syllabus for Beginners - Revision posted on internet
  131. How can you be beginner if you can't register?
  132. Jamming with my 8y old nephew :-)
  133. How many times do you play a song to learn it well?
  134. Question About Notion Software On Uke
  135. How to lower the tension of a guitalele
  136. Someone diagnose my symptoms please..
  137. Play the natural harmonics with ONLY ONE finger! No left hand needed!
  138. Strum pattern is KILLING me!
  139. The better spot for strap.
  140. E is easier than G for my friend
  141. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  142. Let's play E7 instead of E!
  143. iPhone learning
  144. Are you a baritone player?
  145. Progress...it bewildered me..
  146. Baritone and Guitalele Chords on Android
  147. Best way to find a chord for beginners
  148. Finger style tips?
  149. Course of study..
  150. Movable Chords
  151. Did I buy the right strings for my new uke?
  152. Apps
  153. Does size matter?
  154. Avoiding carpal tunnel problems
  155. Playing Baritone with GCEA Ukuleles
  156. Uke upgrade help please.
  157. D tuning
  158. Is this a popular method for changing chords?
  159. Baritone String problem, perhaps
  160. Chucking/palm muting question
  161. Re-entrant and bari beginners
  162. Fret Squeak
  163. Trouble with tuning
  164. My ukulele sounds a lot different than on video tutorials, why?
  165. Help with reggae strumming
  166. Finally choosing my first Uke
  167. Bridge sliding
  168. Ragtime help
  169. Ukulele suddenly sounds twangy
  170. Sticky fingers
  171. Am I limiting myself by learning to play baritone uke tuned to GDAE?
  172. question about precision in fretting
  173. Is it worth repairing?
  174. First string change
  175. How many chords to learn/practice at a time?
  176. Soft case vs hard case and humidity
  177. Oscar Schmidt?
  178. Humidity and playing, muted sound?
  179. Music theory for ukes
  180. Recording loops or backing tracks
  181. Waikiki Hula ( a two-chord song)
  182. How to strum but not hit all strings
  183. What is wrong with my form?
  184. Control when strumming?
  185. playing from songsheets
  186. A couple of questions
  187. The deed is done! First Uke purchase.
  188. Strings. I thought I knew (surprise, surprise)
  189. campanella
  190. Does anyone know about "Carlos" brand? Please let me know :(
  191. So what videos to start with?
  192. Case for Gretsch G9120
  193. It came!
  194. Advancing in my learning
  195. Edge around the uke body
  196. picking patterns between tenor and baritone
  197. Is this a good Uke? Do I need new strings?
  198. New Barritone ukulele mk-b comes with supernylgut strings?
  199. Kids Ukulele Summer Camp
  200. Best ukulele for beginners...Wirecutter
  201. Amp & pedals for acoustic beginner
  202. Flats or sharps - does it matter?
  203. Could I turn a 6 string western guitar into a big barritone ukulele with this method?
  204. Summer Challenge to move beyond Beginner status
  205. Stoopid Noob Questions
  206. Low versus high G for newbie?
  207. What is up with Bruce Wei?
  208. Uke action
  209. What am I missing with a $99 Uke?
  210. What is the benefit of finger strumming over guitar-like strumming technique?
  211. Island strum sequence question
  212. Switch Strings?
  213. chord transitioning
  214. Questions about ukulele pick-up
  215. Ex Guitar player-GCEA or baritone?
  216. How straight should a neck be?
  217. What tuner do you use?
  218. How do I find someone that "knows" about Ukueles and making sure they are set up?
  219. Help! Can't tune c string
  220. Have you ever seen a ukulele being made? "The Pohaku Ukulele" movie
  221. Cinthia Links live streamed today
  222. Confused about ukulele strings
  223. upgrade from my Kala TEM
  224. White strings other than Aquila?
  225. Beginner needs some help on ukulele maintenance and strings.
  226. New to music, purchased concert Uke strung w/Low G-- please help with tuning
  227. Just an observation. Build callouses before you can seriously practice
  228. Beginners should try playing in different rooms of their house
  229. Grade School Ukulele Club Songs
  230. Humidifier question
  231. Laupahoehoe boy cords?
  232. Keeping Beat and annoying Em chord
  233. strum scratches
  234. Any tips? all thumbs with chord transitions while fingerpicking
  235. How to hold the ukulele if im right handed?
  236. Do I strum all of the strings?
  237. And I love her
  238. picking fingers
  239. Tips on holding the Uke steady when transitioning
  240. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
  241. Advise please for a new player
  242. Recommendations for C string on my uke?
  243. Missing a fretting finger
  244. Send help, im new and think my A string sounds weeeeeiiird
  245. Looking For Some Action
  246. Daniel Ho fundamentals course on Lynda.com
  247. Popular chord transitions to work on with E chord
  248. Did I make a mistake?!
  249. Capo?
  250. Metal Strings?