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  1. WTB/Trade for Blackbird...possibly
  2. collection of ukulele songbooks (8)
  3. stringswing uke hangers (8)
  4. Cole Clark leather ukulele strap
  5. KoAloha Concert Ukulele
  6. New "Primitive Style" Soprano Ukulele by David Newton $500.
  7. FS: Collings UT2 K
  8. Ohana Mahogany Concert CK-38 for sale
  9. FS: Barely used Black Bear sopranino
  10. Who likes G Strings??
  11. vintage harmony baritone
  12. Covered Bridge Myrtle Tenor with Blemishes - SOLD
  13. FS Pono Baritone MB
  14. WTB: A special ukulele
  15. FS Collings UT2K with MiSi Pickup and Ameritage Gold Case
  16. FS- Ukulele DVDs
  17. FS: Koaloha Crown Bridge Tenor
  18. What's my 2002 Kamaka worth?
  19. Bruko special model all-walnut soprano - near new
  20. National Resophonic Concert Maple Ukulele for Sale
  21. Concert Fluke Ukulele for Sale
  22. FS Flea Ukulele
  23. FS: New Tenor Cedar/Koa Ukulele by Black Bear
  24. Black Bear macadamia soprano
  25. Custom Jim Williams Baritone
  26. WTB: Ohana Sopranino and/or Kamoa E3-P
  27. For Sale: Bruce Wei Solid Acacia Koa Cutaway Tenor w/ Inlaid Fretboard
  28. Would like to trade guitar for Kamoa Evolve electric uke E3
  29. WTB - Reunion Blues tenor gigbag - Anyone got an extra?
  30. Wanted MM or equivalent Baritine Uke
  31. FS: David Webber Baritone Ukulele
  32. WTB: Bruko Baritone
  33. WTB: Kanile'a Islander MSS-4
  34. Wtb: K brand!
  35. WTB: Bushman Baritone
  36. Two Concert Ukes - One Acoustic and One Acoustic/Electric
  37. KoAloha Pikake Soprano with case
  38. FS: Resonator - Better than New!
  39. WTB: Kanile'a Ku'uipo Tenor Premium
  40. Need a Soprano Gig Bag!
  41. Pono op10 guitar
  42. Blue Frog Soprano
  43. WTB Favilla teardrop
  44. Vintage Ukulele Tunes books, selling in lots of 5 , each lot $25
  45. FS: Reunion Blues Tenor Uke Case - Used once - like new.
  46. FS: Koa Pineapple Soprano Ukulele by Black Bear
  47. Favilla Baritone with Case
  48. FS: 1939 Dallas B Banjo Ukulele UK seller
  49. WTB: Kanilea or Kamaka concert or tenor
  50. FS: Collings UT1
  51. Trade My Banjo for Your Tenor Uke or Banjo Uke?
  52. FS: Pono MBD Solid Mahogany Baritone
  53. FS: Flea soprano ukulele
  54. Wanted: Kluson keystone tuners for a late 40s Martin O
  55. Argapa Cherry Soprano #57 - BRAND NEW
  56. Kamaka HF-3 with MiSi
  57. FS: New Sopranino Spruce/Koa Ukulele by Black Bear
  58. FS: Unique Koa Tenor For Sale
  59. Interest check: Kanile'a Aldrine Guerrero Model Tenor
  60. Collings UTI K
  61. Just a heads up...1918 Kumulae
  62. Odell Baritone Ukulele FS
  63. Ukulele in the classroom
  64. Solid body tenor for sale
  65. Great Deal on Maestro Banjo Uke (not mine)
  66. FS: New Soprano Pineapple Macadamia Wood Uke by Black Bear
  67. Wanted Kala Arch-top Satin Black KA-JTE
  68. WTB: Kala Pocket Uke
  69. BACK ON THE MARKET, Odell Baritone
  70. Blue Frog Soprano
  71. John S Kinnard Walnut Tenor
  72. Pepe Romero Koa Tenor
  73. WTB: Moore Bettah Tenor
  74. FS: Gold Label Kamaka Soprano (1950ish)
  75. FS: Mainland Concert
  76. Strings, Strings, Sta-rings for sale
  77. WTB: Mya Moe Resonator
  78. Craigslist ad for Pineapple Sunday
  79. WTB: Hana Lima 'Ia 'Ukulele Construction Manual + tenor plans
  80. FS: Black Bear Macadamia Concert
  81. WTB: Favilla Teardrop ukulele
  82. Uke "Garage Sale": Lot of Vintage Fixer-Uppers
  83. Vintage Banjo Uke - Looks like a Nice Clarophone
  84. Kamaka HF-4 Baritone on Banjohangout site
  85. Maccaferri "Two-fer": Islander and TV Pal
  86. WTB: Bean Sprout Banjo Uke and/or Mya-Moe Resonator
  87. Mya-Moe Tenor Uke on Craigslist
  88. Kanilea Aldrine Guerrero Model Koa Tenor
  89. FS: Kamaka Concert
  90. FS: Collings UT2 - K
  91. Lanikai SMC-E Acoustic Electric Ukulele Spalted Mango Wood - Discontinued - $300 OBO
  92. Ohana TK-80RW
  93. elementary music club: donations?
