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  1. Brittni Paiva's Pirates of the Caribbean song
  2. Italian song
  3. 2 heads coleman hell - looking for the banjo lick
  4. Chord Dissection: Change Your Mind - The Killers
  5. Centre of my Mind -tab/suggestions
  6. What is the origin of Crazy G ?
  7. Make it Rain and I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
  8. Closer to the Sun (Slightly Stoopid)- Anyone?
  10. Spooky, ookie Halloween songs?
  11. ? low g tab for Bohemian Rhapsody
  12. What is this chord?
  13. hawaii 78 chords
  14. Barred chords vs. open ones (Dylan: The man in me)
  15. Island style by John Cruz
  16. sunlight moonlight country comfort chords
  17. Corey playing a Hive
  18. Home to Mama - Cody Simpson Ft. Justin Bieber
  19. Rise by Public Image Ltd
  20. Indonesian Street Ukulele Style Help
  21. Citizen Cope and George Ezra tutorials?
  22. Can you help figure out what the chords are for this song?
  23. Chord help
  24. What chord is this?
  25. Song on a Kamaka Ohta-san
  26. This Jack Johnson Gone post?
  27. Drums of the Islands/Waterfall Tabs
  28. Coldplay - Fix You
  29. Mike Lynch finger picking solo book
  30. Fingerpicking Thanksgiving Songs
  31. I HAVE A DREAM by Richard Clayderman
  32. I Love A Piano and a few others
  33. I Love A Piano and Infinite Monkey Cage
  34. Jake Shimabukuro-Everything's better with you <Chords>?
  35. This version IF I HAD YOU-what tuning and what key?
  36. anyone got chords for Randy Lorenzo 'To Be Lonely?'
  37. The Knight's Journey by Gamiao
  38. Everybody Hurts By REM
  39. Can I just turn any sing along-type song into the key of c?
  40. Crystal Fighters - You&I
  41. Sweet Little Something - Forever In Your Mind
  42. Dukes on Sunday
  43. ukulele, flute, trumpet,piano, clarinet songs?
