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  1. Anyone know any fun finger picking tabs for kids
  2. MacGyver theme tab?
  3. Endless Summer
  4. South City Midnight Lady - Doobies
  5. Seeking standard C-tuned uke equivilants for three slash-chords
  6. Nelly - Hey Porsche
  7. Tabs Request for "Just the way you are"
  8. Mon Tues Wed .... I love You - Anyone got the lyrics & chords?
  9. Lara's theme from Dr Zhivago
  10. Jack and Jill by Katie Herzig...I'm NEW! Please help!
  11. Tweeners
  12. Country Roads Tabs? Rhythm and Melody
  13. Help with The Boxer strumming pattern
  14. Instrumental solo tabs
  15. Need intro & bridge for Iris Dement's Our Town
  16. Need some help finding some songs.
  17. Private song lesson from Aldrine
  18. Let 'Em In, Wings
  19. Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line by Jimmie Rodgers (1933)
  20. Meant to Be - Squirrel Nut Zippers
  21. Jake Shimabukuro's Island Fever Blues
  22. feel the benefit 10cc
  23. My Muse - Sarah Jarosz
  24. Don't know what strings is this song using?
  25. How Bizarre by OMC chord help
  26. Original Song
  27. purple rain
  28. help for carly rose by ha'au crater boys tab
  29. I'll See You in C-U-B-A
  30. Hi'ilawe Ukulele TAB from The Descendants
  31. Long and Winding Road - Beatles
  32. strumming pattern help ?
  33. Sunset (sexy babies) stumming pattern ?
  34. Forever Young Youth Group
  35. Lyrics & Chords for "Honeymoon Hotel" by Dennis Kamakahi
  36. Looking for Lyrics and Chords to Honeymoon Hotel
  37. Hong Chen Ke Zhan - Jay Chou
  38. Ennio Morricone - The Misson
  39. Help with Drømde mig en drøm i nat
  40. variations of chords, from guitar to uke
  41. Bonzo Dog Band/Magical Mystery Tour
  42. "Perfect Holiday" by Smile
  43. 28 days later theme? ("in the house - in a heartbeat" by John murphy)
  44. Michelle (Beatles) how to play this version, it's great!
  45. Psychedelic ukulele
  46. Help with tab
  47. Can anyone play this song for me?
  48. Jazz chords for Killing Me Softly
  49. 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First', Michael Nyman. Anyone know where to find tabs?
  50. "Have you ever loved a woman" by Bryan Adams
  51. Summer Spur by fularepad (Looking for someone who likes a challenge!)
  52. John Dowland - Come Again
  53. 'Roses' Intro - Outkast
  54. Senorita - Justin Timberlake
  55. Chords for Blood red by Blackwolf
  56. Great melodies for solo ukulele
  57. Quiet Village?
  58. She Does My Heart Good, by Ron Sexsmith
  59. Mozart Lacrimosa
  60. Musica Poetica
  61. Father, I stretch my hands to Thee
  62. Thunder rolls by Garth Brooks tabs
  63. Waist deep in the big muddy tabs+chords?
  64. Roy Smeck arrangement of Rubinstein's Melody In F
  65. J-Cole - Power Trip
  66. Oh Tannenbaum/The Red Flag Chords
  67. Music Box by Jake Shimabukuro
  68. Question about a song
  69. Alex Chilton: Windows Hotel 1977 Elektra demo
  70. The Benny Hill Theme chords
  71. Strong as an oak, watsky.
  72. Kiss of Love
  73. Darn That Dream Cover by Alex Serra from Guitalele to Concert Uke
  74. Baritone uke songs
  75. Ode to a frozen boot-slow
  76. Victoria Vox - Let it Go
  77. Keep Me in Mind - Zac Brown Band
  78. CRSB-You and I picking
  79. turn on me by the shins strum help!
