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  1. on board preamp
  2. Orange County CA Reputable Luthier for Vintage Martin?
  3. Fret buzz after adjustments
  4. frets of my loprinzi soprano is bit rough and sharp
  5. Kala Pickup system
  6. Weird Intonation on Lanikai LU-21 Soprano's A string
  7. Luna 6000R (1950's uke)
  8. fuzz
  9. while stringing the strings get loose
  10. KPK Concert
  11. Follow-up to "My Risa Semi Hollowbody Self Destructed
  12. geared tuners with offset mounting plate
  13. A String gets tighter
  14. Trouble with my new KPK Concert...
  15. Fishman Matrix Infinity Active pickup - inside nylon pounch not secure
  16. Baritone tuned in 5ths to GDAE- STring Tension??
  17. use only 4 holes in a 8 holes bridge, is it a problem?
  18. Replacing 3 in line tuning machines on Kala an replacing with individual grovers
  19. Weird E string intonation?
  20. new 6 string uke nut
  21. Koaloha Sceptre top sunk
  22. 6 String Ukulele
  23. can i go back to high g
  24. Repair this vintage Martin uke?
  25. Fixing Intonation
  26. What Should I Do With This Maccaferri Islander? - Two Issues
  27. Piezo element too snug, too long in saddle slot
  28. low A versus low G on a 6-string uke
  29. Weird sounds with new strings
  30. If you're interested installing a MiSi Pickup
  31. Good tip when changing strings
  32. New strings
  33. Eleuke Tenor Jazz Cutaway electronics
  34. Replacing strings that come with your uke
  35. Felt Washer for strap buttons
  36. Banjo Uke - Is a new skin going to fix the problem
  37. Strap for Ukulele
  38. Smooth vs raw surface
  39. Uninstalling Pegheads
  40. Vintage Kumalae, Tuners and set-up advice needed
  41. Intonation on new banjo ukulele, important?
  42. My Ukulele's Bridge Broke :(
  43. refurbishing old banjo uke
  44. What's wrong with my uke?
  45. Problem with new uke
  46. Roland Microcube Question
  47. Took in an orphan
  48. Nut Fell Off
  49. Help with the pegs
  50. Banjo Uke: Even Head Tension and String Tension too
  51. got molds on my uke!need help!
  52. Pono buzzing problem
  53. String slipping on saddle
  54. Aquila red series
  55. Fingerboard splitting
  56. Banjo Uke Problem
  57. Refitting a Harmony baritone to be a slide ukulele in GCEA
  58. Tenor or Concert Strings ??
  59. Advise or help with Kamaka (Schaller) friction tuners
  60. Advice on installing a pickup into my Lanikai Baritone
  61. Upgrading from cheap open geared tuners to metal closed geared tuners? tips?
  62. Unwound Low G Loud When "Open"
  63. Harmony Baritone Neck Joint?
  64. Kamaka Tiki Bridge question
  65. Humidifier for pineapple uke?
  66. Little DIY project of the month: Install friction tuners?
  67. Nail care recommendation
  68. Uu vip
  69. Aquilla Reds Snapping
  70. Ukulele Buzzing
  71. Help with Koaloha Concert Saddle
  72. So bummed about my Kamoa 500T...
  73. Baritone issues
  74. How Should I Reinforce Crack Where Headstock Meets Fretboard On Plastic Islander?
  75. The Old Chestnut question.. Which Strings !! for a 1920/30 Mahogany Gibson Soprano
  77. Why is that strings pack so bad??
  78. Luna Ukulele Buzz
  79. How long do you wait before tearing into a new ukulele?
  80. New Strings --> Problems Amplified (but not acoustic)
  81. KoAlohal saddle question
  82. tighten pegheads?
  83. How good should my intonation be
  84. Loose back brace, where to go, what to do?
  85. It is supposed to sound like this?
  86. Broken key on one of my tuners
  87. Six String Uke sets? (not that kind, the other kind)
  88. Pono Delux Mahogany Tenor
  89. Help for string buzz
  90. Recommendations for a Luthier to set up my Gibson Uke in Cambridge UK
  91. Crack on top from shipping - DIY options?
  92. Risa Stick Amplifier Buzz Hum Help Plz
  93. Dehumidifier for humid areas
  94. Finishes & Care
  95. Lowering the nut on my banjolele
  96. Amplification continuation thread, sort of
  97. Bridge about to fall off? Help!
  98. Sought: Washburn pre war bridge pin details
  99. Kala 6 String
  100. High tension soprano strings
  101. Roland Micro Cube question
  102. A string keeps breaking HELP !
  103. Strap keeps slipping off electric pick up jack
  104. Help: Oasis Humidifier Replacement Beads
  105. Kanilea Active Pickup Issue?
  106. Aquila baritone gCEA strings - tuned linear?
  107. Noooo!!!!! Finish crack on my concert :(
  108. PegHed tuner lost tension...
  109. preamp/eq suggestions
  110. Kamoa E-Pineapple what tuners.
  111. Another string question
  112. How do I remove Black mold from amp tolex
  113. This is so weird!
  114. Friction tuner replacement
  115. Fix for Finish Cracks?
  116. Alternate tuning confusion ??
  117. Sharp fret ends on a Pono
  118. Geared-->Friction
  119. fretboard oil??
