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  1. Passive pickup with volume control?
  2. Securing Hardware Wires
  3. Trouble tuning a tenor ukulele
  4. Violin-type tuning pegs
  5. Switching to Low G and need some advice
  6. slipping friction pegs... how do you solve it?
  7. String Pops Off
  8. A string off?
  9. Garage Band?
  10. Help with my shadow pickup...
  11. Just noticed a split in the top of my Kala Acacia Tenor!
  12. Washburn Romp mic on ukulele?
  13. Strange string Buzz
  14. Fret layout calculator
  15. want to replace friction pegs with geared tuners
  16. replace with guitar string
  17. How to lower action
  18. Question about changing saddle and nut material
  19. Where do you place the humidifier in the ukulele case?
  20. Mahalo U-30 completely removed saddle
  21. Snagged a Lanikia CK-C and have a string question
  22. Loose Brace
  23. Tenor nut width
  24. Tenor intonation puzzle.
  25. I think my Tuners are slipping & I have a buzz
  26. Please Help! I did something stupid...
  27. Saddle "Clicks"
  28. 3rd String not sounding good
  29. Ukulele Setup? Necessary?
  30. How to recondition a vintage uke?
  31. Loose tuning pegs?
  32. Stagg Electric cutting out :(
  33. Possibly an intonation problem?
  34. Uke to Home Theater Amplifier?
  35. Got me a K&K pickup - now to figure out which uke
  36. neck seperating from body. any way to fix?
  37. C string buzz- adjust nut
  38. Rattling tuner...
  39. Think I made a mistake
  40. New Kala Buzz/Rattle
  41. Old friction tuners - is there a fix?
  42. Replace tuners on an old plastic uke?
  43. How to lower action without fret buzz
  44. How do you assess whether the action of your uke is too high or too low?
  45. How to fix cracks or stop them from growing?
  46. Only a certain note buzzes?
  47. Tuner Bottons
  48. Eleuke buzzing. Fun for the whole family.
  49. How to fix a crack on a plastic ukulele? And Tuning issues
  50. Sharp Nut!
  51. Preamps for ukulele and open mics
  52. Washburn Romp mic - Question for electronics expert
  53. pegheads slipping!
  54. kiwaya ks-1 help
  55. Roland Micro Cube problemo....
  56. Ibanez Amps
  57. MSI Pickup?
  58. Any Sources for After Market Bridge Pins?
  59. Optimum string height
  60. Messin' with my old Uke
  61. Buzzing
  62. Humidifier
  63. question about volume differences
  64. Intonation trouble
  65. Broken bridge in Virginia
  66. Upgrade flea tuners to grover B4s?
  67. banjolele refurbisment help?
  68. Problem with lowering action on my baby Ohana! :(
  69. Bridge coming off
  70. Crooked bridge
  71. How to care for vintage uke
  72. KPK buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  73. Thinking about new tuners for a Martin Style 0...Thoughts?
  74. Low G on Soprano ukulele?
  75. Killed my brand new uke
  76. Finish on mahogany tenor
  77. how to clean the back of my ukulele?
  78. D'addario strings?
  79. Overhumidified?
  80. Just got new strings
  81. My uke cracked :(
  82. New strings, does not sound right...
  83. Baritone Uke Advice Please!
  84. concert uke strings on a soprano?
  85. Strings too long?
  86. Kala archtop input/strap button loose
  87. Desert Dryness and Ukuleles
  88. Super Sharp C String
  89. Slipping friction pegs - The appliance of science
  90. Scratches
  91. ~1955 Silvertone mandolin with cracked body, worth fixing?
  92. D'Addario...help help!
  93. Power Tracks to PDF?
  94. My uke is buzzing!
  95. Neck preperation
  96. 2.5 inch crack on new Kamaka Tenor
  97. Kala Acacia very quiet
  98. Arthur Godfrey Plasic Uke - Cracked tuning peg
  99. Ovation/Applause UAE-148 Acoustic Electric Tenor ukulele question
  100. Stringing My Pono
  101. New banjo uke was hurting my arm...
  102. bridge pin woes
  103. Humidity & Temp vs Strings
  104. "Haunted Uke Strings"?
  105. How Far is Too Far
  106. Settings for "Chromatic TunerIMT-500
  107. Soprano strings for warm tone
  108. Old Harmony wood Uke - Missing tuning peg
  109. Dull sounds on E & A strings
  110. How loud is Eleuke with plugged in earbuds.
  111. Is my uke broken?
  112. can humidity increase cause buzzing?
  113. Anybody who has a Lanikai CK-TEQ or CK-T
  114. issues with an under saddle pickup
  115. Aquila wound low G
  116. E Strings when i strum it open!?
  117. Under-saddle pickup issues
  118. Bridge replacement
  119. Honu Deluxe Concert: Brand New: A-string friction peg, beyond slipping
  120. Changing Tuners
  121. Replacing a bridge on a battered '30s Martin Style 0 ?
  122. banjo uke ukulele advice please
  123. Gibson TU-1 tuner issues
  124. Record onto a computer through an undersaddle pick-up
  125. Buzzing due to nut
  126. Replacing Saddle, Compensate or Not
  127. Kala onboard pickup crackling everytime i strum hard! sounds like clipping/peaking.
  128. What does the term 'Shadow Pickup' mean?
  129. Glueing a bridge without owning special clamps
  130. Dropped my uke! AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!
  131. Kala Pocket Uke - Stupid tuning.
  132. Action Problem :/
  133. Capo recommendations
  134. Action adjustment
  135. Nut
  136. Friction tuner frustration..
  137. pickup levels extremely low when plugged in!
