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  1. Singing in the Bathtub
  2. "Louie Louie" fingerstyle riff
  3. Some songs that combine strumming AND basic fingerpicking?
  4. Life On Mars Instrumental
  5. Looking for sheet music "Mana o Pili"?
  6. Sweet Lady of Waihole
  7. Blessed Assurance
  8. A Room With a View..
  9. Chords/tab for "Green Light" by Lorde?
  10. Daddy's Baby Girl by Jimmy Needham
  11. Fire & Rain...intro riff?
  12. Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight
  13. Inspiration by Gipsy Kings Ukulele Tabs
  14. Looper pedals
  15. Does anyone know?
  16. Van Morrison Briwn Eyed Girl fingerstyle
  17. hawaiian soul ukulele chord help plz
  18. Anybody have the tabs for this arrangement of Rainbow Connection?
  19. guava jam tabs help
  20. Dragon Jake Shimabukuro Tapping Technique
  21. Malagueña tabs
  22. Help with a chord
  23. Help with bassline for Tickle my Heart
  24. "If" by Kalei Gamiao
  25. Different strumming patterns for I'm Yours
  26. Battle Dancing Unicorns With Glitter-Five Iron Frenzy
  27. Sticky Ukulele Strings
  28. Arrengement Request: Moonlight Sonata
  29. "I got Rhythm", Rhythm Changes practice
  30. Anyone Know What Song This Is?
  31. Leave A Tender Moment Alone - Billy Joel
  32. Working out songs by ear.
  33. Notation Question and tab request
  34. Close to you
  35. Star Wars Fingerstyle
  36. The shrine on the second floor
  37. Help to find a Tab website (ws64)
  38. Short Trip Home - Edgar Meyer, Josh Bell, Sam Bush, Mike Marshall
  39. Old Blue Chair (Kenny Chesney) strumming pattern
  40. Can't help falling in love finger picking tab!
  41. Short riff help for "Summertime"- Micheal Lynch version
  42. John Denver
  43. Ukulolo/Burger by Tyler Gilman Help finding link to Tabs
  44. Perhaps Love by John Denver
  45. Need a recommendation for a version of Motherless Child
  46. Taimane Gardner and her CRAZY strumming
  47. 2 chord songs for kids/teenagers
  48. Patience solo tab any one?
  49. Need help with complicated Guitar chords.
  50. Genre specific chords - Got any?
  51. Hummin' to Myself
  52. Adjusting for re-entrant Uke
  53. any tabs for easy to play christian songs?
  54. 1-800-54-GIANT jingle
  55. I Was an Oak Tree - Jonathan Byrd
  56. Where and How?
  57. Jake's version of Eleanor Rigby
  58. Jealous by Labrinth - Tabs for Ukulele?
  59. Ever Fallen in Love tab
  60. Looking for: Duvet by Boa
  61. Looking for tabs of Maggie Rogers' Alaska
  62. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
  63. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Zepplin fingerstyle
  64. Can't Help Falling In Love Solo for wedding
  65. Looking for Tabs/Chords of Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
  66. Atlantic Starr - Always (Kris Fuchigami cover)
  67. Rainbow Spirit - Mother I feel you
  68. melody notes after key change
  69. Crambone
  70. She's Too Good For Me-Warren Zevon
  71. songs for retirement villages
  72. Come a Little Bit Closer intro by Jay & The Americans
  73. Skidamarink - fingerstyle / solo
  74. Cup of Tea Song by Judie Tzuke
  75. Any John Fahey tabs available?
  76. transposing Abm to key of C
  77. Tabs or anything for Shawn James, Flow appreciated
  78. Constructive Criticism Wanted to Improve First Time Tabbing Effort
  79. which chord, based on stack of notes?
