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  1. Nut replacement - which material?
  2. Small bumps appear on mahogany neck pores, finish pimples?
  3. Schaller tuners
  4. Schaller tuners
  5. Do I have a problem with my Ukulele? C7 Chord
  6. Okay, so what on earth am I doing wrong?
  7. What type of Tuning machines should I purchase for Martin Tenor Ukulele Circa 1965?
  8. One problem solved, another one occured
  9. Strings keep going sharp (Pro Arte J92 Concert)
  10. under saddle pickup hole side?
  11. under saddle pickup hole side?
  12. Using a Remo Fiberskyn Drum head for banjo uke head replacement
  13. Split/splintered on inside bend
  14. RISA Tenor stick / Snapped A string / Noob
  15. HELP! Strings (all of them!) on my NEW uke twang!
  16. Living Water on Kanile'a: buzz buzz
  17. Replacing old tuners
  18. Anyone else had a tough time with baritone pickups?
  19. Banjolele tailpiece touching Remo head
  20. Installing Wound Strings - anything special?
  21. Should I go and yell at the installer if my pickup in my kamaka Hf-3 Tenor ukulele.
  22. Bridge and Saddle Problems.
  23. Replace Strings..when?
  24. Shure Lavalier wireless mic or..... install a pickup ?
  25. Holy flying bridge pins Batman!
  26. Before I adjust anything...
  27. Removal of a rebelious string
  28. undersaddle installation
  29. Crooked fret... is there an easy fix?
  30. Replacing then tuning new strings
  31. Brand New Kamaka HF-3 Intonation is Sharp
  32. Banjo Ukulele Bridge Position Query
  33. Wood tailpiece on my Gold Tone Banjolele
  34. Vintage Martin Bridge Pin source
  35. Misi problems
  36. San Diego area luthier or Uke tech
  37. Where can I get a nut for my 6-string Tenor?
  38. Something happening to my Nuts
  39. Fixing a flat
  40. Geared Tuners for Firefly Banjolele
  41. A D Fsharp B tuning
  42. Bridge lifting on Martin 0XK
  43. Changing geared tuner to pegheds
  44. Screw is missing
  45. Uke hard case problem.
  46. cracks in new uke
  47. What is a recommended set-up for primarily picking?
  48. Low G tuning - widen the nut slot or not?
  49. Big Island Mango Tenor
  50. Strings for my tenor uke banjo (low G)
  51. Pick Ups
  52. New Ohana TK-35G issues?
  53. My "Vintate" (the brand) uke
  54. IPad Music Stand Mounts
  55. Non-steel strings on a tiple?
  56. bone saddle
  57. When string changes go bad...
  58. Lookingf for external preamp
  59. K&K Aloha Twin mic install diagrams please!!!
  60. Soprano Banjo Uke 4th string "Rings"
  61. Problems with L.R. Baggs Five.0
  62. Is there nowhere in the UK to buy Peghed tuners?
  63. Homemade portable amp radio question
  64. Pulling out Bridge Pins - Best way?
  65. Best Position for Storage
  66. Eleuke Peanut pick up not working properly
  67. Tarnished frets
  68. Where do I get shims?
  69. Horrible loud buzz/rattle
  70. Banjo Uke Tuning 'Issue'
  71. Tone changes strangely when tuning, was it the peg or the nut?
  72. Ukulele Underground Forum Rules
  73. Cleaning a very grungy ukelin
  74. What is the gauge of a wound, low G concert ukulele string?
  75. Johnson Resonator upgrade.
  76. Message for Mr R Turner
  77. Strings coming out of bridge pin hole on Martin Tenor Uke?
  78. The fretboard fell off my Fluke
  79. reinforcemend truss rod
  80. Soprano tuning goes sharp up the neck
  81. Correcting Ukulele intonation
  82. Kamaka intonation (left handed)
  83. Pencil lead removal from Old Martin Style 2
  84. Ukulele pick up position, am I being fobbed off?
  85. New to the Uku Banjo! Need some advice
  86. Replace or repair the saddle on this cheap Bari?
  87. Saddle/nut adjustment questions
  88. Neck rest from a redneck
  89. Wrinkling on neck surface
  90. Advise needed: E & A string plays sharp up the fretboard
  91. Need string help - A string with most sustain
  92. Geared tuners - is some 'slop' normal ?
  93. Uke Care Kit
  94. tuning
  95. kamaka HF1 bridge, nut and tuners
  96. Belcat Pickup, Pre Amp ?
  97. Stuck String
  98. Undersaddle pick up and amplification.
  99. Rattle in a baritone
  100. New Ukulele - Doesn't tune correctly?
  101. Stringing Uke With Straight Thru Bridge Holes
  102. Upgrading 40 yr old Kamaka Soprano... Bad idea?
  103. 1st Ukulele Factory Blem Mango Kala - Nut glued at an angle
  104. Buzzing C String
  105. Saddle Sanding Question
  106. fixing up my first tenor build
  107. Help with keeping the string inside the end-pin of the bridge
  108. AC-33 amp: Does a foot switch (Boss FS-6) apply power or just close contacts?
  109. Need Koaloha bridge help
  110. Crack in my A string tuning machine?
  111. Flawless intonation, myth or reality?
  112. Tying the Knot
  113. Intonation issue on Kiwaya KTS-7
  114. Flea and Fluke tops....
  115. What's causing my 'ukulele to hum?
  116. Best Location for Strap Button on Neck
  117. String height/Intonation advice please.
  118. Best setting for roland micro cube and risa solid
  119. Schaller Tuner (1976-82) Advice
  120. Issues While Tuning. Pickup?
  121. Blueprinting Smiley!
  122. help!! 6 string uke
  123. yet another intonation question
  124. Clip on pick-up?
  125. Strap position advice?
  126. FS Gary Gill Pear Shaped Tenor As New
  127. Gotoh planetary tuners for a Fluke?
  128. Pegheds on Pono AS?
  129. No sound on my e string concert uke
  130. lots of buzz - and possible humidifier damage?
