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  1. A new concert
  2. Several Ukes for Sale
  3. Coolest Kala baritone I've ever seen!
  4. F/S Kala Tenor Archtop : Sunburst
  5. Cool Unique 'Ukulele
  6. 3 Great ukes for sale-Mainland Openheadstock, Fluke and Koloa Soprano
  7. Todaro "sweetheart" Ukuelele
  8. Go-Grande Walnut - Handmade All-Solid Travel Guitar
  9. Anyone want to trade a uke for a Buster Poindexter/David Johansen original painting?
  10. FS: Kala KA-MC (concert mango)
  11. KOALOHA longneck Soprano for sale
  12. Ohana Concert CK-35gs MGM setup, like new
  13. Kala KA-S soprano MGM setup
  14. San Antonio- Kamaka Soprano $325
  15. 2 Makapilis for sale <SOLD>
  16. Solid wood baritone wanted
  17. New 6 String Tenor Only $159
  18. Kala U-Tar
  19. Brand new KPK Tenor
  20. KPK Concert for sale
  21. Hamano Solid Mahogany Soprano <SOLD>
  22. Pineapple Goodness!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Hapruke prototype
  24. Wanting to Trade: KoAloha Pineapple Sunday for a Taylor Guitar (maybe Martin)
  25. Oscar Schmidt OU5 with Aquilas
  26. Ukulele Academy T-shirts!
  27. Pono Mango Tenor with Pickup and the Awesome Pono Case <SOLD>
  28. Eleuke with MP3 offered for Oahu residents $125.00
  29. Mint ohana ck-75cg <SOLD>
  30. Mint Ana'ole SA-2 Ukulele <SOLD>
  31. Beansprout Koa Tenor on Ebay
  32. Soprano Flea-Mango FS $125
  33. Ukulele Hero Shirts (shipped from the USA) just in case you want one
  34. EleUke TC100-PHP3 Rosewood Tenor
  35. Lanikai Solid Mango concert acoustic-electric <SOLD>
  36. Martin 3-M Soprano Ukulele (C. 1930's)
  37. kanilea K-1 tenor with Ohau case. bargain, still near brand new<SOLD>
  38. WTBuy Koaloah or similar higher end uke
  39. FS: Kanile'a Satin Soprano-$525
  40. 2 Mainlands for sale - Mahogony Tenor Matte & Red Cedar Pineapple
  41. FS/FT: Recording King RU-998 Concert Resonator with case.
  42. Looking for good Acoustic Electric Tenor Uke
  43. WTB Kanilea Tenor
  44. Mainland Pineapple - Red Cedar
  45. Makore concert
  46. PTME is back. Pono Mango Tenor with Pickup <SOLD>
  47. For Sale: Mainland Solid mahogany concert with slotted headstock and Mi-Si
  48. Bargain Flea <SOLD>
  49. Oscar Schmidt 0U5
  50. Kiwaya KS-5 <SOLD>
  51. Kanile'a Soprano Price Reduced-$445
  52. Kamaka white label tenor on Oahu Craigslist
  53. Koaloha Concert for trade
  54. Kiwaya KS1 <SOLD>
  55. Kala koa acoustic/electric cutaway baritone sale or trade w/case
  56. Kala Jazz Tenor Ukulele
  57. Kanile a 8 string ukulele and accessories for sale!!!
  58. My soprano glyph for your concert glpyh?
  59. Style 1 Soprano
  60. Custon Hand Painted Pineapple Ukulele - $115.00 <SOLD>
  61. Kanilea Super Concert Satin - Like New <SOLD>
  62. Ohana Zebrawood Soprano SK-25Z <SOLD>
  63. Blue Fluke - Concert <SOLD>
  64. Kiwaya KS5 <SOLD>
  65. For Sale: Ohana Concert CK-65D (MGM Set Up) + Extras
  66. Lanikai SM-CE concert solid spalted mango with pickup <SOLD>
  67. Friction tuning pegs with KOA buttons
  68. For sale: Waverly Street Banjo Uke #89 <SOLD>
  69. Mainland Mango Pineapple w/case
  70. Big Island Deluxe Mahogany Tenor Ukulele For Sale
  71. Kamaka Hf-3 Tenor with pickup for trade <SOLD>
  72. For sale: Kala Solid Acacia Soprano
  73. Wanted: solid body steel-string electric uke, tenor
  74. FS/FT: Kanile'a K-1 concert <SOLD>
  75. For sale : Pono all solid wood Ohai soprano <SOLD>
  76. Lanikai O-8E FS/FT<SOLD>
  77. Bushman Jenny Concert Cutaway FS/FT
  78. WTB mahogany Koalana
  79. FT - Mele Braddah 6-String Uke <SOLD>
  80. WTB KOALOHA D-VI or KANILEA G-6 Guitalele
  81. Flea - "Uke Can Save The World" Soprano/Soprano Neck Like New + Case
  82. Ohana Sopranino with hardshell case
  83. Kala UTAR (Guitarlele) For Sale
  84. 50's Harmony Baritone Ukulele for sale...