  120. Need help with pic up.
  121. So I got my first ukulele on Christmas, and I have a problem... Please help?
  122. Buzz on open C string
  123. Humidifier Nerves
  124. Question re: finish crazing
  125. opinion / setup question
  126. In need of a luthier in Chicago
  127. Brand new uke, maybe some problems? Should I be concerned? Images attached.
  128. how to make a cheap uke sound better?
  129. Nut/Saddle set-up - Can you do it yourself?
  130. Posting pics
  131. low action setup
  132. Ohana CK-35GS - need advice on tuners, action, and strings
  133. New Fender Nohea Tenor - A few questions: Intonation/action and fretboard.
  134. strings for a solid body electric uke?
  135. New Banjolele help
  136. What kind of knot to tie on banjo uke strings?
  137. Chuffed! Adjusted my Kala KA-S
  138. Microphone question
  139. Eddy Finn banjolele strings/nut questions
  140. New Rogue needs tuning pegs...
  141. Looking For Bridge Piece For Greg Bennett Baritone Ukulele
  142. Fretboard Crack High End Uke
  143. Fremont Blackline Low G String Too Fat For Fluke!
  144. Kelii set-up question
  145. String playing next fret
  146. Intonation - sharper up the fretboard
  147. 'Cheap' Uke Upgrade Path
  148. Loose "in tune" strings.
  149. Friction tuners for baritones???
  150. My Mele needs help!
  151. Video+Audio, or just Audio?
  152. Removed strings, nut fell off.
  153. HELP! Nut replacement advice needed
  154. Kala active pickup - not so active
  155. Giannini (1972) tuner friction peg replacements
  156. Lube Sticky Tuner?
  157. Tuning Issues. A not like a
  158. Fret buzz - C string on fret 1-4 only - why?
  159. Problem with a sealed gear tuner
  160. Uneven tuning C string
  161. Pick up for a banjolele
  162. Found this - needs repair - what is a fair price?
  163. Problem with Mainland Soprano
  164. Pickup Buzz
  165. friction pegs for a type 0 Martin
  166. Brand new Kanile'a making a funny sound, guidance please!
  167. Aquila Baritone GCEA strings Linear
  168. New Tanglewood concerns
  169. Support for String Pins
  170. buzzing starts after a year. something wrong or need string change?
  171. Undersaddle uke pickup only picking up CEA strings, G is really really quiet, Help!
  172. Uneven saddle height - Off intonation
  173. Help! UK luthier - Hairline crack
  174. One string goes sharp
  175. New Uke/Case Bad Cigarette Smell
  176. Mauna Loa Banjoukulele
  177. Kremona UK-1 Pickup
  178. Advice on Replacing Martin Style 0 Tuner
  179. How can I make it useable?
  180. Uke looses its sound
  181. I know this isn't right. . .
  182. John Grey Banjo Ukulele
  183. Another humidifying question
  184. Effect of scale length and fret spacing
  185. Snark tuner problem
  186. vintage martin tenor intonation flat on a string
  187. Vintage Martin Style 0 tuners...
  188. Low G string tension?
  189. Baritone Ukulele B string question
  190. 'Grainy' friction tuners
  191. Flamingo bent neck.....
  192. Replacement Fretboards?
  193. Refinishing a vintage ukulele
  194. Electric Riptide Buzz
  195. Ohana SK-25z Intonation Issue
  196. Output quesion about Misi Pickup.
  197. New ukulele buzzes at the bridge.
  198. Regluing braces - do I need a uke specialist/luthier to repair?
  199. Ukulele Set up
  200. Replacement saddle for Makala Dolphin
  201. Pickups for ukes
  202. bridge removal
  203. Pono tenor, problem with nut
  204. Tear in the Laminate
  205. Height of string at first fret
  206. white or brown fluorocarbons?
  207. Tuner misalignment
  208. Small knot in neck wood. Will it warp?
  209. Knot in string came undone
  210. best turning pegs?
  211. Who's humidifying in the SF bay area today?
  212. It sounds, pretty awful. Any suggestions?
  213. Best Place in the San Francisco Bay Area for a Ukulele Pickup Installation?
  214. Bowed neck fix?
  215. intonation a little flat at 12th fret?
  216. Newb question...nut not straight
  217. Need some help with a tenor uke string mystery
  218. Guitar string for Low G on tenor uke
  219. String spacing at Nut
  220. Help! Uke resistance to climate changes??
  221. Strings popping out of bridge on Kamaka HF-2+
  222. Going sharp as I play.
  223. Help! Cracking noise in soundboard
  224. Radiused Fretboard
  225. New strings
  226. Quick baritone string question...
  227. Using an Armorall type product on uke case
  228. Q: How do you know what setup work is required on your uke? A: Measure it.
  229. Old Gibson friction tuners
  230. Sound board bowing inwards?
  231. A little C string buzz
  232. banjo uke wooden, tapered tuning pegs
  233. Repair options on a plastic ukulele
  234. Adhesive removal left from pickguard.
  235. Action and Intonation Out of Whack!
  236. under-saddle pickup installation questions
  237. Issues with new Kala uke - am I being too picky?
  238. Cord length before preamp
  239. Nut Slots on a Radiused Fretboard
  240. A string sounds sharp
  241. Buzzing on G note
  242. Repair of small nick on neck of satin finish uke
  243. HELP Tech botched my martin concert series 2 mahogany uke
  244. String heights - action
  245. Am I crazy
  246. Replacing tuners
  247. Repair Suggestions - Ovation Applause Uke
  248. Mystery Uke
  249. Old banjo uke tuning problem
  250. repair advice - cracks in a 50s?