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  1. WTB: Kanile'a K-1 or K-2 Tenor or Super Tenor Uke, UV Glossy finish
  2. FS: Rare Koaloha Sceptor Tenor <SOLD>
  3. Trade feeler: My 1981 Hamer Special for a great Concert or Tenor
  4. WTB: Kala Solid Acacia soprano or Kala Pocket Uke
  5. Requesting MODS to lock old threads
  6. FS: Luna Tattoo model Mahogany Concert ukulele, New in Box<SOLD>
  7. Kamaka Concert on Seattle Craigs List
  8. FS: Kamaka HF-2 concert ukulele + case, mint
  9. WTB: Riptide Tenor
  10. New in box Kala KA CEM exotic mahogany with new Kala deluxe gig bag deal!
  11. WTB - Mainland Red Cedar Concert
  12. early Guitarlele sighting AKA Tacoma Papoose
  13. Kamaka HF-3 Tenor
  14. Looking for Bean Sprout Tenor or Concert
  15. Boat Paddle 12 Fret Narra Wood Tenor Ukulele
  16. Collings UT1 (W/Haircut Headstock) $999
  17. Looking for a pono tenor
  18. FS: Mike Pereira Style 4 Concert Pineapple<SOLD>
  19. Koaloha Soprano - like new with hard sided case<SOLD>
  20. KEN TIMMS Soprano for sale as new <SOLD>
  21. WTB: Soprano Flea
  22. Lanikai LSM-T $170 shipped in the US
  23. Bluegrass Ukuleles "Flying Owl" Tenor <SOLD>
  24. "Woodspirit" Tenor Gourd Banjo Ukulele by Barry sholder
  25. FS: Mele Soprano with HSC <SOLD>
  26. Fender Pa'ina electric Ukulele
  27. koloa ku-620 concert ukulele
  28. sprucehouse s-o soprano ukulele
  29. FS: Older Sonny D Koa Bell Shaped Tenor
  30. Koaloha Pineapple Sunday and KTM-00 Tenor
  31. KoAloha Super Soprano on Ebay <ITEM SOLD>
  32. Nice Talina Soprano Very nice! Pretty solid spruce top with case!
  33. KoAlana concert by KoAloha on ebay!!
  34. WTB: Kiwaya KTS-4
  35. Ohana's For Sale
  36. FS: Honu Concert and Mele Baritone
  37. Kala KA-S
  38. WTB - Beltona tenor "blue" resonator ukulele
  39. The Gibson, vintage ukulele
  40. KALA KA-ASAC-S Solid Acacia SOPRANO Ukulele - 3 days oldl<SOLD>
  41. Myrtle Wood and Engelmann Spruce Tenor <SOLD>
  42. FS: Breedlove Guitalele
  43. WTB: eleuke
  44. FS: New Collings UT3 Koa!
  45. Mainland Banjo Uke with hardcase
  46. Kamaka Pineapple
  47. 3 ukes for sale in the UK - worldwide shipping
  48. Harmony Baritone
  49. WTB - Favilla Teardrop - Poverty Issues
  50. FS: New Collings UT3 Koa!
  51. FS: Pono PKT-2 Koa Tenor Uke on Ebay<SOLD>
  52. Ko'olau CE-1 solid body tenor Myrtle
  53. Looking for a Resonator Uke - buy or trade
  54. Seeing interest: Goldtone Mandoguitar
  55. WTB: Pono ohai tenor / mahogany tenor (mt)
  56. FS Big Island Rope Series KRP-CT Honu Ukulele<SOLD>
  57. FS: Very Clean 50's Harmony Baritone Ukulele
  58. Boat Paddle 5-String Tenor
  59. WTB Kamaka HF-3 Tenor 4 string
  60. Mainland mahogany Soprano with nice case...Minty!!<SOLD>
  61. FS: Martin Style 2M Taropatch
  62. Checkin Interests: G-string Honu
  63. Cordoba Tenor <SOLD>
  64. FS Kamaka Pineapple <SOLD>
  65. Mainland Mahogany Concert <SOLD>
  66. Mainland Tenor Plain Jane w/ MiSi and Cutaway
  67. FS: Kamaka Super Concert on Ebay bid
  68. WTB: Mele or Kamaka Tenor
  69. Kanilea Concert on Ebay
  70. FT Loprinzi Cherry Tenor for Mandolin or Fiddle
  71. Interest check: Islander tenor by Kanilea MST-4.
  72. Mya Moe Sycamore Tenor <SOLD>
  73. Wtb
  74. Any Interests: G-string Standard <SOLD>
  75. "Jazz Uke" by T. Hank Robinson For Sale on Elderly, in Maple & Spruce
  76. WTB: Ukulele Banjo
  77. FS: Ohana CK20-S solid top concert
  78. Wanted: Custom ukuleles
  79. Wanted: Risa LP Tenor
  80. Kelii Tenor For Sale, Mint as new<SOLD>
  81. FS: Mainland Solid Wood Classic Mahogany Concert Gloss Uke & Hardshell Case<SOLD>
  82. Augostinio Loprinzi Koa Soprano Nova New.
  83. Gorgeous Mana ‘e Baritone Ukulele with a MiSi pickup - $2500
  84. Lanikai S-T
  85. UV Kanilea Concert w/Ko'olau Hardshell Case<SOLD>
  86. FT: So you want to learn guitar now/too.
  87. WTB: Concert Ukulele (Must be in excellent condition)
  88. WTB -- Pono Tenor
  89. Oscar Schmidt OU-2 Ukulele for sale - perfect condition - make an offer
  90. Sonny D Custom Concert Ukulele<SOLD>
  91. FS: Hey, Sailor...
  92. Left over guiitar stuff
  93. WTB Nice Concert
  94. For Trade Only: Koaloha Sceptre Tenor for Solid Wood Tenor???
  95. Wtb
  96. Lilburn, GA
  97. Part Built Soprano Kit
  98. how much is a new concert kamaka HF2 worth?
  99. FS: Big Island Tenor Honu TR-KRGT Solid Hawaiian Koa!!!!<SOLD>
  100. Big book...acoustic guitars the illistrated encyclopedia
  101. WTB Mele Guitarlele
  102. 5 string Goldtone open back banjo w/ extras 4 sale or trade....
