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  1. John Denver - Leaving On a Jet Plane (Uke Solo)
  2. Help with "Handsome Girl" by Danielle Ate The Sandwich
  3. Anyone can guess the chords?
  4. Rockin the Uke (Roy Smeck
  5. Andy Irvine's Facing The Chair chords needed
  6. Hawaiian Singing
  7. don't understand
  8. Stupid Me - Magic! arrangement ;) Consultate me plss
  9. A thousand years by Christina Perri
  10. Peter Sarstedt ~ Where Do You Go To My Lovely
  11. Maui Chimes - solo arrangement
  12. What is the difference in Old Time vs Blue Grass Songs?
  13. simple strumming solo needed
  14. Need Help With A Strum Pattern Or Maybe Finger Picking
  15. Barred chords, looks like easy progression, can't get it
  16. Brown-Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
  17. Anyone know this song, and tab please.
  18. Schubert's Serenade - Has anyone tabbed this?
  19. What are these first two chords? I Owe You by Helen Kane
  20. Help with song chords (video link)
  21. Need some help with chords
  22. Honey's Latin Strum
  23. atlanta moan
  24. Unforgettable - Nat King Cole help
  25. Turning MIDI files into Ukulele Tab?
  26. Pretty Amazing Grace
  27. Chords and llyrics for Garth Brooks' new single "People Loving People"
  28. Good songs to learn on the Uke?
  29. Can any one help me find ....jake shimabukuro touch tab
  30. Can't find chords for this song... ANYWHERE!
  31. 3rd Stream by Jake Shimabukuro Tab Help
  32. Strum Pattern for Take a Picture by Filter
  33. Lorde-Tennis Courts
  34. G.I. Jive Chords/Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
  35. "Crazy" by Willie Nelson -- ukulele back up for a solo singer
  36. Annie Lennox - Love is blind -- HELP!
  37. 2 Songs I Need Help Figuring Out!!!
  38. Tab help for a beautiful song ... Thanks!
  39. help with tabs for Crawdad Hole (Hillstomp version)
  40. Me and the Man on the Moon - Tiny Tim - Looking for chords
  41. Please help me figure out these chords...
  42. Does anybody know what song Aaron is playing in this video?
  43. I can't find a chord! Help!
  44. a tale as old as time UKE TABS HELP
  45. Mystery Chord in "Lady Stardust"
  46. Song Title In Thread Heading
  47. song HELP.....( dragon by Jake )
  48. All The Little Details by Orla Gartland
  49. A Pirate's Life for Me
  50. Need help Tabbing out a song (build that wall, Bastion)
  51. Need help determining the name of this cowboy song
  52. Grand Optimist by City and Colour tabbing
  53. Ed Sheeran Lego House
  54. What is the name of this jungle?
  55. Anyone know the name of this song?
  56. Does anyone have tab for the Taxi theme song?
  57. Scar Tissue
  58. Please Help With This Song!!
  59. Aloha O'e by Ohta Jr. HELP !!
  60. Tabs for Mama E
  61. Goodness Gracious Me
  62. St. James Infirmary solo bits/picking and trumpet parts?
  63. Shine - Dallas String Band. Chord Progression
  64. Spiritual "I Will Arise"
  65. Bob Marley Waiting In Vain Solo Needed!
  66. Capo what fret and why?
  67. Escape (Pina Colada) Aldrine's version tabs?
  68. Highway To Hell Solo by rawuke
  69. Hands Down (Dashboard Confessional)
  70. With A Flair (From Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
  71. Ain't Misbehavin Help
  72. A sincere request- Kris Fuchigami's O Holy Night
  73. Tablature for Vance Voy's "Mess Is Mine"
  74. Close to you
  75. "Last Christmas" instrumental tabs anyone?
