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  1. 2nd Montreal Uke Grand Prix Contest Results!!!
  2. Eleuke's 60 Second Testimonial Tshirt Giveaway
  3. An all girl uke contest would work?
  4. I need YOUR help fellow ukers!
  5. Open Disney Song Contest
  6. Simple design competition - win a baseball cap / tshirt
  7. Contest to win a ukulele book
  8. Mellow out the Classic Rock contest
  9. WIN a Ukestar ukulele strap
  10. animated character and Ukulele
  11. Contest: Healing Powers of the Uke for Musicguymic
  12. Win my Kala solid acacia pocket uke!
  13. Ballad of Ozombie Bin Laden contest
  14. Uke theme song contest!
  15. The 2nd Annual "Win A Caricature By Uncle E To Help Andy's Summer Program" Auction!
  16. I need people to like me, please help
  17. Name My Next Album CONTEST
  18. The KIVA Cup, Ukulele Players United to Decrease World Suck Challenge
  20. have uke -need prize?
  21. Eugene's "IDIOT BOX BONANZA"
  22. WIN 2 tickets for Jake's show at San Diego
  23. Ed's Teaching 'Crazy G' Contest
  24. Find the classic love songs, win a Makala Tenor mk-t
  25. Making Music Magazine: Ohana Ukulele Contest!
  26. Kenny and the Jenny Contest
  27. Pledge $20 on my Kickstarter and be entered to win a Kala Tenor Ukulele
  28. Official UU "Ambassadors of Ukulele" Give-Away Contest! (Win a KoAloha Tenor!)
  29. UKULELE GODSPELL contest
  30. KoAloha Trading Card Contest
  31. Name My Theme
  32. UkePunk T-shirt giveaway Comp.
  33. Win a Krabman Mask - Play-along Contest
  34. Two Chord Song Contest!
  35. 2 sets of strings - guess a number
  36. Mim's Give 'em the Old RAZZLE DAZZLE for a Makai Contest!
  37. Kala Design a Ukadelic Contest
  38. Free competition - win a copy of my uke book
  39. Guess a Number Contest - Again
  40. Ukulele godspell contest winner is:
  41. Ukulele Design Contest
  42. Eugene Ukulele doesn't know it.
  43. Ukudaily.co.uk Christmas Podcast Contest!
  44. The Mr. Moonlight Uke Sticker Design Contest!!!!
  45. HKM Spring Battle 2012 - High School
  46. Fao eugene ukulele
  47. Eddy Finn Ukulele Hotline
  48. Free NAMM Show Tickets - a simple competition
  49. Join KIVA and win a Mainland
  50. NAMM ticket winners
  51. Ukudaily.co.uk Christmas Ukulele Podcast Competion - Results!
  52. Ukeeku.com Going Acoustic Video Challenge
  53. Funny photo contest - win one of 5 copies of my ukulele ebook
  54. To Contest Holders
  55. 2-Chord Song Contest, D & A7, from UkulelePlay.com
  56. UU Contests Section Rules
  57. Ukudaily.co.uk Spring Ukulele Contest - Closing Date 15th April
  58. Dktoller's Summer Beverage Contest
  59. Fingerpicking blues tutorials
  60. UkulelePlay.com Picking Prowess Video Contest
  61. Moku Ukulele Giveaway Contest !
  62. Chance to Win a Dominator Tenor Ukulele
  63. Utah: Open Mic Contest - 1st Prize Custom Tenor MP Ukulele valued at $985
  64. Reply to this thread within 48hrs for a chance to win a uke strap
  65. Take Me Out To The Ballgame
  66. Year 2 of the Seasons of the Ukulele?
  67. Royal/Ball Pythons
  68. Funny/Scary Halloween Song Contest 10/13-31/12
  69. What is your recording setup?
  70. UU All Star Ukulele Give Away
  71. The Official Dominator Tenor Ukulele - Giveaway - 2012
  72. FREE UKE 4 A KID contest!
  73. Dominator Tenor Giveaway - Winner Announcement
  74. What to Give Away in a UU COntest
  75. Long Time No See Giveaway Contest (Firefly Banjo-Uke)
  76. Ukulele Underground Day Theme Song Contest!!!!!!
  77. UUser Choice Awards 2012 Announcement
  78. Eugene & Eugenie's Christmas Song CONTEST
  79. Eat. Sleep. Play. Contest!
  80. Knock-off CONTEST!
  81. January Showcase Challenge
  82. Please VOTE for my band in the SAFE AUTO "Do the Jingle" Contest
  83. Shopping with the Eller Family in the Bush
  84. a new type of UU challenge...open to all!
  85. Ukulele Threads "I Need a T-Shirt" Contest!
  86. Waltzing Matilda - Come On!
  87. February Showcase Challenge
  88. Your Best February Video
  89. Favorite Jam
  90. Show us your pineapple(s) contest!
  91. An Original Easter Song Challenge
  92. HMS Contest
  93. Win a yellow Dolphin! (fun song contest)
  94. Your ONE best video for March 2013
  95. Children's Songs
  96. Little help please?
  97. eugene's "25 WORDS OR LESS" contest
  98. The Baron's Ukulele Blues Battle - win a Martin Backpacker
  99. Win a Lanikai pineapple! 50's Rock and Roll!
  100. Uke'n For a Cure!
  101. You ONE best for April.
  102. Your ONE best for May.
  103. Your ONE best for June.
  104. Your ONE best of July 2013
  105. Ukulele Underground Forum Rules
  106. Your Best One For August
  107. How and where to submit photographs for online contests?
  108. Your ONE best for September
  109. Your one best from October 2013
  110. Christmas on 34th Street Video Contest : 'Outdoor Ukulele' as First Prize
  111. Your Best Music Video From November 2013.
  112. Virtual Uke Ensemble & Songwriting Contest
  113. Your Best From 2013.
  114. Ukulele Haiku Contest
  115. Grade School Ukulele Assembly Presentation
  116. Highlighted Tree Node Contest - Win strings!
  117. Beatles covers contest
  118. Bari me please!
  119. Youth 'Ukulele Contest in SF Bay Area
  120. 4 Track Challenge
  121. The 2nd Annual Kris Fuchigami Ukulele Contest!!
  122. Winter is coming: Spread the joy contest
  123. Original Christmas Song Competition.
  124. Just a basic ukulele giveaway
  125. Submit a song to accompany this photograph
  126. Win a Trip to Ft. Laud Uke Fest
  127. With a Little Help From My Friends
  128. CD-BT1MKII Portable CD Bass Guitar Trainer
  129. SOTU 219 - I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You
  130. A song.
  131. B Song
  132. A little c Song
  133. Songs listed by Key
  134. DOs and DON'Ts in D
  135. E is for the bluEs!
  136. Songs in the key of F
  137. Good songs in G.
  138. Any # Any b
  139. Who’s your “SHERO”? Honoring and Respecting the Rights of Women
  140. Sunday Morning Coming Down by Gary Country
  141. Free Bridge and Saddle
  142. 2 Sets of Strings
  143. The Non Standard Uke Thread
  144. Your best video of September 2017
  145. Official UU Contests are back! UU Parody Contest for OCT 2017!
  146. Original Christmas Song Competition
  147. WIN a Bohemian Oil-Can Ukulele..
  148. Win one of 3 Pineapple Ukuleles
  149. Can you tune a high g string up to C?
  150. Win a Mainland