  103. FS OHANA SK-21 Sopranino <SOLD>
  104. WTB: Rick Turner Compass Rose Tenor
  105. FREE! anyone need extra set of tuners from KoAlona
  106. Nalu ukulele
  107. Pono MPTSH - Slothead Maple/Spruce Tenor - Interest Check<SOLD>
  108. Used Makapili Hinoki Top Concert
  109. WTB: Tenor/Concert Eleuke
  110. WTB Eddie Vedder Ukulele Song Book / Sheet Music
  111. Help identifying and valuing a uke, Hohner HU26?
  112. WTB: Kala KA-SLNG
  113. Trade my Ohana CK-35G for your Soprano?
  114. KALA U-BASS /fretted
  115. Two Chord Songs Volume 2 Is Available!
  116. WTB: Ohana SK38
  117. FS Lanikai CK-6E 6 String Tenor Ukulele<SOLD>
  118. Bluegrass Ukes Solid Pau Ferro Tenor <SOLD>
  119. Concert Cigar Box by Bluegrass Ukuleles
  120. Anyone have a Bass Ukulele?
  121. New Ohana CK-20S with new Ohana gig bag
  122. Looking for a 6 string tenor...any out there?
  123. Ukulele World Soprano solid spruce top with case...nice!!
  124. 100+ sets of friction tuning pegs
  125. New Kamaka HF-2 Concert
  126. Kiwaya K Wave "Rock Uke" Les Paul Concert A/E
  127. Sonny Daze Soprano CBU
  128. ??? 4 Steel String Cigar Box Guitar
  129. WTS Koaloha soprano
  130. FS Bushman Jenny soprano--one of the good ones!
  131. WTB: Koolau CE-2
  132. Ken Timms Style "O" soprano
  133. Dük Aphid & Dük Ladybug pre-orders being taken.
  134. Fender Mustang 20w Digital Amp
  135. Romero Banjo ukulele FOR SALE
  136. WTB Mainland Red Cedar Tenor
  137. FS: Solid Body Walnut Concert Fluke
  138. FS: Vintage 1950's Martin Style-1 Soprano Uke
  139. Maybe selling Kiwaya KSL-2
  140. Want to Trade: My Lanikai LSM-C Concert for a KPK Concert
  141. WTB Northern, Fluke, Mainland, or a vintage uke of any kind.
  142. Looking for a Pono Tenor Slotted Head Stock.
  143. WTB: Quality hardcase for a Mya-Moe
  144. Wtb - mainland red cedar / mango concert uke
  145. Martin vintage on ebay!
  146. Colling's ut-2 uke near new, mint!!
  147. FS: Koaloha Pikake soprano
  148. FS: Kamaka HF-3 tenor <SOLD>
  149. Pineapple Sunday for possible trade.
  150. FS - Rob Collins soprano ukulele in walnut / cedar
  151. Looking for vintage Martin soprano?
  152. Would like to trade
  153. Mainland-Mainland trade?
  154. FS: Lanikai Koa Concert Pack LKP-C Ukulele W/ EXTRA
  155. FS: Kala solid cedar top cutaway tenor KA-KTE-CT-C
  156. Anyone looking for a KoAloha? (Craiglist Hawaii)
  157. KOLOA Soprano KU-600 in Almost New Condition $150 shipped CONUS
  158. WTB KoAloha D-VI Guitarlele
  159. Thinking about selling by KoAloha...
  160. Tangi Mini. Sale or trade.
  161. WTB: Kamaka or KoAloha tenor and a Kala acacia tenor
  162. Kala Jazz Tenor Ukulele For Sale
  163. Lanikai Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele For Sale<SOLD>
  164. Kiwaya KTS-7 Mint with hard case.
  165. Martin S-O on SF Bay Area Craigslist for $45
  166. Lute-Kulele - Ukulele Scaled Lute
  167. wtb - ohana sk21 sopranino
  168. Kala KA-SMHS All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele and hard case
  169. WTB: Pono Baritone
  170. Fs: Harmony baritone ukulele
  171. Another style"O" Soprano
  172. Trade Aphid/Ladybug for Banjo?
  173. Nalu Hokua for trade for baritone
  174. Ana`ole Ukulele on eBay, from MGM
  175. Mainland Mahogany Tenor Uke
  176. Kamoa SM-P Solid Mahogany Pineapple Soprano
  177. Custom Makani Ukulele on eBay, last one for MGM
  178. WTB good quality solid tenor uke
  179. Martin S-1 with Peheds!
