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  1. Question about removing a horrible refin job
  2. Removing cobwebs and dust, inside the uke
  3. Dead notes on Pono Tenor Ukulele
  4. Under saddle pickup installation. New saddle?
  5. Kamaka Tenor Fret Wire Size
  6. What kind of intonation is realistic for a $300 concert?
  7. steel strings
  8. Adding a Scoop to Banjo Uke?
  9. Strange phenomena
  10. Pono truss rod?
  11. Looking For Specific Info On String Gauges For Wound C - Concert Scale
  12. Fret width on a long neck tenor
  13. Q1:Fix low G problem? Q2:Equal temperament tuning?
  14. Altering string spacing at bridge
  15. Lower action question
  16. Best place to buy a replacement saddle for Pono MTD?
  17. Squeeky strings
  18. Tuner Replacement on a vintage Kamaka
  19. replace Pegheads with friction?
  20. sandpaper to use for a bone saddle.
  21. Shimabukuro-sounding uke w/ only beginner money(& have to start w/ nylon strings-r.a)
  22. Intonation advice!
  23. Help! Need to amplify but HATE the sound!
  24. Kamaka Repair ?
  25. Risa LP through Acoustic amp????
  26. Neck Angle ??
  27. Humidification for a Martin 3K
  28. Internal Microphone pick-up?
  29. Can You Color Clear Ukulele Strings?
  30. Problematic friction tuners
  31. Bruko Nut Buzz Please Help !
  32. What can I string a ukulele with ? :)
  33. Technical tuner question
  34. Intonation question (fret position)
  35. A nicely rounded backside
  36. Costs reset soprano neck
  37. Intonation Sharp with Steel Strings
  38. K&K External Uke Pickup ..... who's tried one?
  39. Clearwater ABS Plastic Concert Uke
  40. New buzz
  41. Vintage bari issues
  42. How to lower action?
  43. K&K aloha in a Ohana TK35G
  44. Bone saddle position?
  45. How serious is this problem?
  46. 4 string banjo tailpiece on a banjo uke
  47. Removing old non-mushroom shaped frets
  48. Kerfing Question
  49. Where can I get ebony bridge pins for ukuleles?
  50. Replacement Tuners for 1920s Martin Uke
  51. Hard Shell case for Koaloha- keep the humidity in. Recommendations please :-)
  52. Wax over French Polish ?
  53. Securing the strap.
  54. Vorson steel string electric, quiet A string when amped
  55. Bar Type Cello Pickup for Uke?
  56. Sharpening stones
  57. What Steel String Set for Chicago Tuning on a Short Scale Tenor Guitar?
  58. Anyone Install a 4-string Hardtail Bridge/Saddle on a Uke?
  59. Solid body uke electronics
  60. Saddle height of a re-entrant uke: uniform for all strings?
  61. Ip rating
  62. Strap Button
  63. Measuring humidity
  64. Care and Life of PreAmp Battery
  65. Frets too rough?
  66. The Return of the Buzzzzzzz
  67. About hollow Bridge
  68. Piezo disc pickup squeals and sounds tinny
  69. Vintage Mele Uke need a bridge
  70. Saddle problem
  71. wound string question
  72. Source for Kluson style friction tuners ???
  73. Islander Ternor Sa-4-t broken peg tuner
  74. BanjoUke Sidekick string breakages
  75. Problem with the 4th string
  76. Sharp string when fretted on 1st fret?
  77. Trying to change to low G on a Kala Concert
  78. Kala ASAC concert, bridge slanted
  79. Suitable thickness of skin for banjo ukulele
  80. Friction tuners
  81. Finishing a Uke?
  82. Fishman Kula question
  83. replaced nut on soprano uke
  84. Wire Buzz
  85. martin saddle
  86. Baritone to Bass
  87. Worn finish on new Martin 2K
  88. Electronic Gizmo To Make Uke Sound Like a Bass??
  89. Vintage Martin S0 1963+ finish becoming cloudy
  90. Lowering Action on a Makala MK-S
  91. String fit on Kamaka gold label soprano
  92. Intonation on new Teton STEU102 solid body tenor?
  93. Re-stringing
  94. String tension after lowering saddle height=nothing?
  95. Do you worry about dryness levels when it comes to your solid wood ukuleles?
  96. Godin Multiuke strings?
  97. Will intonation change in the days following restringing?
  98. Living Water Strings or PHD strings?
  99. Concert strings on tenor Uke ?
  100. Adding a strap button to a plastic uke?
  101. Pono changed hands...now buzzing
  102. Taylor Guitar Vs. Mainland Uke
  103. Oops! Put tap water in my humidifier
  104. Questions About String Tension
  105. Which strings for uke tuning on a Cavaquinho?
  106. Broken strings?
  107. Cordoba 15CM fret edges
  108. strap button position
  109. Marshall amp and a microphone.
  110. Glueing Fluke polycarbonate fretboard
  111. Ohana BK-20CE baritone owners?
  112. Fret replacement cost
  113. Spilled heavy cream on my Ukelele
  114. Strings on and off...
  115. Coming unglued!
  116. Project Baritone
  117. Loose pickup cables
  118. Bridge attachment question
  119. Nut replacement for a banjolele
  120. Vorson droning like the flanger is on
  121. Crack/chip in gloss veneer
  122. nut slot too deep fill up or whole new nut?
