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  1. Total Begginer - Stringing help
  2. new uke player string question
  3. Getting Started, Handedness, and the Trouble of Half a Thumb
  4. Ukelele mike
  5. ukulele pick up question
  6. Hey is the melbay ukulele starter pack any good ?
  7. Soprano ukulele: different tuning?
  8. What tuning for soprano uke do you prefer?
  9. Concert ukulele to sound like guitar
  10. decent sounding beater ukulele?
  11. Ukulele amp???????
  12. Kala Acacia Concert
  13. band cd recording
  14. Advice for a ukulele beginner
  15. Painting ukulele edges??
  16. Tuning/Stringing a Tenor
  17. Black Market National Strings?
  18. Someone like Ukulele Mike
  19. Advice for a left hander
  20. Odd ukulele tunings
  21. Beirut - The Penalty... the first song I'm learning... could use some advice
  22. Ok it's been about a year now and I still don't now any songs
  23. Uke speak
  24. So, I've been trying to fingerpick
  25. Care and Feeding of an Ukulele
  26. Scratchy strings?!
  27. Uas
  28. a question of music theory-ish nature
  29. Recommended Electric Uke brand?
  30. My new $300 ukulele has a "buzz".
  31. BUZZ or strumming problem?
  32. Learning the Ukulele - Chord Progessions?
  33. Re-Using Strings?
  34. tuning up the fretboard
  35. 1st fret sounds like 2nd fret
  36. mgm soprano vs non-mgm concert???
  37. i love my uke
  38. Tuning versus "tightening the strings"
  39. Low G tuning and chords
  40. Help me in choosing my first uke :D?
  41. Uke and Book questions
  42. Strumming patterns for songs sheets and tabs
  43. Got what I wanted for Christmas, but should I exchange it?
  44. Assorted questions, all sizes.
  45. What is the easiest Christmas song/carol?
  46. A not so standard Low G string question.
  47. Strings wont stay in tune for long
  48. Been thinking about using a thumb pick....
  49. Converting a uke to acoustic/electric
  50. New Years Grateful
  51. My fingers are killing me!
  52. Holding a Ukulele While standing up
  53. Tuning problems
  54. Using a Mac as an amp for the electric ukulele
  55. Kohala Uke Problems
  56. Ukulele stands
  57. Figuring out the tabs for strumming patterns
  58. I need some encouragement.
  59. Stupid chord question
  60. Capo?
  61. Lanikai LU-21
  62. Ukulele Workshop
  63. Question about stringing your ukulele
  64. Cannot keep my hands of this thing!
  65. Slotted headstock or not
  66. Ukuleles a la Mode
  67. Any thoughts on BadAax?
  68. aquila nylgut strings
  69. Having issues making the g / g7 chord
  70. Air travel
  71. For those who can play tons of chords but not a single recognizable song
  72. Fingernails
  73. Lanikai LU-11 variability
  74. Need song recomendation!
  75. What are these chords?
  76. Aloha...:)
  77. Left hand position
  78. Baritone Beginner
  79. New year resolution...
  80. How do I read fingerpicking?
  81. New Little Bundle of Joy
  82. Concert Ukulele: Lanikai LU-21C or Fluke
  83. Holding the uke (REALLY dumb question)
  84. tuner?
  85. Finger placement.
  86. Advice to beginners-learn the neck!
  87. 7 inches of snow this am in North AL
  88. comparison's of longnecks?
  89. Humidifiers
  90. New strings
  91. Makai Ukulele
  92. Looking for a uke teacher in Erie PA
  93. Progressing with improvisation
  94. CAGED System for uke?
  95. ukulele beginner!