  131. Any advantage to PVDF film for piezo soundboard pick-ups?
  132. Restore or renovate and what is it?
  133. Intonation issues with new Uke
  134. ohana sk 21M tuning peg
  135. UBass Thunderguts
  136. MI-SI Acoustic Trio Uke vs. LR Baggs 5.0
  137. Lanikai LQA-TCA....quilt ash,tenor cut away....accoustic/electric
  138. Got an Original Vita Uke. Some questions.
  139. Baggs Para Acoustic DI - not working?
  140. Are endpin jacks standard?
  141. Is my ukulele waterproof?
  142. Wound string #3 on a concert?
  143. Chip out of bridge slot
  144. Observation About Pegheds - finishing details.
  145. Tuning Peg Malfunctions
  146. 8 string tenor, non-wound string recommendations
  147. Anyone use Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 for removing fine scratches ?
  148. Is this a Ukulele?
  149. Rough Edges on Finish
  150. Low first fret and more. Set up or return?
  151. Bridge Attachment Question
  152. What do you do about your calluses?
  153. Ukulele damage?
  154. Risa electric background noise
  155. Third string rings
  156. Problems Tuning Low G String
  157. Pono passive pickup not working
  158. Kala Travel Tenor - changing tuners to Mainland Frictions
  159. Harsh or 'clacky' sound when pick firmly, suggestions?
  160. Restringing from Log G to high G
  161. steel strings
  162. Two vintage Harmony ukuleles
  163. Friction tuner maintenance??
  164. Something's lacking to my Richter...
  165. Vintage Martin tuner cracking - advice needed
  166. Humidity and Bracing
  167. Truss rods and ukes.
  168. Glue to repair uke case's curling faux leather?
  169. Needing Baritone Uke Tuner Advice
  170. Need Help Amplified My Uke
  171. skinned up my fretboard
  172. amplifier noise question
  173. Shrunken baritone?
  174. Binding to Body Gap: Leave It or Fill It
  175. Ukuleles sound horrible outside?
  176. Strumming sound on under-saddle pickup?
  177. Danger of worsening cracks by rapid rehumidification? Vintage 80-90yrs.
  178. Look at what i made tonight...
  179. Used Kala KA-SC (spruce top question)
  180. getting started with frictions pegs on my Flea uke.
  181. Classical Guitar D String
  182. Tenor 5ths tuning (Mandolin) string set
  183. Sponge Bob Ukulele setup videos
  184. Tuner swap
  185. GL6 Strings
  186. Crack Repair on a vintage uke
  187. Cordoba 20 TM-CE action
  188. Help...
  189. First fret on my banjo uke goes a whole step up instead of a half step.
  190. Looking for a recommended luthier in or near CT.
  191. Fiber washers for Grover Champion friction tuners?
  192. Questions regarding a 12 year old K brand....
  193. Keeping The Yamaha GL1 Guitalele In Tune?
  194. High tension strings on Pono Tenor
  195. installing a strap button on a bamboo uke - risky?
  196. Dropped my #1 player
  197. Occasional buzzing on 2nd and 3rd strings
  198. Oasis *Guitar* Humidifier for Ukulele?
  199. Gotoh UPT tuners
  200. Unable to tune C string on Ukulele
  201. Newbie with Martin question on intonation.
  202. KoAlana Soprano Soundboard Seam
  203. How can this happen??
  204. Swapping out Tuning Machines
  205. Crack on edge of neck
  206. Guadalupe Strings on a Reso?
  207. Dead sounding C string
  208. Repair Shop in Toronto
  209. How soon should I expect problems?
  210. Advice on adjusting Banjo Uke pls
  211. help - weird problem Worth strings?
  212. Koaloha nut adjustment
  213. Kamaka Pineapple Loose Bridge
  214. Installing Mi-Si pickup on my Pono ATDC
  215. Problem with new Kanile'a K1 (leak, photo attached)
  216. Is it okay to tighten screw in back of headstock?
  217. Buzzing on open string
  218. Newish Vox AGA4 Acoustic Tube Amp
  219. Bone nut and saddle on a laminate ukulele?
  220. Which Titebond Product best To Repair Soundboard Crack
  221. filing nut slot down
  222. Neck Grain Line Question
  223. Side and back repairs - Vintage Martin Style 1
  224. Changing tuning keys on Kala 8-string tenor
  225. Cordoba 20TM-CE electronics issue
  226. Roland AC-33: problem with XLR connection
  227. could a bead have fixed my string buzz?
  228. Swapping out tuning keys on a cheap Lanikai
  229. Soundboard AND undersaddle pick up?
  230. Loose bracing?
  231. Eleuke "Buzzing" noise when strumming (with spectrogram and sound sample)
  232. Bridge buzzes only when strumming C string in the first 1-6 frets
  233. Protecting gloss finish/pickguard
  234. Passive pickup... huh?
  235. Chewed Up Knotted Bridge: Fix?
  236. What Strings These?
  237. off the wall question...
  238. RISA Tenor advice please
  239. not very technical, but....
  240. How to fix fretboard ware?
  241. Acoustic Electric Uke Problem- Help Needed
  242. Harmonics not matching
  243. what strings
  244. Top popped off my kamaka!
  245. polishing finish
  246. A good set-up tech on Oahu Hawaii??
  247. What type PONO Gloss
  248. lemon oil
  249. removing strum marks from Kamaka
  250. Kamaka Question