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  1. I need help with "a" string
  2. another buzzing predicament...
  3. uke is breaking.
  4. Buzzing C string
  5. Uke having tuning issues?
  6. HELP -> Flea Friction Tuners Damaging the Headstock?
  7. Raising Action @ Nut - Tip
  8. String Vibration Problems
  9. Tuning - tuning peg screws
  10. ORCAS - still stretching?
  11. String problem
  12. kala pickup trouble
  13. Soundboard buzz???
  14. Repair
  15. Buzzing on String Instruments: Causes and Cures
  16. Fret popping up?
  17. Help how do I fix
  18. Low G tenor
  19. Kala ka-asmt-e-c
  20. Name of a part
  21. Size vs. Sound Quality
  22. How to plug in a uke into a comp...
  23. Need help with C string tuning issue.
  24. New Strings
  25. Low G String sets /Non-Wound
  26. Synthetic bone or tusq?
  27. Pick Guard
  28. fixing intonation after replacing nut
  29. Shadow pickup battery case thing
  30. how to string with bridge pins?
  31. Fixing an Ovation Soprano Applause
  32. Bari action height question
  33. How to cut a nut (for idiots)
  34. A buzz that REALLY wont go away!!!
  35. anyone have a kala ka-te tenor? stings?
  36. help with uke finish.
  37. Cleaning Polish????
  38. Where do you learn this stuff?
  39. Ghettofied Lutherie Part II: Intonation Fix
  40. C-string, flat and bassy?
  41. I Hate Sharp Frets... Normal? How to Fix?
  42. Kamaka accuracy?
  43. Loose Friction Tuner.
  44. How do Passive Pickups work?
  45. help
  46. string change
  47. Soprano Strings
  48. KoAloha buzzing problem.. PLEASE HELP!
  49. lowering action
  50. what wood is best?
  51. What kind of strings do Kalas come with?
  52. this question may be my undoing
  53. C-String buzz with nylon strings
  54. New Strings for KALA KA-SLNG
  55. Aquilas buzz, ddadarios dont?
  56. How do you clean/maintain your uke?
  57. Dull Spots On My Strings
  58. kanile'a buzzing problem
  59. is it bad to leave your uke in a hot car all day?
  60. Power tab tutorial / help!
  61. steel strings for uke?
  62. Uke Maintenance & Care
  63. Wound strings wear through quickly
  64. Non-battery amps
  65. Relative string tensions
  66. Eleuke neck relief
  67. Left handed uke help
  68. A problem with my Ovation Applause
  69. A string buzz
  70. Strings for tenor
  71. banjolin to an 8 string banjolele?
  72. question about tenor
  73. Best strings for a Flea
  74. c string weird on new uke.
  75. Tuner Pegs for Dixie Banjo Uke
  76. String Tensions, What the Heck?
  77. Kanile'a bridge question....
  78. WTF is wrong with my uke?
  79. Changing strings on a Risa solid: especially difficult, or is it just me?
  80. KA-ASMT bridge
  81. uke strings
  82. ukulele buzzing because of wires
  83. String set for super soprano
  84. Onboard tuners????
  85. amplification Problem
  86. Need to get a pickup in a hurry
  87. Classical Guitar strings on a uke.
  88. new question
  89. Classical Guitar Strings on a 6 and 8 string tenor
  90. Installing active pickup on Ohana Vita?
  91. Undersaddle Passive Pickup and Saddle Problem - Please Help
  92. Strings on your Honu
  93. Best pickup for a Bushman Tenor??
  94. newbie replacing vintage friction tuners - help!
  95. Problems staying in tune
  96. Vibrating ukulele?
  97. Kala, Kala, Kala!
  98. tuning, and paranoia.
  99. Changing Strings..
  100. Getting oil off my ukulele?
  101. problems with trying to pimp my uke...
  102. Martin Baritone
  103. Make a Baritone...
  104. What's the correct height of Ukulele Strings???
  105. Fret Ends
  106. Wound strings and Eleukes
  107. MGM's stringing?
  108. Advice on Banjo uke, making slots bigger on bridge.
  109. C string buzz
  110. Bridge Pin Problem
  111. Microphones and PCs
  112. Low G buzz
  113. Fret popping out?
  114. Changing knobs on Eleuke ?
  115. High E
  116. E string buzz
  117. Changing strings....
  118. metallic sound on the first and second fret of my A string
  119. My Fluke's frets are worn out
  120. My Uke is getting dull
  121. Problem with my new flea =(
  122. What is the nut width?
  123. Pickup not picking up?!?!
  124. problem with tuning pegs
  125. Serious Problem
  126. Tenor string height?
  127. guitar strings for baritone?