  85. Ko'olau Tenor Slot head ukulele <SOLD>
  86. Gibson UB-1
  87. Rather Trade Than Buy Or Sell?
  88. Ukulele - Ohana CK-20S - Concert, Solid Mahogany (with hard case) Los Angeles pickup
  89. La Pacific banjo uke
  90. FS: Kala KA-ASLAT solid lacewood tenor with pickup
  91. TWO SOPRANOS: Bushman Jenny, Mainland Mahogany
  92. For Sale: Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Uke w/pickup and case<SOLD>
  93. Kala Utar(Guitarlele) still for sale
  94. FS: Mainland Boat Soprano
  95. FS: Collings UT-1 Tenor Ukulele
  96. Looking for a Mya-Moe 6 string
  97. looking for tenor soft gig bag
  98. For Sale: Concert Fluke, mango color model M10-160 <SOLD>
  99. For Sale: Pono Ohai Soprano
  100. Kanile'a K-1 Concert "Sound Monster" (Koa Satin Finish K-1 C SM)
  101. Koaloha Soprano Pikake with pickup! <SOLD>
  102. Custom GString Deluxe "C1 Sun" Curly Koa Concert Ukulele <SOLD>
  103. WTB Kiwaya KS-1 or KSL-1
  104. Pre-Fire Maui Music Tenor 4 String and Tenor 8 string
  105. 50's Harmony Baritone
  106. Three rare Northern Ukuleles for sale
  107. Kiwaya Pineapple Soprano <SOLD>
  108. For Sale! Eleuke Solid Mahogany TC100-MHP Ukulele <SOLD>
  109. Spring Uke reduction
  110. Kala Mahogany Pocket 'Ukulele <SOLD>
  111. MOOKULELE - I've GOT to have one!!
  112. WTB vintage Plastic Uke
  113. FOR SALE: 2 new CONCERT ukuleles for sale, koa and brazilian rosewood, $600 and $900
  114. FS Risa Uke Stick Tenor w/Vox AC30 Amplug <SOLD>
  115. Family Emergency orces Sale of Custom Ko'olau 100SP w/ Ameritage Case!!
  116. Want to buy a used Kanilea, KoAloha Concert or Superconcert, Lanikai by Kanilea
  117. Risa Uke Stick soprano blond with case, electric
  118. Banjolele
  119. Selling UU Ukulele Solos - Techs & Improv DVD w/Ltd. Edition packaging, $20 incl S&H
  120. WTB: Tenor or Baritone Neck
  121. For Sale Pono Spruce Top Soprano
  122. For sale ohana tenor tk35g solid mahogany <SOLD>
  123. For sale bugsgear eleuke ekgt blue
  124. Attractive sopranos FS/FT: Brueko, Makai <SOLD>
  125. How much COULD I get for this?
  126. Style "O "soprano on E-Bay
  127. For sale: Risa Solidbody Soprano E-Ukulele
  128. For Sale: Baritone Cigar Box Ukulele - acoustic/electric
  129. Three new banjoleles
  130. Kamaka Soprano
  131. Another Makore concert!
  132. WTB Tenor Uke Gig Bag
  133. Kiwaya KSL-1 Mahogany Long Neck Soprano Ukulele for sale or trade
  134. Keilani Mahogany Long Neck Soprano Uke for sale
  135. Pineapple Electric Flea with pegheads and Rosewood fingerboard (originally from MGM!)
  136. Wanted: A Resonator Ukulele
  137. For Sale: Big Island Honu Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele - Model TR-KRGT <SOLD>
  138. For Sale: Applause UAE148-4 Acoustic/Electric Tenor Ukulele with Spruce Top <SOLD>