  180. FS: McNally Standard Strum Stick
  181. Black Bear Tenor on Ebay
  182. G STRING Semi-Custom Hawaiian Koa Soprano
  183. Collings UC Custom, Serial #240 - MGM Still selling
  184. WTB: under $200, loud tenor ukulele with good sustain
  185. Fs: Yet another harmony ukulele [project]
  186. WTB: Kanilea K-3 Tenor
  187. Yet! Another Style "O" completed
  188. Possible trade? UV Kanil'ea Concert for a Longneck Koaloha Concert
  189. FT: Dük tenor. James Hill copy with dragon
  190. looking to buy some bits and pieces....
  191. WTT: Omega Automatic Watch for your ukulele
  192. Hilo, Mahana, and Worth Tenor strings for sale
  193. Acoustic/Electric Tenor Ukulele
  194. One more..Style "O" Soprano
  195. Looking for a Mainland Mahogany Tenor
  196. WTB Old Drop Bottom Uke Cases
  197. Dük Aphid & Dük Ladybug list.
  198. WTB Mainland Red Cedar or Mahogany Tenor
  199. Three sets of Tenor Strings - FREE
  200. Keli'i Kelii Tenor Ukulele for sale (UK)
  201. samick baritone with case<SOLD>
  202. WTB: Hana Lima Construction Manual and Tenor Plans
  203. Beansprout Inventory- Vintage Banjo Uke, Kiwaya and Baritone Beansprout
  204. For Sale : Pineapple Sunday
  205. WTT NTX 1200R Guitar for quality Ukulele
  206. Mukudo electric in Walnut...beautiful
  207. WTB: Fretboard Journal, Issues 5, 10, 15 & 16
  208. Tall Grass is blowing out some scratch & dents and then shutting it down.
  209. WTB Pono MT-e
  210. WTB - GString C1 Concert Sun Semi-Custom Soprano Ukulele
  211. MGM's Official Mousekulele, with Certificate of Authenticity<SOLD>
  212. Big Island Honu Prototype Tenor Cutaway - MGM Stock
  213. FS: 1940's Silvertone Concert Ukulele, SOLID MAHOGANY w/ UkeCrazy Case
  214. FS Kelii Tenor Koa Top Mahogany Back + Sides
  215. For Sale: Mana 'e Baritone with MiSi pickup
  216. Handmade Soprano Ukulele - Blue Frog - Solid Spruce and Poplar By Vic Jones
  217. For Sale: Kala KA-6 Six String tenor (like new & extras)
  218. Artisan Made Solid Body Electric Ukulele (Les Paul Style)
  219. ONE MORE Style "O" Soprano
  220. MGM Blowout - Kiwaya KTC-1 Concert
  221. Pineapple Sunday just sold on eBay.
  222. Where to buy a Ukulele
  223. Just listed my Kala KA-ST Tenor Uke on Ebay.
  224. Free Guitalele - NYC
  225. WTB - Eleuke Electric Soprano Uke
  226. WTB: Tiple (still....)
  227. Testing the waters again. Thinking about selling my KoAloha Superconcert made 2008
  228. 2003 Kamaka baritone on eBay
  229. Kamaka Liliu HF-36 Six String Tenor
  230. FS: Big Island Mango Tenor<SOLD>
  231. Good deal for a handmade ukulele on ebay
  232. Wanted To Buy Ohana ck 70 rb
  233. Kamaka HF-3 Tenor Ukulele
  234. Ohana CK-35G Concert Ukulele w/ Hard Case For Sale
  235. KoAloha Jukalele on ebay
  236. FS Koa Pili Koko ukulele deluxe tenor with case
  237. Mele Super Deluxe 6 string tenor w c/w<SOLD>
  238. FS: Kiwaya KS-1 Soprano Ukulele
  239. FS: Kala KA-SMHT Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele
  240. FS: KoAlana (by KoAloha) KSA-00 Soprano Ukulele
  241. Items From Aaron's Collection- Beansprout, DaSilva and a Calton Case
  242. Kala Koa Concert Ukulele
  243. WTB: 8-string ukulele
  244. WTB: Kala pocket ukulele
  245. WTB: Kala TEME3 or Kala ASAC - TE
  246. Custom Regal vintage uke w/ curly mahogany, abalone Regal inlay
  247. Timms Style"O" Soprano
  248. New Palm Tree Ukuleles Inventory
  249. Bluegrass Ukes Cigar Box Tenor (used)
  250. Loprinzi Model A Mahogany Soprano