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  1. Ukulele Underground Forum Rules
  2. ie nei (Joseph Soul rendition)
  3. ukulele version of 'Off to California' (Irish hornpipe)?
  4. Two Sister's: Clannad
  5. Steve Goodman Chords
  6. Intro to Inaudible Melodies by Jack Johnson help please!!!! :D
  7. I need help with split or slash chords
  8. Blind Blake's Sweet Patootie
  9. Chords or Tabs for Sunni Colon - Temple?
  10. I need help with tabs/chords when no strum included.
  11. Over and Over - Three Days Grace (finger picking)
  12. Tabs for intro of Live and die by the avett brothers?
  13. Cheatin on Me - Cliff Edwards/Ukulele Ike
  14. Don't let the cave in get you down-Avatar the last airbender
  15. James Taylor - You've got a friend. Wrong chord in version?
  16. Need chords to melanie martinez song
  17. annie song tab
  18. Waltz F Carulli
  19. Gotta Go - Trey Songz "Need Help with Chords"
  20. Butterfly - Jason Mraz
  21. Finger picking for Circles by Passenger
  22. fingerpicking House of the Rising Sun
  23. Looking for chords.
  24. Help converting guitar tabs to ukulele? Please
  25. Aldrine's cover of Shiki no uta
  26. 1920s Jazz site
  27. drift away,
  28. Honey Bee by Steam Powered Giraffe
  29. Sublime: What I got
  30. How do you use guitar chords to play on ukulele?
  31. Jungle Hendrix
  32. Where are the tabs for Black Eyed Peas' song "Where is the Love?"?
  33. Undead by Craig Robertson
  34. Open G ukulele tuning. Rolling Stones sound
  35. Open Arms by Jouney
  36. Lazybones
  37. Never Gonna Let You Go - Tony Lucca
  38. Tabs for Hi"ilawe
  39. L-O-V-E Cover by Juliana Richer Daily - Strum Help
  40. Help me with the keith richards lick in honky tonk women.
  41. Does anyone know the chords for Tenchi Muyo "I am a Pioneer"?
  42. chords or tab for 'Yum Yum Blues'
  43. Shakin The Blues Away
  44. links to C, G, Am, F song tutorials or chords or lyrics?
  45. Fairly easy yet "pretty" Hawaiian instrumental?
  46. The intro the hallelujah as performed by Jake Shimabukuro
  47. Armed Forces Medley (Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy) for Ukulele
  48. The Walking Dead
  49. Let's Wrestle - In Dreams
  50. The Trees by Rush
  51. Skeleton Jangle - Original Dixieland Jass Band
  52. J Boog - This Is Love
  53. Rhythm of Love Strumming
  54. Please help me figure out this song!
  55. Need help playing to play-along
  56. 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke
  57. guitar tabs to ukulele tabs
  58. Can anyone identify the ragtime song in this video?
  59. Riff for Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon?
  60. Deep Ellum Blues riff?
  61. Katy Perry "Part of Me" (Brittni Paiva cover)
  62. What tune is this?
  63. White Hot Christmas - Jive Aces
  64. Sleeping At Last-Masquerade (Song)
  65. Ukulele Etiquette Question
  66. Fast Car - Boyce Avenue
  67. Chilean folk tune?
  68. Tab request for I'll Be Home for Christmas
  69. Beginner/Intermediate Hawaiian Instrumental Suggestions?
  70. My Favorite Things (Sound of Music)
  71. Can't figure out the fingerpicking part of a song for my beloved friend
  72. Love is War by American Young
  73. Strumming pattern for Tom Petty's "Wildflower"
  74. Request Making Mistakes Tabs Plz
  75. wanna collab on the uke on my remake of can't take my eyes off you?
