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  1. Refinishing a nitrocellulose lacquer finish?
  2. head for Gibson UB
  3. Tuning Gears Vintage Martin Tenor
  4. "A" string snapping on Gretch Tenor
  5. Got any ebony scraps?
  6. G string rattle.
  7. Mystery Concert Ukulele
  8. Martin C1K satin finish...
  9. "A" buzz
  10. hi g to lo G conversion
  11. Changing strings on a uke that has an 8 hole bridge
  12. Loose brace and sinking top
  13. My Kala Concert Travel Uke has issues!
  14. Martin Soprano uke stringing
  15. question concerning the "correct" Guilele strings
  16. Buzz at specific frequency/note on baritone
  17. Peghead tuners
  18. Making the bezel(?) flat
  19. dead and flat: is it me or the uke?
  20. Broke a tuner on my 2008 Kamaka Concert Uke...what to do?
  21. Uke looks better, but not really
  22. Lanakai 8 String Ukulele Tinny Sounding - Replace Bridge?
  23. Treholipee Uke Restoration
  24. strings rising in pitch?
  25. Changing the fretboard
  26. Binding Yellowed?
  27. Concert ukulele fretboard
  28. AXL Friction Tuners
  29. Strings snapping on new low G tenor Fluke
  30. Kamaka pineapple, please help!
  31. Most durable wood?
  32. Oops, what have I done ?
  33. Fading Fretboard
  34. A string snapped ... gouges in frets ... soprano Flea
  35. Adapting existing holes for UST for baggs element
  36. Best glue (ing) for bridges?
  37. Minimizing the look of Strum Marks on a Solid Mahogany soundboard
  38. Problem with C String
  39. I'iwi ukulele ,sticky neck - what finish type is on here
  40. Ways to improve sound on a heavily built ukulele?
  41. Is There a Halfway Decent Combination Instrument/Vocal Mic?
  42. Advice needed-removing bad refinishing
  43. My Ukulele is tuned but wont play any chords correctly??
  44. unbalanced sound on Kala ukulele banjo
  45. Fretboard getting 'smudged'
  46. Busted A string on my Vintage Martin Tenor...... Help
  47. islander concert saddle problem
  48. Tools for tab making reccommendations wanted
  49. A string buzz
  50. refretting a ukulele
  51. Tenor guitar tuning
  52. Soundboard Wood Changing Color
  53. Straightening a corkscrew neck
  54. Mahogany or Koa?
  55. removing the bridge
  56. looser tuner when unwinding
  57. Need help choosing pickup for new Pono Uke
  58. Bridge issue in new uke
  59. E string tuned perfectly, all notes sharp
  60. Pickup for Kala Pocket Travel Uke?
  61. Sustain of vintage banjo ukulele?
  62. Yamaha GL1 Guitalele
  63. How low is low?
  64. Ukulele high G string goes out of tune when pressed
  65. Too many wraps on tuner post?
  66. Is it OK to put a guitar D string on a baritone?
  67. I think I'm fed up
  68. iUke strings on a sopranino?
  69. 7th fret of A string ???
  70. String question
  71. Set up ?
  72. Is this a "real" Pono?
  73. Lazy or what
  74. Looking for ideal Kona Blaster string gauges.
  75. Vintage Banjo-Ukulele, seems nice but...
  76. Crack repair near San jose
  77. Fixing an old Regal made soprano
  78. New Girl, New Banjolele, New Steel Strings?
  79. tuner test: Presonus Studio One vs. Snark
  80. Guide bushings problem with new Kala
  81. Old Banjolele Fretboard Restoration Advice
  82. How even do the frets have to be to avoid buzzing?
  83. how to straighten the neck of a plastic uke?
  84. Baritone high string help
  85. Inherited very special Uke...now what?
  86. Could I have messed up my tuners?
  87. Buzzing when change strings from Aquila to worth clear
  88. new ukulele tuning problems.
  89. Favilla Baritone Tuning pegs
  90. How to Tune a Baritone EADG
  91. Buzz on a Baritone
  92. Buzz on Tenor Uke
  93. Fishman kula Preamp help
  94. tenor uke tone
  95. Stiff Tuner
  96. Warping top on my Lag Uke??
  97. Changing nut and saddle
  98. How to check setup on a ukulele?
  99. pick up questions
  100. DIY humidifier tutorial
  101. make my neck thicker?!?