  94. Kanilea K1 tenor w/HSC
  95. FS Collectors Kala Travel Soprano size with compass in headstock
  96. Fs/Ft: Custom Santa Cruz H-13 Italian spruce and Sycamore (tons of pictures!)
  97. WTS: Kala KA-TEM Exotic Mahogany Tenor
  98. Vintage Yamaha soprano w/ Wood Pegs & Orig. Box
  99. Koolau, PONO ATSH5-PC Mint Condition
  100. FS: Banjo Uke crafted in New Zealand timbers & locally grown exotics
  101. WTB: KoAlaho Noah ukulele
  102. Vintage Kanile'a 6-String
  103. WTT or FS Johnny Marvin Prince of Wales and Kamaka white label soprano 71-72
  104. WTB: Kala KA-ASAC-B Baritone Uke
  105. Kanilea K1T, Kiwaya KC-3, Pono MC-4
  106. I want to sell 2 great but very inexpensive beginner's ukes
  107. Pono Acacia Tenor
  108. FS: Pohaku Koa/Pearwood Tenor by Peter Hurney
  109. FS Collings UT3 Spruce & Maple
  110. Looking for a nice used Kamaka
  111. FS: Kanile'a Islander MSS4 solid mahogany UK
  112. Trade: My Eleuke Peanut for Your Eleuke Concert
  113. Dasilva 5K concert, Nearly Brand New, 1 of a Kind
  114. FS; Older 5 String Bay State Claw Hammer Banjo re-built by Black Bear
  115. Need Help in Assessing Value of Uke
  116. FS: Yamaha Guitalele
  117. FS: Pono MCD-E with Uke Crazy HC Exc. Cond.
  118. WTB: Kanilea K-1 Concert
  119. FS or Trade : G-string Concert
  120. FS: Kala KA ASAC solid acacia tenor
  121. WTB: Pohaku Soprano
  122. WTB: Collings Tenor(s)
  123. FS: Eleuke Pineapple Concert
  124. WTB: Eleuke tenor or concert solid body uke...prefer the koa ones
  125. FS: SpruceHouse luthier-made soprano
  126. FS: Risa Solid Stick Concert Uke
  127. Looking for a extra nice Baritone
  128. mando banjo ukulele for conversion. tatty but all works
  129. FS: Pepe Spruce/Rosewood tenor
  130. FS: 2012 Kamaka HF-3 (Tenor)
  131. Larrivee 10 Mahogany Satin Soprano with Abalone Inlay
  132. Whenre can I buy a lot of velvet picks?
  133. FS Pono MDB Baritone Deluxe
  134. For Sale Big Island Honu Tenor Ukulele
  135. Eleuke Wanted!
  136. Pono PCS Mahogany Spruce Deluxe Concert for Sale
  137. Loprinzi Herb Ohta Signature Concert For Sale
  138. Mainland red cedar concert
  139. FS: 2012 Dave Newton Primitive Style Mahagony Soprano
  140. Eleuke Tenor Wanted!
  141. FS: Maui Music concert (Pre-fire)
  142. FS: 1920's SAM MOS Soprano Ukulele ALL ORIGINAL! w/ Original Case
  143. FS: Kanilea Custom Tenor
  144. Kamaka Tiki Concert
  145. ISO Flea Soprano used
  146. Mint Mya-Moe Curly Mango Classic Tenor Cutaway
  147. Pineapple Sunday for sale!
  148. first prototype resonator concert size
  149. Swap: Kanile'a K1 Concert
  150. For trade (maybe): Risa Solid Concert
  151. WTB Martin 5K new or vintage
  152. Tickets for UOGB at Santa Barbara, 4/9/13
  153. FS/Pono OP 10-C Parlor Guitar
  154. FS - Pono Pro-Classic Mahogany Slot-head Tenor MHT-SH
  155. brand new Bruce Weiart TENOR UKULELE SOLID WOOD (ACACIA KOA
  156. FS/FT: Mainland Soprano Mahogany Gloss w/ Case
  157. Looking for a risa lp cherry sunburst for trade or purchase
  158. Bruko Cherry Soprano BRAND NEW
  159. Martin 2K Soprano -- pre-1935 vintage for sale
  160. WTB: Black Bear Soprano or Concert
  161. Pono MTDX-E Solid Mahogany Tenor Acoustic/Electric Pickup Deluxe Edition with Case
  162. Strumstick
  163. FS: Mainland Mahogany Concert, with slotted headstock
  164. FS or trade: Risa Solid Concert
  165. Kanilea K1T Premium Koa Satin Finish
  166. Flea Market Firefly Banjolele For Sale
  167. FS: Mainland mahogany soprano "Honeybee"
  168. FS: Mainland Cedar Longneck Pineapple
  169. "Not made from a cigar box" Cigar Box Uke, Concert Scale
  170. FS: KoAloha Tenor w/ Ko'olau Hardshell Case
  171. Riptide ECUT-2V Tenor