  76. Gringo en Mexico
  77. Help Jazzing up John Legend's "All Of Me"
  78. C ma9
  79. One finger in first fret, second string, what is this whimsical chord?
  80. mr blue sky
  81. Hunger Games - Hanging Tree - request
  82. Help with GP6
  83. Neioung - Tumbleweed...
  84. eli the barrow boy help with tabs
  85. TABS for "Never Going Back Again" and "Big Love" (Fleetwood Mac)
  86. Popular, "you-tube-able" songs in key of c?
  87. Chord progression help - Suggestions for a good turn around
  88. Tabs wanted for the song FEELING + Killing Me Softly
  89. Sunday Morning Chord Names
  90. I used to be color blind - chords?
  91. China Cat Sunflower Tabs
  92. Tabs for "Allo, Darlin - Will you please spend New Year's with me"
  93. Una limosnita por amor de dios ...
  94. Simpler tab version of lennon's imagine
  95. Bonnie from Bonnie & Clyde Musical
  96. Looking for cool, fun chord progressions
  97. Lyrics to Skip Hop and Wobble
  98. Help with tabs for Mountain Rag by Ukulele Sunnyboy
  99. Nostalgia by Emily Barker
  100. "A Town This Size" By John Prine
  101. Powdermilk Biscuit theme chords
  102. Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan (I need help with this one)
  103. Donavon Frankenreiter - Bend in the Road
  104. Everyday (Carly Comando) Tabs
  105. Decyfer Down - Fading
  106. What Song is This?
  107. Strum Pattern suggestions for a Sam Smith?
  108. Looking for tabs for Hapuna Sunset
  109. Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder
  110. "Instrumental/ Melody Tabs" for Choo Choo Ch- Boogie by: Louis Jordon
  111. song tutorial translation from guitar to uke
  112. St James Infirmary
  113. Tabs - Myrstead Village, from Magicka
  114. Help with bar.
  115. need help w/ genesis - that's all
  116. Hungry for Home - Rodney Crowell
  117. Friend of the Devil intro help
  118. Fingerpicking versions for In My Life and/or Here Comes the Sun?
  119. St. Louis Blues
  120. Bob Marley SOLO/Guting tabs and videos?
  121. Minuet in G major - Bach
  122. First Choice by Gabe Bondoc
  123. "Floating" - Jape
  124. The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas: I'm looking for lyrics
  125. beyond the barricades intro
  126. Fingerstyle Solos book
  127. Basin Street chords for the average player
  128. Can someone figure out the tabs/fingerpicking on this song?
  129. What key is this in?
  130. (Theme to) 'Valley of the Dolls' chords?
  131. Need help on this ukulele cover of The Way You Make Me Feel
  132. Slow Hands - Interpol
  133. Daniel Ho Polani Fingerstyle
  134. Little Blind Fish - CPR
  135. Help for Newbie with this cover of Sunny?
  136. Poor People Store - Shinyribs
  137. Moderator – Words Remain
  138. some say the devil is dead tab help
  139. Don't Worry Be Happy Solo
  140. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up opening riff
  141. All of Me - Willie Smith's cover
  142. Song from Star Trek IV, Kind of an odd request.
  143. Any Playing Colin Tribe's Arrangements?
  144. Riptide by Vance Joy
  145. Malaguena on ukulele
  146. Chords help please....
  147. soft lights and sweet music
  148. Anybody know any Aventura songs?
  149. Liquor Store Blues
  150. Tahiti, Tahiti?
  151. La'iekawai - what are these chords ?
  152. Thelonious Monk - In Walked Bud
  153. Name that tune!
  154. Stray Cat Strut SOLO Tabs?
  155. I don't know who to ask!
  156. Donovan's "Season of the Witch" - Uke Tabs and or videos?
  157. Can't figure out this strumming pattern
  158. Looking for Chords/Tabs for two Will Ryan songs
  159. Song on HMS played by Corey on MM tenor
  160. "Friday Night Fish Fry" Song Chords anybody?
  161. Dahil sayo
  162. "Saturday Night Fish Fry" by: Louis Jordon 1949 Chords anybody?
  163. Good and easy songs for ukulele busking!
  164. 2 DEVO songs one has bass tabs, how do I figure out the ukulele?
