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  1. Lubricating RISA Solid Uke Metal Roller: advice please.
  2. Les paul ukulele buzzing >.<
  3. 4 course vs. 5 course
  4. replacement tuners for Kamaka
  5. Kala/Makala Tuners
  6. Terrible Overtone on Wound C String
  7. strings for playing in C on 11" scale
  8. Tying Banjolele Strings
  9. 19 Scale tenor needs new string ideas
  10. Aquila restringing 6 string question
  11. Thumping sound (finger noise?) coming through my Roland amp
  12. Tuning off on Flea up high
  13. The strings of the Koaloha KTM-00
  14. Subst Low G string on Concert Uke?
  15. Changing friction pegs on an old blue Gretsch camp uke?
  16. E string needs to be tuned down to sound correct
  17. A troublesome Kamaka
  18. Formby's tung oil finish
  19. Use & implication of low-g on soprano?
  20. set up & tuning question
  21. Tuning hole size on a late 40's Martin Style 1?
  22. the shiny side of the ukulele
  23. Made in Japan Harmony Ukulele flea market find
  24. Tuner problems with Lanikai spruce-top
  25. Intonation tests for Newbies?
  26. Fender Koa Nohea - Is this fine or do I need to oil?
  27. Dull, thuddy C
  28. maryland/dc area set up
  29. Philly, PA Luthiers
  30. Howard Feed-N-Wax
  31. mandolin tuned GCEA
  32. First big rain - C E buzz? Coincidence?
  33. Baratone uk tuned to GCEA
  34. Problems with 1st time re-stringing
  35. Concert vs. Soprano?
  36. Hum on electric Kanilea
  37. Low G sliding Off fretboard.
  38. GCEA strings for baritone
  39. 1950's harmony soprano, cracked tuning pegs
  40. String shelf life?
  41. My Uke wont stay tuned
  42. My uke Amplifying problem!. HELP!..
  43. Replacement Tuners for Harold Teen uke?
  44. Kala KA-T finish question
  45. Which Amp can double as stereo speaker for Apple/iMac computer?
  46. Can Roland Microcube be used as a computer speaker?
  47. Pickup recomendations...
  48. Glue for Makala Dolphin neck
  49. Mandolin
  50. Fet leveling
  51. Remove excess finish without trashing uke?
  52. Question About Fixing Gold Label Kamaka
  53. Sawdust and white glue filler
  54. Back of Tenor Neck a little sticky when sliding
  55. Anyone know a Uke friendly guitar shop in West Houston Texas?
  56. Sleeves for Aquila strings on resonator?
  57. made my nut a little too thick
  58. Static Through Amp on Acoustic/Electric
  59. Phantom power and other questions....
  60. Fret lifting, how to secure down again.
  61. Kamaka HF3 Schaller tuners
  62. Does humidity significantly affect tone??
  63. Compensated Saddle???
  64. G string out of tune
  65. My "A" string twangs!
  66. Neck question
  67. Can I use a 4th wound classical guitar string for a low G tenor uke string?
  68. aquila wound g string and a mainland nut
  69. Lowering Ohana nut
  70. new saddle?
  71. Intonation off on higher frets
  72. Tusq Saddle Replacement. Saddle only or both??
  73. I want to learn how to set up my own ukes
  74. CONDENSER USB mic question
  75. Resonator Uke Pickup?
  76. String tension
  77. Ukulele Setup/Repair in Boston Area?
  78. heavy tuners
  79. Loose neck help needed
  80. fluke solid body tenor ukulele
  81. What to do: Tuners that slip???
  82. U-bass tuners
  83. Banjo uke bridge placement
  84. Vintage ukulele tuners: What if Pings are still too big?
  85. Bridge Glue
  86. sound board splitting?
  87. sound board splitting?
  88. Anyone getting this message when using I.E
  89. Help! Risa solid ukulele string stuck/jammed...
  90. Ukulele Aquila String tension
  91. d-rings for shoulder strap
  92. Plastic Mauna Loa + Lucy's friction tuners
  93. Eleuke sounds distorted!!! Help!
  94. Smashed Recording King Metal Body Resonator
  95. Using Worth strings for a sopranino?
  96. Compensated nut and saddle for M Dolphin ?
  97. Changed My First Set Of Strings
  98. Broken nut, repair/replace?
  99. Aquila string tension on a Soprano
  100. Re: Another question about pickups
  101. Replacing back of Martin-No damage to supports; What would it cost? Should I do it?
  102. KoAloha Tenor String Hole Issue
  103. Can I add a strap button to an Applause UA10 (plastic body)? Seeking advice.
  104. Compensated Saddles
  105. Ukulele pickup, any advice
  106. Can K&K Big shot pickup handle heavy metal tapping and also drumming on uke body
  107. Cleaning up a used ukulele
  108. Replacement for G string on a baritone uke ?
  109. How to remove and replace the arm rest on a Goldtone Banjolele Deluxe Soprano???
  110. Changing out Tuners on Vintage Instruments
  111. Help, new C string doesn't stay in tune
  112. Humidity and the fretboard
  113. Nut on ukulele
  114. classical guitar strings
  115. A-String issue on Makala Dolphin
  116. Got g string buzz on my Lanakai Tenor
  117. Rattle detected ....
  118. Intonation issues with one string--A reminder
  119. Bad neck bow
  120. Fret dressing
  121. Where can i find a replacement under saddle pickup?
  122. Lowering the Action, or Adventures in Amateur Luthiery
  123. Replacing tuning pegs
  124. Bridge Holes too Small?
  125. Uke Pickup
  126. Tenor strings on a baritone ukulele??
  127. Amps for Ukes???
  128. Which string is supposed to be wound on low g strings???
  129. Pono pickup and Bagg Gigpro?
  130. C string sounds dead at fret 6 ?
  131. New Strings?
  132. Very tight crack on uke. How should I repair it?
  133. Low G Substitute?
  134. Bridge Hole Problems
  135. Wooden Tuning Peg
  136. Dull E string
  137. changing tuners on a baritone uke?
