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  1. Music stand
  2. F chord
  3. Something I'd never seen before...
  4. cleaning tips, esp fret and finish?
  5. Moving up to a better uke?
  6. Baritone uke lessons
  7. Low G
  8. My advice to beginners is: get 2 ukes. Why? . . . .
  9. new to ukes
  10. wish to purchase and learn ukulele
  11. Playing ukulele and guitar together
  12. Easy tab writing
  13. Yamaha gl1
  14. Optimal fretting hand position
  15. Low G compensated saddle
  16. Fretting Frustration- Old Injury Come To Call
  17. Most difficult basic chord
  18. Gotoh UPT Tuner
  19. I like to play this bach.
  20. Scale Length and Chording Difficulty?
  21. Acoustic Guitarist interested in the Ukulele but feeling uncertain
  22. Before buying a uke, I have a lot of questions.
  23. Acoustic Guitarist - debating which ukulele size to get
  24. First ukulele - Lohanu vs Donner vs Kala vs Lanikai
  25. Uke when camping in the cold
  26. Acoustic Guitarist - decision follow-up
  27. Makala UB15 Ukulele Bass
  28. Sorry, another first Uke thread
  29. String tension options on a tenor
  30. First Ukulele - Help me buy one
  31. Strings and Volume
  32. Is this a damage?
  33. A uke for my son
  34. Unusually difficult to barre first fret?
  35. A ukulele for the Merchant Navy
  36. Pineapple/Bell/Regular Shaped Ukuleles
  37. Silencing the strings
  38. Writing chord melody
  39. Saddle replacement
  40. which are good ukulele video tutorials that will help me learn play ukulele
  41. Recommendation for tenor hard case
  42. Lower the Action on an Ukulele Nut
  43. Question about fretboard - should I buy it?
  44. What ukulele to buy as my first instrument?
  45. Looking for some help naming the chords in this song
  46. Let me be the first
  47. The first fret on my uke is the hardest to barre - how normal is this?
  48. Can't figure out strum pattern for a song
  49. Saddle compensation on Low G
  50. Tune Low G to High G?
  51. Tuning your ukulele with a smart phone
  52. Barring at fret 1 is very hard - ideas?
  53. How to play a song by ear?
  54. Playing in various keys
  55. B# and B#m chords
  56. I just don't get it - adding harmony to melody
  57. Moving from strumming to picking
  58. Guitar Player found a Ukulele
  59. Chords - down down up?
  60. Roll up - what?
  61. Chords in key of E: recommended fingerings for C#m?
  62. Rhythm accent - chuCk or chuNk?
  63. d'addario uke?
  64. Can't tune my A string
  65. Soprano, holding whilst fingerpicking.
  66. How do you hold youe ukulele?
  67. How long did it take you
  68. Are those android application tuner accurate?
  69. What string should i use for my future kala KA-STG?
  70. 'holding tune'