  80. What Have You Done To Life Somebody Up - Paul Thorn
  81. Chord melody book of Hawaiian song for Ukulele-does it exist ?
  82. Trying to find a good uke version of Bonnie Raitt's "You"
  83. Strumming for U2 song...
  84. Tune ID and Tab if you have it
  85. Jazzy Chris Hamilton demo
  86. Police every breath you take riff
  87. uke tabs or chords for Syd Straw's "Blue Shadows on the Trail"
  88. Pure Heart - Hey Baby
  89. Name That Tune
  90. What is this tune?
  91. HMS demo song by Kalei Gamiao
  92. Paid Arrangers?
  93. Solo lead tabs Baritone California Dreaming
  94. Merry Christmas (war is over)
  95. Fishin' Blues
  96. Careless whisper
  97. The Classic Rock Song "True Love" who did it?
  98. Kawailehua Strum?
  99. Please help, chas and dave medley
  100. HELP PLEASE! Tabs for a song :)
  101. Dink's Song - Dave Van Ronk
  102. Help figuring out chords for this piece
  103. Help with chorus
  104. Cali Girl - Common Kings ft. Don Corleon
  105. Pineapple wine - Morgan Heritage
  106. Ukulele Wedding March - Ukulollo Style
  107. Please help! "We Belong - Togetherness Melodies"
  108. rose garden serenade
  109. Your stratigies transcribing a melody line
  110. Alex Lahey I Love You Like A Brother riff and solo in C
  111. Name of Song from ukulelesite? Any tabs?
  112. La Bikina?
  113. Looking for audio for a song (Eia Makou)
  114. Vincent (Don McLean) - Beginner... different key!?!
  115. Demo tune by Corey (?)
  116. Can somebody make a PDF out of this youtube vid?
  117. Tumbalalaika chords
  118. Songs in TV commercials
  119. Sous le ciel de paris yves montand
  120. Help naming that tune. Jobim? Samba? Bossa?
  121. Desperate plea for chords to Remember Me I'm the One Who Loves You
  122. Walk down or up help?
  123. Name the song?
  124. Strumming pattern on this song - Oh Honey: I Love You Will Still Sound The Same
  125. Can someone figure out the tab for this?
  126. Song name & chord melody?
  127. Smokey Mountain Lullaby chord melody
  128. Chords
  129. The Glory of Love - pg 90 in The Daily Ukulele
  130. ID this song from HMS demo
  131. Identify the song...
  132. Makapu'u Lighthouse tabs?
  133. Careless Love Madeleine Peyroux in G
  134. matching chords with notes
  135. Rain Drops Keep Fallin' on My Head
  136. Ukulele solo style songs
  137. Help with Barre Chords
  138. Westworld Theme Help
  139. Baby
  140. Buster Keaton and Cliff Edwards in Doughboys (1930)
  141. Ach Luise
  142. Till There Was You
  143. could anyone help me find the tab "nothing's gonna change my love for you" ohta herb