  76. Hi everyone can someone please help me with chords and strumming pattern?
  77. Stir it up Intro tabs
  78. HELP WITH THESE CHORDS? Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae
  79. SOS: I Need Five (5) Ukulele Songs for Debut
  80. Your go to Banjo Uke Songs
  81. "I don't worry about a thing" by Mose Allison
  82. Intro help, PLEASE!!!!
  83. George Formby Songbook
  84. Rudimental FREE can someone please help :)
  85. Best Beginner Songs?
  86. Timber-Kesha
  87. Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko
  88. Somebody I used to know help
  89. Obviously by mcfly
  90. One Summer Day (Spirited Away) Ukulele Help
  91. Lost is My Quiet: looking for this song
  92. Brown Eyed Girl - something lower than G?
  93. Can someone please TAB Jake Shimabukuro's version of "Get Lucky"?
  94. help with "The Only Dream" by Tyrone Wells
  95. Peter Rowan
  96. "Cooky and Lila" by Dr Hook
  97. Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
  98. Jack Johnson, "Same Girl" finger picking pattern?
  99. Bach bouree 1006
  100. Help - Bach Chaconne from Violin Partita No 2 version for ukulele
  101. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
  102. Precious Dark (D#m --> G#m)
  103. Alabama Shakes - Hold On
  104. Cas Haley - La Dah
  105. I need the chords for "up in the clouds"
  106. How to play David So's "Always"
  107. U and I by Tim Myers & Stacey Marcus
  108. Five Hundred Miles(Justin & Carey Version) !
  109. Need chord help!
  110. Golden Brown riffs
  111. CBeebies Time for School
  112. Exile - Lovelines
  113. Sadie the Cleaning Lady
  114. Jimmy reed you don't have to go Bigfrankiej3221 version
  115. What song is this? (played by Corey at HMS)
  116. Land Down Under(Youtube Video) Best Version I Seen
  117. What song is Corey playing here?
  118. Concierto de Aranjuez
  119. Ukulele Chords Transposing
  120. Redemption Song WS64 version
  121. Love instrumental Uke, but at a loss as to how to learn to play it well
  122. The Happiest Place on Earth - AJ Rafael
  123. E Ku'u Morning Dew
  124. Weezer - My Name is Jonas (intro)
  125. Miguel Song, can someone help figuring out chords by ear possibly?
  126. Sungha Jung I'm Yours
  127. Could anyone please tab You Don't Care by Leona Lewis?
  128. Diamonds and Guns - Transplants
  129. Mario Kart Love Song
  130. St Patrick's Day Songs
  131. Mona Lisa- Brad Paisley
  132. Be Somebody - Thousand Foot Krutch
  133. Me and Julio, where's the G and B7?
  134. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
  135. Yesterday Once More tabs ??? Please :)
  136. Tears Fall by Barlowgirl. All the websites say Bdim but it just sounds wrong...
  137. Nickel Creek's This Side tab or sheet music please!
  138. Dark Angel by Tribal Seeds
  139. Pieball chords
  140. I'm From Wigan Me
  141. RHCP - The Zephyr Song !NEED HELP!
  142. Grow Old With You - Wedding Singer
  143. "On Horseback" by Mike Oldfield
  144. Red hot chilli peppers fortune faded
  145. Dream Star by The Generous
  146. Frozen songs
  147. Place your hands reef
  148. Stuck In Rhythm Purgatory
  149. Can't Figure out the Chords! Help Please!
  150. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  151. Inner Light by Jay Chattaway (Star Trek Episode)
  152. Help with You were only passing time with me
  153. "On the Road Again" - need help with key tranposing
  154. Do You Change Songs?
  155. Moon Song - from the movie "Her"
  156. "All The Years" by Wild Child - Help figuring out picking / strumming?