  71. Baritone Uke Vs. Tenor Guitar
  72. How to learn scales and read music?
  73. Is it cheating or smart?
  74. Is there a "right way" to fret?
  75. String Tension & Playability
  76. First Day beginner!
  77. Cordoba 15CM - new uke with problem?
  78. Can I really learn to...
  79. Concert to a Tenor and (possibly) back.
  80. Nails
  81. 8 string hard on my fingers
  82. CL sale of a few ukes
  83. More common nut size on tenor ukes
  84. Strumming with the index finger
  85. Got a deal (?) on a Kahua Tenor Uke, did I waste my money?
  86. First Ukulele Advice
  87. Converting a classical guitar
  88. ebay uke case
  89. Can we substitute chords from guitar to ukulele?
  90. LOOKING for the Quick Start Guide booklet
  91. Soprano, Concert, or Tenor best for fret-hand neuropathy?
  92. Large Hands....is Concert size doable?
  93. Using classical guitar strings and/or fishing line
  94. Dumb question #2
  95. Problem with a bridge on a new fender - is it common?
  96. Not getting uke theory: help
  97. Beware - Beginner with a new ukulele!
  98. Can i restring a righty ukulele for lefty?
  99. Why do some left hand players only swap the middle two strings around?
  100. Beginner problems, Chords
  101. Can I put Martin M600 strings on tenor?
  102. Bought Ukulele aerobics on Kindle android, can't access mp3
  103. Advice on a ukulele with intonation issues
  104. Set up
  105. Listing your ukulele under profile picture?
  106. Your best learning Uke.
  107. New Uke - slotted headstock strings question
  108. Feeble fingers - lighter strings?
  109. HELP PLEASE!!! *Ukulele ID Needed*
  110. Help with chord changes
  111. Playing Chords Without Use of Thumb
  112. Enya tenor uke strings
  113. Thick strings
  114. 1st string does not give the right chord
  115. Are tenor ukuleles rare or just very sought after
  116. Magic Flea Question
  117. A kiss to build a dream on
  118. Electric solid body ukulele magnetic pick up
  119. jamming with other people who sing a different key
  120. Thumb muscle pain - Should I take a break or push through it?
  121. New ukuleles
  122. Suggestions & Help Purchasing the Right Ukulele
  123. Beginner--instruction question
  124. Advanced musician, ukulele beginner. Looking for better learning tools
  125. Strum patterns
  126. Newbie Low G from High G question
  127. Newbie and I aleady have UAS: My new Kala Elite Tenor, bright strings
  128. Small Hands Problems? Ask another small-hands person.
  129. Right Hand Technique
  130. Older Man and his 1st Ukulele?
  131. Help choosing my first Ukulele?
  132. cash cache
  133. Ukulele Zen
  134. Is this common?
  135. Knotty question and Reentrant ?
  136. How the chords are named on ukulele?
  137. All Strings Sharp at the 12th Fret??
  138. Ukulele strings losing volume?
  139. Is this kind of neck angle normal?
  140. Banjolele String Lengths: A Question
  141. New Uk
  142. What do you consider to be “the basics”?
  143. Help?
  144. Transition from strumming to picking
  145. my first uke, old Hawaiian type
  146. Are the best places for strumming and picking different?
  147. Need help-strings for son’s guilele
  148. Chords for Finger picking/Plucking
  149. Upgrading from soprano to tenor
  150. Top and bridge plate thickness
  151. Types & Prices Of Ukuleles In The UK
  152. Recommend 1 book, with these requirements
  153. Saving up for first decent uke - salary tax on money if I sold some stuff?
  154. How do I ship a ukulele ?
  155. Ukulele Beginning Music Reading
  156. UP with thumbs?
  157. I've accidentally been sent a Ukulele for free- where do I start?!
  158. String height at first fret
  159. Just enrolled in a ukulele class
  160. What's the difference between the two "Yamaha THR-5"?
  161. Recommendation of best beginner's ukulele course on the internet
  162. How to learn Chord Melody Soloing for Baritone Ukulele
  163. Learning a tune off by heart
  164. Chord Tab Difference
  165. The E- Chord
  166. How many octaves on a ukulele?
  167. One note always sounds out of tune
  168. First year progress o playing ukulele
  169. Tenor or soprano for adult beginner
  170. Anyone know(Tuning and size of Ukulele)
  171. New Kala STG Poor Sustain and Resonance
  172. Guitar pro 1.8.2
  173. What's wrong with this Uke (other than the player)?
  174. Island strum technique
  175. What ukulele to buy
  176. Be Brave-Experiment with new strings!
  177. Open G vs Open C tuning
  178. Can't hold Ukulele tight when I play.
  179. Help - muted sound
  180. Does learning the ukulele first help in learning of the guitar easier in the future?
  181. Is concert ukulele meant for adult beginners?
  182. What Uke should I buy
  183. Eight string ukulele
  184. Do I need to learn music theory to play the ukulele?
  185. Any disadvantage using 3 fingers strumming?
  186. Practice
  187. Is it necessary to apply a protector on Uke?
  188. Pickup install endpin or not?
  189. Wider Nut Concert
  190. Baritone tuning with guitar
  191. Nice tune for beginner
  192. How picky should I be?
  193. Fact or fiction
  194. Good programs for learning to play?
  195. Which baritone strings to try next?
  196. Chord question, same note twice in the chord why?
  197. Martin&Co Strings. Notes and Numbers on packets
  198. Buying concert ukulele
  199. Just brought my first ukulele.
  200. Help with a new ukulele
  201. New ukulele - is there something wrong?
  202. New Ukulele doesn't sound quite right when tuned
  203. A bit all over the place
  204. Lessons if you're more into solos (recommend sites)
  205. Gig bag and clip-on tuner required?
  206. Can a complete novice learn a song or two in four months?
  207. Before buying your first uke
  208. Ukulele course: James Hill or Rockschool course?
  209. First ukulele ever, I feel a weird noise when strumming.
  210. Slower Songs that you enjoy playing
  211. Sent the flight ukulele back
  212. question about humidifying
  213. Beginner's video by Bernadette Teaches Ukulele
  214. Ukulele University
  215. Strumming help
  216. difficulty with barre chords
  217. Stretching fingers/dexterity
  218. Ukulele Mike Melody Style Books
  219. Special setup to switch to light strings?
  220. How important is learning standard notation (for solo/finger style)?
  221. Tab for finger style (book or website recommendations?)
  222. Pretty Songs for Strumming
  223. Mitchell ukes?
  224. Coordination?
  225. Gloss vs satin
  226. Deciding is so hard!
  227. Ohana Sopranino String suggestions?
  228. Distortion for electric tenor uke?
  229. Low G Strings
  230. Clip on tuners
  231. How long before you could play your first song?
  232. Solid wood improves with use??
  233. 2 questions...finger skin and pick guards
  234. Question about strumming patterns.