  138. Which strings are louder?
  139. Peanut Hurray! Ho... Hay...!
  140. I broke my bridge!
  141. Risa Solid Uke fret edges
  142. Restringing with a wound low G?
  143. Major Problem?
  144. Help new Koaloha pineapple Sunday has very thin crack on soundboard.
  145. What standards do you expect in finish?
  146. Uke repair questions...
  147. Strings for a Mya Moe tenor
  148. Perfect action?
  149. How does this action look??
  150. What size tension wrench for a Maybell?
  151. Tarnish or Patina on Frets?
  152. Heat and my solid wood uke
  153. my weird saddle
  154. I fixed my friction tuners
  155. could this cause this......
  156. lowering the string height
  157. School Me On Uke Setup
  158. Strings for 6 String Concert
  159. Eleuke help??
  160. can't remove friction tuner
  161. Aquila low G non-wound
  162. How to string a 20's banjolele?
  163. Stickers on Kamaka Pineapple Gold Label
  164. Peg-Hed tuners too small for existing hole
  165. Paint for Youthalele
  166. bridge popped off...how to I repair?
  167. My RISA semi-hollowbody tenor self-destructed.
  168. Lanikai CK-TEQ Neck angle issue
  169. vintage banjo-uke tuning issue - first fret?
  170. Another question about action..
  171. Spruce top uke string suggestions?
  172. trying to remove the nut
  173. I'm replacing the front of my uke. Looking for advice and modification ideas.
  174. Using Banjo Uke Rim tightening screw as strap button?
  175. Frets are damaging the wound string on my vintage banj-uke
  176. lanikai LU-21TEBK saddle/bridge? =/
  177. Nut/saddle question
  178. Wicked hum coming from Rise uke solid tenor
  179. Is the action too low? Changed strings and now the uke is deadlined.
  180. Kamaka 8 string tuner question
  181. Stringing at slotted wooden tuning pegs
  182. To Truss or Not to Truss
  183. Ouch! Dropped Uke - Repair needed.
  184. Help stringing ukulele with bridge pins
  185. I'm kinda naive...
  186. Preserving a signature on my uke
  187. Please help set up a noob for a good setup
  188. Bad Buzzing... open string and fret buzzing. maybe high action(high saddle) ELEUKE
  189. Electric Ukulele Broken? (URGENT)
  190. Willl Behringer EQ700 pedal function as a pre-amp
  191. Need Help on kamaka concert hf-2 tuners
  192. who does this?!!!!!!!
  193. Buzz on my A string
  194. Do Baritones have a problem with buzzing?
  195. Flat intonation
  196. The electronics in my eleuke are messed up, should i take it somewhere orrr...?
  197. Can Someone suggest a string set for a Risa "Bean"
  198. My Worth Low G String Sounds like a Giant Rubber Band
  199. What are the best preamp options for me?
  200. Going high G to low
  201. I need help! Broken ukulele.
  202. details on string size ?
  203. Kumalae bridge reattachment?
  204. Beansprout Banjo Ukulele-Adjust Height of the Action
  205. Inexpensive ukulele tuning machines
  206. nut not level
  207. Beginners Lucky...bridge pulling away from body
  208. Uke won't stay in tune!:(
  209. Fender Nohea uke string buzz
  210. Poorly-mounted nut? Please review pics and let me know what you think.
  211. Kamaka Saddle Change
  212. Bad intonation on the C-string (Lanikai LU-11)
  213. Tuners won't tune
  214. C string out of tune,poor intonation and deep reverb
  215. Buff out fingerprints and body oils from unwiped uke? What do you use??
  216. uke straps and end pin jacks
  217. Geared Tuner Screws Slipping
  218. KALA TEME Transient Buzz
  219. Banjo Uke Vellum Problem
  220. Koaloha friction pegs stiff...???
  221. Baritone
  222. Lanikia 21C Nut and Bridge material?
  223. Which strings shall I get?
  224. Loose Luna help me please!
  225. Replacement tuners for white label Kamaka soprano
  226. Tenor Uke to be tuned like a Tenor Banjo....maybe.?
  227. Wiring an electric 'ukulele with two single coils and a mini 3-way switch
  228. Banjo ukulele twang/tinniness
  229. Crack in my heel?
  230. A String Knot Stuck from below in Bridge slot---Need Help
  231. Bridge Placement/Height
  232. Plastic backed + buttons
  233. Fixing a sharp Dolphin
  234. Don't pull this stunt
  235. Help with eleuke pre-amp
  236. Help me save a Kamaka
  237. Homemade Straps...
  238. swithcraft stereo endpin jack socket
  239. Looking for a side key tuner for my HF-3 Kamaka tenor. Los Angeles, Ca.
  240. Tuning/Fret Warped Neck Nightmare...
  241. Changing buttons on Gotoh UK700 tuners
  242. Tuning peg screws for a vintage Martin uke
  243. Is intonation always an issue?
  244. Reasons to send a uke back?
  245. Kanilea bellying
  246. Kala KC02 clip on tuner not working
  247. Sounds a bit weedy? Help my poor Martin!
  248. Is there anyway I can fix this???
  249. One hole in bridge waaaaaaay bigger....
  250. Old Kamaka Bowed neck