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  1. How to make multi-track YouTube videos??
  2. USB Audio Interface for recording into Garageband or Audacity (M-Audio, Line6?)
  3. Loop Pedals
  4. what's everyone using to record?
  5. Microphone preamps
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  8. Let's All Work Together to Build a Budget Studio
  9. Welcome to the new subforum for Audio and Video related threads!
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  11. hearing yourself as you record
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  23. Want to get started recording audio w/ my uke
  24. Kanile'a/UU "Spread the Aloha" Ukulele Contest--SOFTWARE POLL
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  29. Line 6 Spider IV 15 W AMP
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  32. Home studio?
  33. Video Camera
  34. Where to plug an active amplied uke on a mixer?
  35. HD Video Camera
  36. Two mics for vocals and uke - recommendations on how to setup
  37. Recommendations?
  38. Down loading videos to you tube how is it done?
  39. Ugh >.< . Caan anyone pleease tell me how to make a video collage ?
  40. Zoom Q3HD
  41. Kristal Audio Engine - easy to use for multi-track recording and editing
  42. Condencer mics
  43. Hiss removal in cassette to CD transfer
  44. simple midi editor - suggestions?
  45. ART Tube MP or USB audio interface?
  46. Audacity Free Video Editing Software...Opinions?
  47. Video from Music Teacher - O tannenbaum
  48. Idea if you make videos with iPhone - for better audio
  49. Making better audio with iphone. . idea
  50. Making a multi-window multitrack video (How-to)
  51. Music Score Software
  52. Software suggestion for for burning video/audio at slower speed?
  53. How do I share my mp3 file on the forum?
  54. graphics card
  55. So I recently bought an eleuke.
  56. Need help from all you app-happy audio-videophiles (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  57. Some advice please
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  60. Break Even - The Script (COVER)
  61. Zoom Q3 or Kodak Zi8 with zoom mic or.....
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  63. Ok, first video attempt = really bad......
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  65. Question about the Zoom H2 as USB mic with Audacity
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  67. mic monitoring?
  68. How do I make a video like this?
  69. Video / audio advice please
  70. Cable in to iPad vs. Apogee Jam or Amplitube iRig
  71. Home recording
  72. Some Thoughts on Home Recording
  73. KarmaMic mini condenser
  74. album recorded in a classroom
  75. Lossless Collection.
  76. Audio
  77. HD camera + which retro mic?
  78. how to upload songs to 'soundcloud'
  79. Masking
  80. Green Day - She (ukulele&kazoo cover)
  81. What do you think??
  82. How Important is Reverb When Performing Live?
  83. Strange recording problem in Cakewalk Sonar 8...
  84. I REALLY want to know how to do this!
  85. Good headphones for a good price
  86. Picture in Picture
  87. Advice on good mic/camera for PC
  88. Recall for Audio-Technica AT2020 USB mic bag
  89. cracker - Teen Angst ....ukulele cover
  90. camcorder with external mic input?
  91. Do I understand right. USB Mic or interface?
  92. Problems uploading to you tube??
  93. recording equipment
  94. Mics for iPod Touch 4G
  95. Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball?
  96. What do you think of my first music video?
  97. active loudspeaker
  98. as anyone tried this microphone
  99. How do you make a playlist on utube?
  100. software and set up
  101. A video for my fellow sound engineers...
  102. free online course - Intro To Digital Sound Design - looks pretty good....
  103. Video Camera advice
  104. Editing Vocals
  105. Recording app for a tablet?
  106. Good webcam for youtube videos?
  107. Best Way to send video footage?
  108. Program for recording youtube video
  109. Audio Interface questions....
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  111. simple (cheap) performance setup
  112. Looking for feedback on Toshiba Camileo S40
  113. Power Tab Setup
  114. Help w/ YouTube/Google+ transition
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  116. Seeking advice on making videos for students - how, using what?
  117. making videos for the seasoniastas
  118. DI Box?
  119. Using a mixer in a home studio environment
  120. How to add tabs to videos?
  121. New Video Light Test (Setting up a small studio)
  122. Samson G-Track with an iPad
  123. mystery mic
  124. What software to buy?
  125. Syncing separate video and audio
  126. Video in Video
  127. What resources should I look for in a Windows machine for recording and video?
  128. Computers are dumb!
  129. Korg KR mini
  130. Anyone use a Digitech RP360?
  131. Apps for an Android tablet?
  132. Zoom h4n
  133. MXL 910 condenser mic
  134. USB Microphone behaving differently depending on what port it is plugged into?!
  135. Need advice on Projector/Screen
  136. I need assistance with webcam
  137. Advice needed re: microphone and acoustic pickup for live performance
  138. Small Light Speakers for gigs
  139. Recorder recommendations?
  140. A blend of fitness and music – rhythm ring
  141. Mixer Recommendations
  142. Mic & Headphone recommendations for home project studio
  143. What are tracks?
  144. IPad iPhone Combination?
  145. Free Video Editing Software for PC (PowerDirector 12 LE) - today only
  146. Attn: Booli; T-amp interface
  147. Amp modeling recommendations for iPad Air 2?
  148. In need of musician to make clean professional recordings of my songs, can you help?
  149. Recording with Zoom H2, Windows 8.1 and Audacity
  150. What camera should I get?
  151. Mic and software recommendations for recording with iPad
  152. guitar center daily deal mxl v250 mic
  153. Using an external stereo mic on an iPad
  154. Apogee one/iphone-ipad and filmmic pro?
  155. NEW: iRig Acoustic Stage-$99
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  157. Fishman Loudbox Mini ?
  158. Recording with Linux - KXStudio
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  160. Help with Video Posts on U U
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  168. Mixer, preamp, transducer questions by a newbie to such things... HELP!
  169. Sound engineer ?
  170. Adding additional audio tracks to a video?
  171. External preamp for a K&K passive pickup
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  173. Boss AD-10 Acoustic pre amp
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  175. Focusrite 2i2 Bundle
  176. Recording with Blue Yeti
  177. Looper pedals - how useful?
  178. Audio recording: iPad vs Mac Book Pro
  179. Wireless Mic Frequencies no longer available
  180. Anybody recording Audio with DSLR?
  181. Fiddle Pick-up Question: Open to Source Pick-up for Magic Fluke Cricket Fiddle?
  182. iZotope Spire Studio
  183. Iphone microphone adjust sensivity? Application for selfie video with reverb effect?
  184. Upgrade from Audacity - Windows
  185. Opinions on Samson Meteor USB Mic
  186. Music recording in iPad?
  187. iPad video recording and playing backing track at same time
  188. Collaborations
  189. Voice and electric uke through mixer
  190. Recording using Audacity
  191. J4T 4 track recorder for Android
  192. Post and share about your pedal boards you use with your ukulele's.
  193. Simplest audio mastering for video?
  194. What You Must Know About Free Ringtones
  195. External microphone for Android
  196. A question for Seasonistas - re: USB mics