  172. FS/FT: Kiwaya KC-3
  173. Wanted: Kamaka Concert Long Neck
  174. Cool Ukulele T-Shirt For Sale
  175. WTT Ameritage Tenor Case For Ameritage Concert
  176. WTB - Collings UT2 or 3 Figured Koa Wood
  177. Wanted: High end custom ukuleles
  178. Kanilea K1 Premium Tenor
  179. Wanted: Kamaka Pineapple
  180. Wtb: Kiwaya KTS-7
  181. WTB: Mainland/KPK/Pono Tenor
  182. Cordoba 15 sm package. Boatload of stuff!!
  183. WTT - PHD Strings for Worth Clears (Sop/Concert) High G
  184. FS /Maybe FT: Pono MC Mahogany Concert
  185. Rare Frisco Uke
  186. FT - Luna Concert "Mo'o" Cedar Top
  187. Newly Updated Uke Chord Chart Site
  188. WTB Crossrock Tenor Case In Green!
  189. Mya-Moe Tenor Uke
  190. FS: RARE KoAloha KS-01 Pineapple Soprano Ukulele
  191. WTB Santa Cruz Uke
  192. Vintage Martin Tenor Ukulele 40s or 50s mint condition
  193. FS: Collings UT2 Mahogany Brand New Mint <SOLD>
  194. Brueko #6
  195. FS breedlove uke
  196. WTB: Hunting for a Moore Bettah Tenor
  197. KoAloha Red Label Mango Tenor w/ LR Bagg's 5.0
  198. USB Dual Pre 2 channel preamp/ computer interface
  199. Kala Solid Mahogany Concert with EQ/PU at amazing price
  200. KoAloha Thinline Tenor with LR Baggs 5.0 pickup and Ko'olau Case
  201. New Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele and case
  202. FS - Lanikai Spalted Mango Concert SM-C
  203. KoALoha tenor uke...trade for 5 string banjo.
  204. FS Natural Tenor Fluke
  205. Two Beginner Method Books~ like new
  206. Wtb ....... Risa lp in cherry
  207. Cook Island / Tahitian 8 string ukulele for sale
  208. Risa Electric Solid Concert Ukulele inc gig bag
  209. FS: Collings UC1 with Haircut Headstock
  210. Maccaferri Ukette
  211. Emenee Flamingo Soprano
  212. Baritone Banjo Uke
  213. Baritone hardshell case for sale - or trade foe Tenor
  214. Kepasa Middlesex Concert Spruce/ Rosewood Concert Excellant
  215. Hunting also... for a Kawika
  216. Since everyone else is hunting.... how about a Scheurenbrand?
  217. Mya moe brazilian rosewood super soprano classic
  218. Ukulele Gear Group on facebook
  219. WTB: Your Entry Level Ukulele!
  220. Might be selling this one of a kind? Frederick Gosparlin custom Uke
  221. FS: Collings UC1K w/L.R. Baggs 5.0 and OHSC
  222. Luna High Tide Concert
  223. WTB: Your entry level concert uke.
  224. Mainland Ukes Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/case & extra tuners ($250 + shipping)
  225. Old maton ukeleli needs a new home...
  226. Pono RBC: Rosewood Baritone Cutaway Spruce Top
  227. WTB Eleuke Solid body
  228. FS: Collings UT1K
  229. WTB martin wood pegs please
  230. Tenor resonator wanted
  231. Have $200 Sell me a sweet uke you're not using!
  232. Fs - Mainland Concert.. Australia only
  233. FS - Gretsch G9120 Sm Tenor. Australia only
  234. Applause UAE-20 adamas red $100 obo
  235. Living Water Strings
  236. Brand New - Gretsch G9100 Soprano Uke
  237. Checking interest Trade for Kamaka HF-3 semi custom
  238. FS: Martin T1K
  239. FS: Kamaka gold pineapple soprano
  240. Living Water Strings
  241. Mele solid koa/mahogany soprano–excellent condition
  242. FS Lanikai LSM-T Solid Mahogany Tenor
  243. 40's Harmony Tuner screw snapped...
  244. Makala sporano or pineapple wanted asap, UK
  245. Koolau, Ko'olau Soprano KS Ukulele - Koa - with original Hard Shell Case
  246. BRAND NEW lanikai SM-T Spalted Mango Tenor Uke in checkered Uke Crazy Hard Case
  247. WTD Ohana TK75CG Tenor Cutaway Ukulele or similar
  248. Pono Mahogany Concert MC Ukulele for Sale
  249. WTB: Kiwaya KTC-1 Concert
  250. ISO luthier-made soprano. Will trade for good tenor