  80. Song suggestions?
  81. accomanying the uke with a tin whistle and/or melodica
  82. Cracklin' Rosie Intro Riff
  83. Walk Beside Me
  84. Take on Me help!
  85. Any tabs for Jake's Akaka Falls
  86. Riptide - Vance Joy
  87. Your Song Elton John
  88. There Are Strange Things Happening Every Day
  89. Victoria Vox Daffodil
  90. Good little girl
  91. "Fix you" by Coldplay (Kinna Grannis version)
  92. What Do I Do - Koauka
  93. Feel so Good by Chuck Mangione
  94. Brielle by Sky Sailing
  95. Changes in Latitudes - Jimmy Buffett
  96. Trevor Hall songs!
  97. Remebering songs with lyrics
  98. Transposing a Song
  99. About You from Cecelio and Kapono
  100. Can someone convert these guitar tabs?
  101. I Want You Back - Instrumental Tabs
  102. La Vie En Rose
  103. Johnny B Good! I need help!
  104. Japanese song HELP : Wasuremono
  105. Anyone Know This Song? PLEASE LOOK!
  106. Opihi Moe Moe
  107. Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills
  108. Chord Request, Beauty Remains: James Hill
  109. Scorpions - Send Me An Angel
  110. Pua Lilia Tabs?
  111. Help Improvising
  112. I'm yours Strumming Pattern
  113. Ain't no body got time for that.
  114. Strumming Pattern Help...
  115. I Still Believe by The Call (Michael Been)
  116. Blue Skies - xAcidxHeadx (youtube)
  117. Cotton Jenny by Gordon Lightfoot
  118. I believe in a thing called love- the darkness. Why has this not been covered much?!
  119. Looking for the lyrics
  120. Ian Dury - Common as Muck...anyone?
  121. The chorus of "Lochs of Dread" is so cool but I can't find tabs :(
  122. I need help to work out some chords!The Close Shave Ioscaid/Andy Irvine
  123. beethoven's 5th ukulele tab anyone?
  124. Chords to Song called Sincerely
  125. Piano Forte Violin and Ukulele Duet Help
  126. Samolestack Lightnin'
  127. Twenty One Pilots
  128. Anybody know what song this is?
  129. Up Around The Bend (John Fogerty - CCR) Intro Riff
  130. ..and the band played waltzing matilda
  131. Ukulele Ike/Cliff Edwards Somebody Loves Me Chords
  132. Iz's The Fly Intro
  133. Suggestions for easy songs
  134. Song to the sea
  135. Drop N' Harmony - Sexy Underwear
  136. Cement mixer Liberace Slim Gaillard
  137. Rains of Castamere - Game of Thrones
  138. Suggestions for Songs or Pieces for Guitar + Ukulele?
  139. Quigley Down Under?
  140. Whiskey in the Jar?
  141. Motorhead - One More Time
  142. Kentucky Moonshiner
  143. Treasure by Bruno Mars
  144. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam (Picking)
  145. Dream in the Dark by A Fine Frenzy
  146. Over The Hill: John Martyn
  147. chords for Ruby.Uncle Walt's band and Ray Charles version
  148. Trying to learn "Beautiful You" by Trent Monk - PLEASE HELP!
  149. Europa ( baritone)
  150. chords from this video!!!!!!!