  123. Need advice on a repaired uke
  124. Mi-Si Chargers
  125. String fraying at 2nd fret on multiple ukes
  126. Kala KA-ASAC-T cracks, sound, strings and other stuffs
  127. Replacement tuners for old RISA stick (friction tuners)?
  128. Headstock cleaning and decal protection
  129. Advice on deep cleaning fretboard?
  130. Kala Waterman action adjustment - it is possible :)
  131. Out of tune on either fretted or open G?
  132. mark on ukulele
  133. Problem with a new ukulele
  134. Flat intonation with new strings
  135. Stringing Kala ASAC-S wrap bridge tie style
  136. Which hardshell case for Martin tenor??
  137. Electric Tenor nut width
  138. Trying to ID this uke
  139. Sheltone (?) Banjo-Uke needs some TLC!
  140. Kamaka Humidity, L.A.
  141. New to ukuleles
  142. Trying to ID this vintage banjo-uke
  143. Can this be used/fixed
  144. Kala archtop jack socket loose
  145. kala f hole uke, jack socket loose
  146. Where exactly to put the Feather?
  147. advice for pickup setup for percussive sounds from uke
  148. How can I tell?
  149. Uke strings came mixed up?
  150. Which pickup for my UL-4?
  151. Fret markers
  152. Lower the action on a Kamaka
  153. Uke maintenance
  154. Distorion in tone on tenor ukuelele
  155. Lifting finish on a Tanglewood TU9
  156. Help! Need to Replace Tuner for Slotted Headstock
  157. Need strings and peg for Harmony Classmate from 1940's
  158. Mi-Si Pickups - How Do They Work?
  159. How to remove nut ?
  160. Bending strings ?
  161. Pocket Uke - best strings for GCEA tuning?
  162. Live sound for our uke group
  163. KALA KA SMHCE C concert electro acoustic PICKUP PROBLEM?
  164. Buzzing Pono Baritone
  165. Baritone Uke necks
  166. Squeaky strings when finger plucking
  167. Brand new Opio, 3rd string is where music goes to die
  168. Vorson Electric Ukulele Pickups
  169. Peghead tuner not holding
  170. Please help on neck relief and break angle
  171. Recs for amateur guitar repair help site?
  172. Not very technical, but I found some do it yourself tips
  173. New Aqualele, a few Questions...
  174. Fixing a cheap uke's friction tuning pegs
  175. Please help ukulele nut
  176. L.R. Baggs Session DI Acoustic Preamp
  177. Larrivee soprano : bridge lifting?
  178. Remove old saddle
  179. Straightening a warped neck
  180. Best uke pickup under $200?
  181. Is there a resonator uke pickup - and what is the best ?
  182. Soprano Jack Position
  183. Can this ukulele be saved?
  184. String Tension Pro
  185. Gluing on a bridge
  186. bend of top board
  187. How to plug in XLR
  188. Low G on Concert Flea - Nut and Saddle Slot Sizing
  189. How to plug in my Ukulele
  190. Low G string going sharp
  191. Lowering the action on a Waterman
  192. Changing battery on Kala tenor
  193. Rough outer fret edges
  194. Another Intonation Thread
  195. Kamaka HF2 Concert Buzzing and Dead Notes
  196. Help Identifying Ukulele Type
  197. Measuring string heigth
  198. Material of the saddle, (choice of wood)?
  199. pickup for Kala longneck soprano
  200. Wrong strings
  201. Beginner's Toolkit Items?
  202. Improving action on a Lanikai LU22CGC Concert Ukulele
  203. Ohana Taropatch
  204. Booming Third String?
  205. Looking for a uke luthier in the greater Phoenix AZ area
  206. Ukulele Setup
  207. Weird tuning issue.
  208. Kanilea K1 Tenor Nut/Saddle spare
  209. FS: Ohana SK-35
  210. Modern Strings don't fit on my Gold Label Kamaka
  211. I Rig Acoustic
  212. I Rig Acoustic
  213. DIY endpin reamer
  214. changing the plastic head on a Werco banjolele
  215. Swapping tuners on KoAloha
  216. Booming C string
  217. Low G string for a concert?
  218. tinny soprano
  219. Buzzing in two frets only.
  220. Emergency C string
  221. Bamboo Coffee Stirrers
  222. Gotoh Planetary Tuners on Kamaka
  223. G String (Wound) is digging into the saddle
  224. UH-OH! Amp not working
  225. Finish on Chinese ukes
  226. Uke Strap Install for National Resonator?
  227. Silly little thing...
  228. Re-attaching K & K Aloha Twin Pickups?
  229. Friction Peg Tuner Adjustment
  230. Changing from metal to nylon strings
  231. Tenor Uke with Bridge Pins...
  232. Pickup problem
  233. On Board amp and a speaker.
  234. Possible bridge problem on new Bruko?
  235. lowering action for the NUB
  236. Kanilea spare parts?
  237. Help with live recording
  238. Strings for stiffer action?
  239. Islander MT-4 glued nut removal
  240. First wound string change
  241. Baritone Tuning
  242. Satin Finish Turning Glossy. Can It Be Reversed?
  243. EQ settings ?
  244. Worn out bridge/saddle slot
  245. Replacing Tuners on 1950s Martin Tenor
  246. Does this saddle look correct?
  247. Ukulele not working with amp
  248. Sympathetic Buzz
  249. Neck re-set on a MayBell uke
  250. Fluke Uke Bridge Gluing splintered top