  96. Awesome Ukulele story
  97. Humidity?
  98. Instruction Book Hal Leonard Easy songs for Ukulele by Lil' Rev
  99. uke care
  100. Just a simple question about strings.
  101. How often do you change strings
  102. Any good ukelele apps on iPhone or iPad?
  103. Nwb alert!!! insert halp plz
  104. Ukulele Lesson #1 The Cure's LoveSong after 7 months
  105. Strings!! Help!!
  106. Where to start... (to learn)
  107. Messing with my head @ 4 weeks
  108. The best possible book for ukulele technique?
  109. memorizing the fret board
  110. How to read picking/strumming patterns
  111. Tuning Ukulele...
  112. My fingers go where?! and Uncle Rods boot
  113. Open Chords Tuned but not Fretted Strings
  114. Solid Wood Ukuleles 'open up'?
  115. Does my Uke need a humidifier?
  116. Beginner Acoustic Song
  117. Another Beginner asking for help! Please do!
  118. Ukulele with plectrum
  119. Caring for my Tenor Lanikai LU-21
  120. New Uke, New Questions!
  121. Best and Most Amazing New Ukulele Player Experience
  122. Sticky fingers?
  123. USB/PC interface for electric Uke and software?
  124. sneering third string
  125. Anyone want any uke books?
  126. Newbie strings purchase question
  127. Soprano Ukulele Help
  128. Uke setup - post purchase
  129. Lanikai LU-21 Intonation TERRIBLE!
  130. Repairing a Coconut Ukulele
  131. Open G tuning for a Concert Uke?
  132. Finding Rhythm
  133. Can a concert ukulele play more songs than a soprano?
  134. Low G is not tuned correctly with tun-d
  135. Should I continue learning the guitar?
  136. I'm sitting and I can't stand up !!
  137. This website is awesome!!
  138. How do you play a Eb (E flat) Chord?
  139. Maintaining the Uke
  140. Just a beginners Uke thread ...
  141. Should I purchase out of my talent range?
  142. Tuning Soprano uke Up
  143. So... I have no idea how to "chuck."
  144. Lanikai LKP-C Koa Concert Ukulele Pack?
  145. Oen Reason You Need to Learn your Scales
  146. Chord Progression
  147. Struggling to find a Ukulele
  148. Beginner's progress to date and "meeting" the The Daily Ukulele book
  149. Finger Repair
  150. First Ukulele Decisions
  151. Ordered Lanikai LU21, then changed order to LU21C - mistake or not?
  152. How hard is it to learn the guitar and ukulele at the same time
  153. Diminished Responsibilty
  154. How do you hook up amp to acoustic uke?
  155. Uke Recommendations?
  156. tuning goes off when I play chords.....
  157. Already got me second uke before the first one arrived!
  158. Should I buy/upgrade?
  159. Does different laminate wood sound different?
  160. Clip on Pickups/Mic
  161. Harmony Roy Smeck Vita Uke
  162. My first Ukulele arrived damaged...
  163. Different ukulele types
  164. Gut strings on a Mahalo!
  165. C diminished chord - boot camp
  166. help on strumming! and plucking please!
  167. Low G or High G
  168. nid help understanding these two symbols in scoresheet...how shall i pick it?
  169. Finger Struming Help
  170. cool simple blues
  171. barring first fret destroying my finger >.< meant to be this hard?
  172. Light bulb moments
  173. hammer-on
  174. Chords seem harder on my concert ukulele
  175. What Ukulele have you upgraded to?
  176. My 1st uke... Kala KA-CEM. *w00t!*
  177. How much is my Uke worth?
  178. Where to begin
  179. Want to start out with a reasonable ukulele!
  180. Chord shapes with nothing in common
  181. What are some good beginner 4 Chord songs?
  182. UKulele Underground University
  183. wrong strings
  184. Looking for Hardcase for my Oscar Schmidt OU4
  185. Strumming help
  186. snow day! and thank you, Sukie!
  187. What is action?
  188. Holding the Ukulele
  189. Just bought my first "proper" Uke !! So happy!!
  190. Is a Vintage Kamaka a good purchase?
  191. Neck pressure
  192. Alot of begginers always ask....
  193. UUU Help me out!
  194. Strum patterns
  195. wanna ask about the chords changes from GCEA tuning to G#BEB
  196. Looking for a High Gloss finished Uke.
  197. best place for Uke tabs
  198. For beginners, what order did you learn the chords?
  199. Looking for a new uke
  200. Just ordered "Make your own ukulele chord solos" by Michael Madden
  201. UK-2000 pre amp problems.
  202. Help selecting the right Uke
  203. Is there a Simpler version of "Gently Weeps?"
  204. Tuners and slothead uke questions pls~
  205. Lanikai
  206. Finally ordered new Uke!
  207. Habits
  208. Bad Early Review
  209. Feeling discouraged today.
  210. How can I tell the difference? Tenor? Concert?
  211. Book for 4 year old?
  212. Not sure which is better for me. . .
  213. new concert uke
  214. Electric/Solid v Electro/Acoustic?
  215. Look At What I Got Today...
  216. Picks
  217. frets
  218. Ukulele strings
  219. Looked at Uke today- advice?
  220. Strumming - weird phenomenon or normal ???
  221. Instrumental songs?
  222. Ukulele Boot Camp
  223. New (First) Uke
  224. Uke for Country and Southern Gospel?
  225. Rough Edges?
  226. Transferring Guitar chords to the Uke
  227. Ukulele Blues
  228. A question for all you ukeholics...
  229. other recommended eBay sellers?
  230. First jam session
  231. Ouch! Thumb pain
  232. Suspended Chords
  233. I just bought a Snark SN-1 Tuner.
  234. Funny experience at the Guitar Center.
  235. 101 Ukulele licks (or riffs) by Lil Rev
  236. Fingers sticking
  237. Jake's take on the "quartet"
  238. Which Strings?
  239. Anyone else have this problem
  240. Buying my first uke.
  241. Kala/Makala Concert or Other Spruce Soprano?
  242. how to play g chord
  243. Ukulele University single classes
  244. Silly question of the day... how shall we tell them apart?
  245. Learning Curve
  246. need help figuring out what he is playing
  247. I need more Ukes!
  248. Good Ukulele Tutorials
  249. Setup question.
  250. D and E chords.