  144. Kimo Hussey - Low G
  145. Nostalgia by Alice Phoebe Lou
  146. Queen's Jubilee Uke and Bass tabs anyone??
  147. Chord melody arrangement, when the melody does not belong?
  148. Can somebody convert these guitar tabs to ukukele?
  149. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
  150. Uke & Guitar duels
  151. Help with creating a song medley
  152. Please help me - E Malama
  153. Hobo Johnson - Demarcus Cousins and Ashley
  154. Lightning Crashes -- Chorus help?
  155. Fingerstyle tabs for Another brick in the wall
  156. Chords for a children's song (Youtube link provided)...do these sound right?
  157. Nellie McKay's "Lazybones"
  158. Schubert's Ave Maria Low G Tab
  159. Suitable substitutions for D9b chord.
  160. Baritone Finger picking Tabs
  161. Any Tabs Available For 'Matchstak Men & Matchstalk Cats and Dogs'
  162. Help me find the Tabs of "Tokada" by Jake
  163. Iron and Wine - Cinder and Smoke ukulele tabs or chords?
  164. Del Rey's Rocks and Gravel help please?
  165. bruno video background music
  166. Something - Aldrine version
  167. It's So Beautiful, it's so beautiful, that feeling in the Air song and chords
  168. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles (arranged by Fred Sokolow)
  169. Does anyone have the chords to "Please Mr Columbus Turn The Ship Around"
  170. Theory help
  171. Classic Ukulele song book suggestions
  172. Chord Progression For Maria, Quieres Salir Con Migo
  173. What song is this??
  174. Song ID
  175. Need help with "Train Leaves here.." by the Eagles and "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee.
  176. Kids and ukulele
  177. Sunny Side of the Street
  178. Song in HMS Baritone clip?
  179. Love Action (I believe in love)
  180. Which Daniel Ho song is this?
  181. Good songs for singer with limited range?
  182. Her Skin – Head Above the Deep (anyone can help me out?)
  183. Can someone try Puppies Are Forever by Sia
  184. Help with “It’s all in the Movies”
  185. Lithia water
  186. Foo Fighters - Razor
  187. Help Identifying Song
  188. Harlem Nocturne?
  189. Need some help with lyrics: Take it slow and easy
  190. Does anyone have the chords for Lily the Pink?
  191. Picking pattern...if you could read my mind
  192. Picking pattern - How Lucky by John Prine
  193. Nonsuch
  194. Fly Me to the Moon
  195. Figuring out the style of music you enjoy playing
  196. "Jim Jones At Botany Bay " chords ??
  197. Need help with this demo from HMS
  198. DNA by Makoto Kawamoto
  199. Blanco White - The Lily (strumming pattern)
  200. Mary's Wedding
  201. Trolls, the beat goes on
  202. James Hill Billie Jean for open mic duet
  203. John Prine!
  204. On The Road Again Canned Heat
  205. Solo for The Parting Glass
  206. anyone know where i can find Sawlon Ashokan Fairwell tab
  207. help finding fingerstyle tabs for John Mayer's Stop This Train
  208. Help needed!
  209. Help Figuring Out Uke Chords for Simple Folk Song - To Know the Dark (Link attached)
  210. Ukulele Version of Bad Guy - Billie Eilish - who can help finding the chords (video)
  211. Beyond the Sea Chord Melody
  212. It Had To Be You
  213. chords for Buster Keaton
  214. Something In The Way She Moves
  215. Mother’s Lament by Cream
  216. Animal crossing - K.K slider's songs
  217. Jie Hisaishi - Summer
  218. One Last Breath - Creed - Intro
  219. Mike Lynch's arrangement of El Condor Pasa.
  220. Open C string would touch my left middle finger.
  221. What chords am I playing???
  222. Need Tabs for "Give a Little Bit" by Supertramp
  223. Happy Birthday Chord Melody
  224. Looking for: The First Noel Fingerstyle Tab
  225. Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band: "Roll That Reefer"
  226. Need help putting cords to lyrics
  227. The Kids Aren't Alright - Offspring
  228. Anyone like a project?
  229. I Need help!
  230. Ukulele Man by Tony Orlando & Dawn..need Tabs.
  231. Transposing help: software or circle
  232. What is this chord called? Ccool6?
  233. Chords
  234. Default Tabs for Arirang (Korean Traditional Song)?
  235. Looking for I’m so lonesome I could cry by VOLBEAT- intro especially
  236. Is this how alternate chords are written in music?
  237. Mardi Gras songs for the uke?
  238. Down The Busy Street by: Oh AiKane
  239. Ain't No Sunshine
  240. April Come She Will (tabs)
  241. What's the name of the song Corey's playing in this video?
  242. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Theme!
  243. I need help finding this song
  244. Help with some rough spots on this tab - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
  245. Excellent unsung (literally) Uke song
  246. Palm-wine style ukulele
  247. Ali'i Poe -- help please
  248. Codeine--Trampled by Turtles intro riff help
  249. Is there a Tab for French Waltz by Nicolette Larson?
  250. Don't get around much anymore (Chord Changes)