  102. Any problems with Planet Waves American Stage cable?
  103. Need advice on which glue to use for bridge re-glue
  104. Is Set Up really necessary on the expensive model ?
  105. Are Flourocarbon strings just fishing line?
  106. Wall hanger for Uke
  107. Ukulele Banjo Head Tension
  108. I need to send this back right?
  109. i need some help please
  110. Pickup with passive tone and volume control
  111. Tenor Euke (Córdoba ) intonation issue
  112. Bone Saddle Upgrade(?) on Clara
  113. soundboard transducer v under saddle pickup
  114. String buzzing on Yamaha GL-1
  115. Soprano bridge damage
  116. Fret damaging wound string (I think)
  117. Tools for fretwork
  118. Strings are too high and it's uncomfortable to play higher notes
  119. Does an under saddle pickup degrade the sound?
  120. Nut on the Islander AS-4
  121. Electric steel string tenor uke
  122. Nut glue
  123. Does laminate vs. solid body make a lot of difference in SOUND if plugged in?
  124. Added a Preamp/Tuner/Pickup today
  125. Live Looping with a Roland AC33
  126. Tracing down a small but annoying buzz (loose brace?)
  127. raised 12th fret
  128. Super weird String Buzzing
  129. Installing Aquilla red low G string.
  130. Buzzing and cracks on fretboard
  131. Which electronics for the Pono?
  132. What glue is best?
  133. Buzzing with new strings
  134. Fishman Kula pickup problem
  135. finish crack
  136. Replacing a pick up.
  137. Banjo Uke Repair Project
  138. Can I save this to a folder?
  139. What pickup for a less expensive gigging ukulele?
  140. Werco Pegs
  141. String Buzzing mystery
  142. String Hole Plugged
  143. Ohana TK-35-10 Tiple Setup
  144. Raising action ?
  145. kamaka tenor white lable need original friction tuners
  146. Kamoa E5 Tenor with "dip" in sound board
  147. fret leveling
  148. Changing String Sizes
  149. Tilting bridge on Gretsch G9100-L
  150. How common are cracked/split braces?
  151. How well do Fremont Blacklines hold tune?
  152. Harmony Baritone: a few cracks, a tuner issue
  153. One that didn't work out
  154. Thomastick/Enfield wound strings
  155. Restringing my Kamaka
  156. Recording you ukulele chords
  157. humidification for banjoleles?
  158. "Plunky" B and C Notes w/Little Sustain
  159. Adding a Bridge Plate to a Gretsch G9100-L
  160. Annoying buzz
  161. Soprano Uke/Dolphin Help
  162. Restoring a Martin 1
  163. Restoring an old "Regal?"
  164. Lanikai 21c fret issue
  165. Slight Lifting of Bridge
  166. Microphones for busking?
  167. What Model Baritone Martin is This?
  168. Ping ukulele friction tuners
  169. I just bought my new solid spruce top ukulele and something happen.
  170. george formby registered banjolele
  171. Replacement Low-A string for 6-string tenor?
  172. Trying to Re-String, With Strings I've Never Seen Before
  173. Broken neck help
  174. Smoothing Fret Ends
  175. G string as a A string?
  176. How to string an 8 string?
  177. Strange banjo uke problem...
  178. Buzz only only the first fret of 2nd and 3rd string
  179. Ukulele maintenance question - fret board has whitish bits
  180. Couple of naive baritone questions
  181. Stagg US10 Strings feel loose and buzzing
  182. Intonation flat on one string moving up the fretboard
  183. Warped/undulating top, revealing gaps under the bridge
  184. Intonation sharp with floating bridge
  185. FIxing neck issues
  186. Strap button installation woes: think before drilling
  187. Strap button on a Flea?
  188. My new "first uke" rattles. Now what?
  189. Changing Jack to strap button?
  190. How to use Baritone strings on a Soprano Uke
  191. martin oxk fix?
  192. Help . is this the crack from humidity ?
  193. Cigar Box Uke String Changing
  194. RMC/Synth Pickups
  195. Somewhat sloppy gloss finish - any remedy?
  196. Removing Pegheds
  197. Tuners to replace Gotoh UPTs
  198. new uke tigh and quite
  199. New finish?
  200. Replacing machine-head tuners with peg tuners
  201. New Oscar Schmidt OU8TLCE with bum tuning peg
  202. kala archtop pop/distortion issue
  203. replacing missing fret markers
  204. Bridge cutout too small for low g
  205. Uke Pickups
  206. Open Geared Tuners for Oscar Schmidt
  207. what do i do about this crack?
  208. setting up banjolele
  209. Nut String Depth
  210. Another Bruko 6 Action Adjustment Thread
  211. different type of bridge
  212. String 2 fret 3 makes annoying noise when muted
  213. side sound port & LR BAGGS
  214. Intonation Problem
  215. Kamaka Tenor tuners
  216. Roland GK3 or GK3b for ukes
  217. Removing nut?
  218. Pickup Installation Near Long Beach / Orange County, CA?
  219. Replacing the bridge on a Arthur Godfrey [Vega] De Luxe Solo-Lute ?
  220. New Zero Glide Web Page from Goldtone
  221. Breaking tuner buttons on RISA solid tenor
  222. Soprano Uke Wound C String Options
  223. Help! Mya Moe with a spruce top developing a crease
  224. Need Advice on getting a repair
  225. 2 bari ukes - on both: #4 string pops in just a couple weeks
  226. Should These Tenors with Pickups Sound That Different?
  227. Buzzing from the body whenever a F4 note is played
  228. Intonation - strings flat at 12th
  229. KoAloha Super Concert: Concert Strings or Tenor Strings?
  230. Makala MK-SN
  231. Help - can't tune up my new-old Silvertone Baritone
  232. Cleaning Koa / Morado Fretboard
  233. Vinyl Fret Markers
  234. Gretsch Tenor G9121 Body Buzzing
  235. Loose connection (??) on Acoustic Electric Ukulele?
  236. Old Martin WW2 Era ?
  237. Help! I am not sure whether my kamaka is fake:(
  238. Filling nut slots
  239. Lowering action with a compisated saddle
  240. Problem with a tuner on my Pono RTSH-PC-C
  241. Parlor guitar as steel string uke?
  242. Pure Blasphemy!Geared Tuners-Fluke & Flea-installed-photos & explanations
  243. Tenor set up on a maccaferri plastic baritone
  244. Low g problem
  245. Aquila Banjo Strings
  246. Gibson fretboard question, what would you do.
  247. Wood and oils
  248. Gotoh Planetary Tuners Replacement Buttons?
  249. Issues with intonation - Ohana SK-38
  250. Adjust nut or saddle first?