  138. My fretboard stinks...
  139. Kamaka Ukulele
  140. C-string has faulty intonation(?)! Oh help!
  141. My new saddle slopes, is this right? w/PICS!
  142. String popped out...
  143. styron {plastic} ukulele help needed..
  144. Filing down the nut
  145. problem w/ Uke Crazy case
  146. White plastic "stickers" on back of tuning pegs- permanent or removable?
  147. 8 string baritone ukulele strings
  148. ADF#B or GCEA Strings on Ohana SK-35
  149. Steel Stringed banjo uke
  150. Eleuke with a hissing noise (is this normal?)
  151. What is the best way to record a Ukelele/guitar to a computer???
  152. Worth brown medium on Koaloha concert
  153. Are Aquila Soprano and Concert strings the same?
  154. Buzzing Ukulele
  155. ok i need some help i need better sound and feeling from my ukulele
  156. Body splitting apart? :(
  157. Banjo Uke Heads
  158. Makala MK-S intonation
  159. Kala Acacia Tenor - Intonation problem
  160. Super concert strings
  161. Friction tuners for a Kumlae
  162. Intonation Help?
  163. just got a new tenor ukulele but the strings sound tingy
  164. Buzzing Problem =/
  165. Question for electric uke owners: Any issues w/ location of input jack?
  166. Ukulele Nightmare
  167. My Uke got a weird sound?
  168. Mahalo Compensated saddle help?
  169. friends banjolele won't tune
  170. Old Lark with Tailpiece no Bridge
  171. Harmony ukes: plastic fretboards
  172. bone nut and saddle on my kamoa pineapple, help plz
  173. Installing a pickup
  174. Thoughts on Baritone Strings
  175. Martin Guitar Polish, expiration date??
  176. Aquilas Fretwear
  177. low g setup
  178. New Eleuke amplification help
  179. Pickup help
  180. Tuner bushing lifting
  181. my uke's saddle moves...
  182. Any good sources for Friction Tuners?
  183. restringing republic uke
  184. Humidity in Malaysia :/
  185. Another Restringing My Uke Question
  186. Bottom of Neck Coming Off
  187. Weird loud sound when picking the open E-string? Need help please.
  188. harmonics question
  189. Action is high on Lanikai Tenor Solid Monkey Pod
  190. Tactics for Ukulele Emergencies
  191. Yet another string question
  192. Peghead problems, any advice?
  193. Drunk housemate sat on my ukulele!?!?!
  194. Is it safe to instal a pick up system to my uke?
  195. Help! Strings are too tight on electric uke :(
  196. Baritone String Question
  197. Worth Clear Low G string intonation problem
  198. Need help with really old fender style tuners on a concertone Banjo Ukelele....please
  199. Kala KA-KS Intonation Problems
  200. New buzzing on C string!!
  201. Misi Pick Up Backing Nut/ Jack Strap Connection
  202. String Gauges, Tension, Scale, Length, Etc.
  203. Martin Tuning Pegs Slipping
  204. Ibanez uke intonation problem
  205. difficult to play A String first fret
  206. Pickup Cable?
  207. Changing strings on a Recording King
  208. Strings don't stay in tune for long!
  209. GH&S melody Junior banjo uke part needed
  210. Need help making side fret markers for Flea
  211. Mini Guitar into a Ukulele
  212. Adjusting Schaller geared Tuners on 6-string Kamaka
  213. Using soprano strings on a concert ukulele
  214. Replacing geared tuners with friction ones
  215. 1920s banjolele
  216. making a new nut??
  217. Can't keep my 6-string uke in tune !!
  218. Pre amp popping out of my ukulele?
  219. Bad intonation with eleuke and worth strings
  220. My Kala's are Cutting My Aquila Strings
  221. re: Strings and tuning for Martin Tenor...
  222. Action Settings on Vintage Martin T-1 Tenor Ukulele
  223. Confused about action setup
  224. Martin Tenor 12 fret vs 14 fret???
  225. Which tenor strings have higher tension?
  226. Really disappointed in my Ohana, please help!
  227. Mainland Nut Width?
  228. Is it really necessary to loosen strings on ukes when flying??
  229. How to fill some left over tuner screw holes that show????
  230. Martin "O"bsession
  231. Fretboard on a cheap Ukelele
  232. Cracked Ukulele Help
  233. Regal Uku- Action too high?
  234. Dull C string on a tenor?
  235. Problem with C-string on lefty uke
  236. My ukulele is having buzzing problems..
  237. Pickup up for a Fluke?
  238. How to get rid of scratches?
  239. Regal Ukulele Strings
  240. Just got a Mainland Tenor with pickup, need opinion on some issues please.
  241. Stiff Strings
  242. scraaaaaaatccches...
  243. Fitted my K&K Big Shot to my Fluke Ukulele
  244. nut puts strings too high
  245. Swapping out geared tuners for friction tuners.
  246. Wolf tone? Dead note? Solutions?
  247. wooden tuning pegs stuck in headstock
  248. How does one know if uke neck is warping
  249. Tuning In Fifths
  250. When to Humidify? Help!