  165. Let The Good Times Roll by: Loius Jordon
  166. Stevie Nicks 'Wild Heart' backstage version
  167. Island Style Instrumental solo HELP
  168. Can anyone figure out this one? "My Little Girl" by Pierce Pettis
  169. Country Joe and the Fish tunes
  170. Cinco De Mayo Songs
  171. Hi, I'm Don
  172. Husker Du, I Apologize -- help with strum
  173. Hotel California
  174. Quit Your Whining - Rocky Leon
  175. Chuck Berry Intro
  176. Tokyo Ghoul Opening Theme Song (Unravel)
  177. How do you memorize the music?
  178. Name of song
  179. Help! I want to tab a song, but I don't know how.
  180. Jump In The Line (Shake Shake Senore) intro
  181. Help with Iration song, 'This Old Song'
  182. Starlight (Help Me Find the One I Love), does anyone have the chords?
  183. The Heligoats - Glass of Water
  184. Down on the Corner and Have you ever seen the rain? riffs by CCR
  185. Confused by chords described like this: F/A D/F#
  186. help with circus theme
  187. I see fire~
  188. tori Kelly nobody love strumming help
  189. Chords for Pualena in this vid ?
  190. Hearthstone main theme
  191. "Let it Go" by George Strait
  192. sledge hammer theme song
  193. Indentify the song
  194. First Cut is the Deepest
  195. Wish upon a start Hawaii music supply tabs ?
  196. Song for the asking Simon and Garfunkel
  197. Chord progression for "America" by Victoria Vox
  198. Sam Cooke Wonderful world Picking-imua
  199. Runaway train help
  200. Looking for Jeeves/ Wooster chord melody
  201. I bet my life
  202. Don't look the same chords Audi uke commercial
  203. Chord melody [for Blue Hawaii]
  204. Lavender blue help
  205. Teenage Dirtbag-Wheatus strum pattern
  206. James Hill Travelin' On
  207. Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore ( Full Version w/ youtube link attached)
  208. I need help with the solo part of "Light My Fire" by The Doors.
  209. Uku chords from this video
  210. 12th Street Rag
  211. Request: Officially Missing You by Tamia (Brysen Pasion Cover)
  212. "Going Home" by Leonard Cohen..TABS?
  213. Jake's Walking Down Rain Hill
  214. George Formby - Get Cracking
  215. Anyone tab out a solo for Moloka'i Slide?
  216. Béla Fleck Uke Tuning
  217. Death Cab for Cutie - Black Sun: strumming pattern?
  218. A new Project by the UU Guys
  219. We're All Made Of Stars - Neverland (Broadway Musical)
  220. Momma Sed by Puscifer Guitar to Ukulele Tabs/Chords
  221. Lyle Ritz solos book
  222. Harmonics for Dummies
  223. Pls, help with the version of "Chocolate Jesus"
  224. Across the universe, Beatles
  225. Heartland by Jack Williams
  226. The Way We Were -- feedback requested
  227. New Slang (The Shins) solo?
  228. Tab/chords for Filska "A Thousand Miles Away?
  229. Hopelessly Midwestern by Joel Mabus chords needed
  230. Melody tabs
  231. Polaroid - Imagine Dragons cover?
  232. Sand and Foam by Donovan
  233. Frank Ocean and John Mayer "Tiny Dreamer"
  234. Heartbeat tabs
  235. When You Walk In The Room
  236. What's the title?
  237. Help with Avett Brothers - Once and Future Carpenter
  238. Help wanted
  239. Venezuelan tunes?
  240. Always by Dennis Kamakahi (From lilo & stitch 2)
  241. Chords or Tab for "West End Blues" ?
  242. Pogues (Thousands are Sailing and others)
  243. Combining Files to create a Book
  244. Beatles- For You Blue needs embellishment
  245. Happy cover
  246. Chords to a kids song?
  247. Isley brothers/notorious
  248. help with beautiful boy lennon
  249. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
  250. Kris Fuchigami Tab