  128. Replacing the nut?
  129. microphones etc
  130. Which pickup to get installed if you have the choice?!
  131. Restringing soprano uke for tuning by 5ths
  132. Ideas for Leaving Ukes in Cars
  133. Broken uke :( Help
  134. how much should a bridge re-gluing cost?
  135. planetary tuner problem
  136. Passive Pickup, Is a preamp necessary?
  137. Touchscreen Protector as Clear Pickguard?
  138. action too high?
  139. hue webcam
  140. Wooden friction tuner issues
  141. Geared tuner sound!!!
  142. Bruko action adjustment?
  143. uke not staying in tune
  144. Nut Problem
  145. Amplification Basics for Uke: Pickups, Mics, Preamps, Amps, Feedback
  146. Curing Percussive "Thud" When Picking/Strumming
  147. Tuning peg question
  148. Replacing Tuning Hardware
  149. Loose/Wobbly peg or tuner
  150. Fretboard needs help!
  151. Slightly loose fret: Do it myself?
  152. Changing Fluke to Low G
  153. weak output: Shadow pickup
  154. tennessee electric uke
  155. how many winds on the post?
  156. drilling hole for strap peg?
  157. Misc Questions: Strings, Dull notes, Intonation
  158. back panel busting out of eleuke
  159. Fret Buzzing
  160. How long to warp?
  161. Affixing Hygrometer Inside Case
  162. So, I got my new OU5DL. G sounds strange
  163. LaminX to Protect Uke?
  164. Dessicant
  165. Tuner knobs keep on turning on its own!?
  166. Amp help for acoustic uke
  167. Stop The Feedback!
  168. strange buzzing sound on the E string
  169. Dry fretboard!
  170. Buzz on the first frets
  171. Strange Saddle
  172. replacement tuning pegs
  173. Ohana Soprano is too sharp!
  174. Repair in Manhattan?
  175. 20 percent humidity! Now what?
  176. Filing the Bridge Slot
  177. Breaking in a new uke
  178. Classical guitar G string?
  179. Pono PTEC-CE buzzing
  180. Can I wipe my uke with
  181. mainland - wonky bridge
  182. Ukulele intonation
  183. Loose C String
  184. O Kay?
  185. How to change strings on a Big Island HONU
  186. Why does it do this?
  187. Screwdriver set?
  188. Friction tuners - how tight
  189. Buzzing after a setup
  190. Uke, YouTube, and Mac Question
  191. Glass bead ball ends
  192. modify bridge-compensate for high action
  193. How often
  194. New baritone strings snapped, want clarification.
  195. pick up problems
  196. Notes get sharp as I go higher.
  197. lowering strings
  198. pickup question
  199. Fret popping up - Fix it or return it?
  200. anyone know about software loop stations.
  201. Problems keep in tune at start, is it the strings?
  202. Bad intonation
  203. Kamaka intonation
  204. Banjolele strap
  205. strange intonation issues on a cheap Mahalo...
  206. Uke Saddle/Nut Material
  207. Strings stretched, loosened then stretched..
  208. KoAloha bridge
  209. Is it the bridge or is it me?
  210. Distortion?
  211. out of tune uke: do I need new strings or a new uke?
  212. Re-Stringing Question
  213. Best way to paint a fluke?
  214. A and G strings sound exactly the same?
  215. can some one tell me about this uku?
  216. banjolele planetary tuning pegs?
  217. Lanikai LU-21p bad intonation on the third string
  218. Will the buzz go away?
  219. Pickup question
  220. Tuning/Intonation experiment/cure: (String winding)
  221. Sand the saddle?
  222. Koaloha Set Up
  223. Brand new Pono, changed strings & now a buzz
  224. Humidity Question
  225. Kala saddle pre-shimmed?
  226. Problem Tuning ukelele...
  227. Not A Fan of "Low Set Ups"
  228. Knots.........what knots
  229. How often should I change my strings?
  230. Help with buzz diagnosis...
  231. Frozen Uke! Watch out for finish damage!
  232. Sticky Neck--yuck
  233. Buzz on C-String
  234. Tuning device Cherub Uke Mate
  235. Weird tuning problem...
  236. please help, buzz in open pick still after string change
  237. Newbie questions for getting started, please help.
  238. Add pickup with tone controls
  239. re: improving stock Cordoba 25CD uke
  240. what to do with rough frets?
  241. Woud a Mi-Si fit on Kala Soprano travel uke (thin body)?
  242. Buzzing sound
  243. fretboard comnig unglued :(
  244. installing a new saddle
  245. Tuning problem with Cordoba La Playa Tenor
  246. Rehumidifying a Ukulele .... Would this Work?
  247. Electric set up
  248. Ukulele being untuned quickly.
  249. weird makala problem
  250. Are the older Kamaka Soprano saddles removable from the bridge??