  44. A'soalin
  45. Can someone tell me if these chords match with attached music sample?
  46. They Might Be Giants, "Elephants"
  47. Friska Viljor - Daj Daj Die - Chord help
  48. Penny and the Quarters - You & Me
  49. Baby - George Formby
  50. Kaleo Vai
  51. Grow Up and Marry Your Best Friend - The Poison Control Center
  52. Please, Help me name this tune (audio enclosed)
  53. Baruch Adonai - Strumming Help?
  54. chords needed
  55. I just can't figure this one out
  56. mama tried
  57. Music Guy Mic Sound Demos
  58. Help to find chords for Some like it hot (main title theme)
  59. Titanium/Clarity Medley
  60. The Clash London Calling -- opening bass riff
  61. Justin Beiber - Love Yourself
  62. Out of the Woods
  63. Happy New Year, Baby
  64. Blank Space - Taylor Swift (strumming pattern)
  65. From Guitar Tabs to Uke Tabs
  66. Need help with "Kirby" themes
  67. Hunger Strike Chords- Cover Version Help.
  68. 42nd street
  69. Surf Picking
  70. Help with "You Sang to Me" song
  71. Something Fierce - As Fast As (Rocktopus) Chords?? Please??
  72. Tabs for Lovin' You
  73. barre the 5th pinky at the 12th
  74. The Pirate Song by Suncooked
  75. Yea Alabama
  76. Don't Worry Be Happy
  77. Anyone recgonize this song Corey is playing here?
  78. Different kind of song help
  79. Emotional Superglue - Sophie Madeleine
  80. uke version of Sweet sixteen by the fureys
  81. You Belong to the City Instrumental Tab?
  82. Jazz version of twinkle twinkle little star
  83. George Formby - "Baby"
  84. Pua Lililehua Help!
  85. Sitting on Dock of the bay Tabs
  86. Pop song Help...Madilyn Paige "Little Things"
  87. Aldrine's OutLoud Dispatch riff?
  88. Feasability of chord pattern?
  89. Little Wing help / Tab making in General
  90. Help naming these chords
  91. Anyone have Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry?
  92. Chords for Rap Songs
  93. Enrico/Jacob reel help...and other English folk
  94. Help with chord names please
  95. Jack Johnson-Never Fade
  96. Thanks!
  97. Dire Straits "Romeo and Juliet"
  98. Strum pattern for a Jig?
  99. Island Love by Peter Moon Band
  100. Legal advice
  101. What is this chord notation?
  102. On Song for PC
  103. Looking for uke tabs for Christopher Cross' Sailing.
  104. Song Corey is playing for HMS demo
  105. Simple Jingle Help Needed!
  106. Irish tunes for St Patty's Day!
  107. Strum pattern for American Land
  108. Hele Au I Kaleponi
  109. "I Stay Away" by Alice in Chains
  110. Never Say Never Again by: Harry Woods
  111. I'm looking for a Ukulele tab for Paddle to the rising Sun
  112. need a couple of videos in a female voice willing to pay for them
  113. Little Bird - Annie Lennox
  114. Avett Brothers - All my Mistakes
  115. Coldplay - See You Soon
  116. Sweet Leilani
  117. The Belltower recording? (Will Bickart book)
  118. Rhyme and Reason
  119. Anyone interested in a challenge? Lol
  120. Jack Johnson Questions tabs?
  121. Leftover Wine by Melanie
  122. Heart of Life tab?
  123. Home is wherever you are
  124. theukulelesite.com demos type of music
  125. The Dresden Dolls - Sing
  126. Jason Arimoto - O Ka Âina
  127. Hello Dolly outro (request)
  128. La Vie En Rose in key of 'D'
  129. Koishikute
  130. Genesis - That's All Strum Pattern
  131. Help w song by Kalei please.
  132. humdrum blues by oscar brown jr
  133. Chords for Disney's "Three Caballeros"
  134. Easy fingerpicking version for landslide?
  135. Help with the chord of this beautiful chinese song! Help!!!
  136. you raise me up
  137. Tennessee Stud Melody Intro
  138. Hawaiian Song Help
  139. Help with Ukulele Mike's Amazing Grace Arpeggio Sequence
  140. Songs with a I-IV-I-V progression
  141. "Milk 'Em in the Morning Blues " by Tennesse Ernie Ford chords requested
  142. My Wife Left Town With A Banana
  143. Lydia the tattooed lady
  144. Hot Hotline Bling cover
  145. A thousand years by Christina Perri
  146. Half a Moon (Is better than no moon) - Johnny Marvin
  147. Help with dippermouth blues
  148. How do I write this in music
  149. Help with a song
  150. You are my sunshine tab in key of C?
  151. Mayer Hawthorne
  152. Mayer hawthorne
  153. Georgian song "Shenma survilma damlia" Anyone ?
  154. The jingle that samsung used
  155. Does anyone know this song?
  156. Fishin Blues
  157. Taimane's "La Petite Fille De La Mer" ?
  158. Hillsong / P&W tabs?
  159. Dept of Youth - Alice Cooper
  160. Walk the Line
  161. Does anyone know the tabs for that royalty free ukulele music
  162. Song for hospice patient
  163. need help with Knocking on Heaven's Door please
  164. You're Getting to be a Habit With Me
  165. Help reading tab
  166. Want to watch musical show
  167. Shake sugaree, Elizabeth Cotton picking style?
  168. Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying
  169. Anybody tab out song ?
  170. Songs that sound good without any singing... but NOT chord melody..
  171. Cuban music on ukulele
  172. Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
  173. Copperhead Road
  174. Can anyone provide the chords to Jed Appleton's "Mr Peterson"?
  175. Help Requested
  176. tab request - I wish it would rain - the temptations
  177. Jamie Holding
  178. Looking for Bach BWV 998
  179. TAB Solo arrangement request - The Water is Wide
  180. Humble and kind
  181. Anybody know what this tune is?
  182. Song based on a Hawaiian chant
  183. Kalei Gamiao - "These Moments"
  184. Bubbly picking pattern
  185. Tabs for "Close to You"?
  186. Do you know The Gallis Pole
  187. "I'll See You in My Dreams" Keegan DeWitt version.
  188. Whistling riff on "The Walker"
  189. Kalei Gamiao tab help
  190. Tab/lesson request coconut grove by The good mad
  191. Ukulele Review Podcast 4 Kamaka Demo Song
  192. What song is Corey playing...
  193. Help Finding out this Song
  194. Michael Franti Sweet Little Lies
  195. How to play guitar chords?
  196. Any Carrie Rodriguez fans? songs?
  197. yes christmas is far away but cant help but feel excited
  198. Tabs please 'Don't let me down - Beetles'
  199. Tabs for "The Parting Glass"?
  200. Papa Lemon Tabs?
  201. Song suggestion
  202. Tobias Elof "A Song for All Seasons" tab?
  203. Can anybody help me?
  204. Leon Bridges song help
  205. Taylor Swift "Fearless" fingerstyle tab
  206. Help|| creed one last breath tabs
  207. Zachary Shimizu "New Slang" The Shins. Need Help figuring out the strumming
  208. Brandi Carlisle Heaven
  209. Tegan and Sara U-Turn Riff (time sensitive)
  210. Waters of March / Aguas do Março (Jobim)
  211. Chords and/or sheet music for Derry Down
  212. "It's My Time" By: Latoya Lewis
  213. Picking request- No Ke Ano Ahiahi.
  214. 24K Magic By Bruno Mars
  215. Snoop Lion - Rebel Way (with video)
  216. Picking request: We Close Our Eyes, Oingo Boingo
  218. Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines - Suise (AKA Susie of the Islands)
  219. Hokey Pokey by Richard Thompson
  220. Let's Do It - Cole Porter
  221. Get Up, Stand Up tabs/solo/strum pattern?
  222. Kalei Gamiao: "Paukauila"
  223. what the world needs now
  224. Diggers' Waltz Uke Tab?
  225. Bogota by Bus by Jesse Cook
  226. Fingerpicking request: chart for "A Message to Rudy" by The Specials
  227. I'll be your baby tonight
  228. Guitar tab conversion
  229. All I Have To Do Is Dream WS64 cords
  230. Chords and how to play
  232. Hey Hey My My
  233. what is the name of this song?
  234. Flatt and Scruggs
  235. City of Stars from La La Land
  236. Crying Skies- Andrew Molina's The Beginning
  237. White Cliif of Dover Solo
  238. Poli'ahu, TERESA Bright
  239. Only You - Not the Platters
  240. song identification
  241. Dont Bite by Kate Micucci
  242. Help with John King's Prelude (Op. 28, No. 20, Chopin) arrangement
  243. edwin Collins - A Girl Like You
  244. tab request - Naima by John Coltrane - solo arrangement
  245. Tab Request: 99 Luftballons, Nena--riff
  246. But She's my Buddy's Chick- Nat King Cole
  247. Help converting to Ukulele
  248. Pakalolo by Makaha Sons of Ni'hau
  249. Songs of Protest and Social Action
  250. Anybody recognize this?