  151. Need Tabs/Chords for Mission of My Soul - Peter Himmelman
  152. Have the tabs, Rhythm messing me up. Tango
  153. When I Strum My Ukulele -The Wiggles (help please)
  154. I'm Yours Sungha Jung Tutorial??!
  155. Chord help for I've Given Up On You by Real Friends?
  156. The bowling song with video.
  157. Ukulele Swing
  158. Spirit In The Night - Springsteen
  159. Request: we will Rock you tabs
  160. Daniel Ho - Living in Paradise
  161. I will be the one (Aaron and Nicole Keim)
  162. All Along - Elliot Minor, Help needed! (Please)
  163. Born this way strumming
  164. Grateful Dead's Terrapin Station
  165. Aldrine's Ukulele Waltz - looking for Tab
  166. Turkish march, Mozart.
  167. Don't Fence Me In Sarah Maisel
  168. Spirit of Radio- Rush
  169. Please HELP :(
  170. Its a Jungle Out There
  171. How can I sing "in Key"?
  172. William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme) HELP!!!!
  173. Cabron by Red hot Chilli Peppers.
  174. Oren Lavie - The Man Who Isn't There
  175. I'll Fly Away advanced chords
  176. Can anyone tell me what chords these notes would make?
  177. Blank Generation
  178. Easy Skanking Bob Marley
  179. She'll be Coming round the mountain. Strum?
  180. Coast of Marseilles
  181. Boom Crash Opera - Dancing in the Storm
  182. F# tuning help
  183. Tab for Corey Fujimotos version of Spirited Away Reprise
  184. Rhythm of Love Tabs
  185. Something - Beatles by Ukulele Mike
  186. Big Ted's Dead - by the incredible string band
  187. Aloha 'Oe
  188. Seven Deadly Sins Intro
  189. Oklahoma (showtune) HELP need by tomorrow
  190. Can recognize the name of the song, Please help me ukulele masters.
  191. Please help me decern the strumming pattern!
  192. A reggae ukulele song by Cas Haley - any help welcome.
  193. Best Friends Tab
  194. Nikki Hoi
  195. Louisiana Fairytale Chords
  196. looking for "Island" Music
  197. Randy Newman Songbook?
  198. Humuhumunukunukuapua 43rd Festival endingsong?
  199. Coconut Water lyrics
  200. Hold Me - Ruth Etting
  201. Sullivan and son tv theme???
  202. Maroon 5 "Payphone" Andrew Molina Tab Help
  203. HELP!! Have Love Will Travel.
  204. Tired of just strumming. Help need some solo riffs.
  205. Guava Jelly ka'au crater boys help!
  206. "Shine On Your Shoes" as played by George Harrison
  207. Hi please help identify this song!!!!!!!!!!!
  208. Ten Feet's "I'm The Only One For You"
  209. Body surfing
  210. Rhythm of the rain tabs requests
  211. Come Fly With Me arrangement from Youtube
  212. I Believe In You, by Rumer
  213. Never Enough by Petula Clark... help finding chords?!
  214. theres plenty of ukulele books at bookdepossitory.com but some of them doesnt have t
  215. [help!!] jake shimabukuro - close to you ukulele tabs
  216. Candy. By Paolo Nutini
  217. Strum pattern help???
  218. Matt the Electrician faithfully
  219. Anyone help recognize the chords and strum pattern for this song?
  220. How Long -- Ace Tabs Anyone?
  221. E7/6
  222. Old Timey American Songs for Formby Technique
  223. I Love You California- State Song
  224. request hawaiian cowboy songs
  225. searching chords for ``O'Brien Is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian''
  226. Lisa Vitale cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"
  227. Need strumming patern for Bon Jovi's: "Wanted Dead or Alive"
  228. Looking for " September song "
  229. Can someone figure out the chords of this video: Fly me to the moon?
  230. Amazing Grace Instrumental Tab
  231. What is he playing at 2:05?
  232. What is this song??
  233. Andres Calamaro - Flaca (help adding in fingerpicking?)
  234. Meet the Mets?
  235. Looking for a pretty, beautiful song.
  236. Help with theory behind Stevie Wonder's "Lately"
  237. Looking for song suggestions: modern, mellow, and good for fingerpicking
  238. Strumming Pattern help :) THRIFT SHOP
  239. She had the world - adrine guerrero
  240. Jakes version of Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
  241. "Minor Swing" by: Django Reinhardt Anyone have an Arrangement?
  242. Sublime Big Salty Tears
  243. Two Songs By HI Town [You're Beautiful & Thats my baby]
  244. Chords for the instrumental break in Penny Lane (G)
  245. "Daily Ukulele Leap Year Edition" Searchable Sortable List
  246. Eliza Gilkyson's Welcome Back
  247. No shoes no shirt no problem??
  248. Can someone help me with chord changes in this song
  249. Learning the Fretboard
  250. Have a Little Faith in Me John Hiatt