  157. Busker's dream (link posted)
  158. What's Corey playing?
  159. Hey Soul Sister, Lend Me a Hand
  160. Hey Soul Sister, Lend Me a Hand
  161. ( )
  162. Titanic, My heart will go on help!
  163. I've Got A Pocketful of Dreams
  164. Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
  165. Dire straits brothers in arms main riff tab
  166. while my guitar gently weeps
  167. House of Bamboo sung by King Kukulele: Curse those darn jazzy chords!
  168. Anything impossible?
  169. FM Static - Man Watcha Doin
  170. Behind Blue Eyes. The WHO
  171. Butterfly Fly Away
  172. i'll be your baby tonight need help figuring out the strumming pattern
  173. With Plenty of Money and You
  174. I Still Love You - Glenn Phillips
  175. Would you mind reviewing what I came up with for "Hokule'a Hula" and Ka Lei E?
  176. Ralph McTell: Streets of London
  177. the boxer - Simon and Garfunkel, finger-picking
  178. Classical Gas Tabs
  179. uke friendly Anita Baker chords/tabs???
  180. Lily Marlene by The Tiger Lillies
  181. Tennesse - pearl harbor theme
  182. True colors phil collins
  183. Help with Heart & Soul song
  184. Musiq Soulchild - Sobeautiful
  185. Chord names for odd fingering?
  186. Request for Kris Fuchigami's "A Thousand Years"
  187. Couldn't love you more -- chords?
  188. Chords for I ke Alo Iseu by Dennis Kamakahi
  189. Jackie Leven - 'Museum of Childhood'
  190. Serendipity honor society
  191. Seeking protest songs from 1960s to the present
  192. Can I pay someone to tab a custom Uke arrangement
  193. Minnie Riperton - Loving you
  194. pearly shells with tablature please
  195. It's time to say goodnight by Henry Hall (was also arranged by the UOGB)
  196. Heart of Life Cover
  197. Dinner for One Please James
  198. Blues songs using blue shuffle?
  199. Please help me I'm useless with learning songs.
  200. Svavar Knútur – Clementine
  201. His Daughter
  202. Baby - 1933 Formby song
  203. Help with chords in song technicolor by tim myers.
  204. Mayor Hawthorne, The Walk
  205. Moon and Stars (Kalapana)
  206. "I Like You" by SJ
  207. Steely Dan - Sun mountain, help please! :)
  208. Anyone know the picking for Easy on the Eyes - Kauu
  209. Need help with song
  210. A slight twist on the subject.
  211. Chord solo
  212. A song I am looking for
  213. Carrying You
  214. Today is Mine - Jerry Reed
  215. Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai tabs anyone?
  216. seeking tutorials for hawaiian classics
  217. I really would appreciate help for this song. Please! please! please!
  218. Un Dia Llegara - Josh Groban
  219. Help with CHORDS for KISS - Love Gun
  220. Counting stars by kyas tab/chords
  221. Seeking for South America songs
  222. Help with Dog Pound Hop please (video)
  223. I'll Remember You tab fingerstyle ?
  224. You Were My Last First Kiss
  225. Blue Moon - Lisa Hannigan Version
  226. solo help
  227. The Sound That Love Makes (Sarah McLachlan)
  228. The Grey by Icon for Hire -Anybody got tabs or tabs/chords mix?
  229. Leftover Cuties perform Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
  230. Need help! can't take my eyes off you
  231. (Sungha Jung) Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tabs?
  232. Transposing
  233. Kokomo Ukulele Tabs?
  234. Riptide - Vance Joy (Advanced Version)
  235. They're Red Hot - Robert Johnson
  236. Sarah Maisel - How High the Moon (cover)
  237. Bob Wills "Baby That Sure Would Go Good" chords needed.
  238. Ukulele Waltz Tab
  239. What is this song?
  240. Ukulele Worship Song Tab Help?
  241. Picking/Strumming
  242. Any help with this Bob's Burgers strumming pattern would be MUCH appreciated!
  243. Over The Rainbow - Ingrid Michaelson (Ukulele)
  244. HELP ME!!! Anchor Aweigh and Star spangled Banner
  245. Wanted: British Grenadiers for GCEA (tab)
  246. Intro to Waterfalls by TLC?
  247. Joe Walsh
  248. music, moonlight and you by Laura Greene chords, song sheet
  249. Pink Floyd - Mother RIFF
  250. Growin' Up - Bruce Springsteen