  139. For Sale: Kala Concert Ukulele KA-C
  140. Keith Ogata PD-5 Semi-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele
  141. Timms Soprano Ukulele <SOLD>
  142. FS: Ohana SK-21 Sopranino <SOLD>
  143. WTT: Aquila Concert Strings (2 sets) for Tenor Strings
  144. FS: Cole Clark Jack Tenor (JT2AC) Tenor Ukulele <SOLD>
  145. Tahitian Ukeleles
  146. F/S Kala Acacia Tenor <SOLD>
  147. FS: KoAloha Tenor with Misi <SOLD>
  148. Eleuke for sale <SOLD>
  149. FS: Tenor Surf Fluke w/ Rosewood, Geared Tuners etc
  150. FS: Kala Uke Crazy Concert Hard Case - Brand New <SOLD>
  151. Concert "Tiki King" Fluke, w/ Rosewood Fretboard + Bridge <SOLD>
  152. Kala F-Hole Tenor F/T
  153. Tahitian Ukelele, in Oak and Cedar
  154. wtb: tuner
  155. wtb: William King tenor or concert
  156. Johnny Marvin Ukulel! Aeroplane Bridge!
  157. applause uae20- acoustic-electric deluxe soprano<SOLD>
  158. Martin S-O; Fender Pa'ini; Kala Archtop; 1950's Harmony
  159. FS Sprucehouse S-O and Sprucehouse Case Like New!
  160. FS: FLEA "Uke Can Save the World" soprano
  161. FS: Martin S-O with inlay dots
  162. Wanted: Concert Fluke with wood fretboard
  163. LoPrinzi Quilted Maple & Spruce Soprano Uke with Locking Hardshell Case<SOLD>
  164. FREE Flea soundboard (unpainted)
  165. Reposting: Les rietfors tenor cutaway ukulele/rare birdseye maple
  166. Sell a uke, make a UU donation?
  167. Custom kanile"a k-1 super concert 4-string ukulele
  168. Pre-fire maui music 4-string tenor ukulele
  169. Pre-fire maui music 8-string tenor ukulele
  170. Wanted: Eleuke
  171. 1960's Gibson Tenor Bridge Pins
  172. FS: Plastic TV Pal !
  173. A new soprano
  174. Ken Timms Style 1 soprano
  175. FS: Tangi Manini sopranino <SOLD>
  176. FS: Ohana SK-70MG Spruce top soprano <SOLD>
  177. FS: REDUCED!!! Martin S-O ($200) & Fender Pa'ini ($125)
  178. FS: Fender Nohea koa tenor <SOLD>
  179. Needed: Makala Dophin ASAP?
  180. Limited Kala Cedar/Koa Cutaway Concert w/ Active Pickup <SOLD>
  181. Custom Mango Kanile'a Tenor with Slanted Headstock $750 <SOLD>
  182. PONO PS-O mahogany soprano
  183. FS: Loprinzi Model A Soprano Mahogany w/ case <SOLD>
  184. Wanted: Ko'olau Ce-1 or Uklectic
  185. Pineapple Sunday?
  186. FS: Cordoba 25CK Concert uke w/ case
  187. Flea Soprano Hibiscus red
  188. Lehua Long neck soprano/concert scale
  189. Bushman Jenny Soprano
  190. FS: Pono Mango Baritone w/ Pickup and Hardcase <SOLD>
  191. FS: 1920's Big 10 Richter Soprano
  192. String Swap
  193. FS: 1961 Kay Soprano, mint condition, plus case-candy
  194. Makai MK70 Spruce Top With Case
  195. wanted--Tenor uke with active pickup. I'm flexible
  196. FS/Trade: Koa Fluke Tenor w/ pickup
  197. Makai MKM-80 Soprano Ukulele with Hardhsell Case for sale
  198. New banjolele, less $ than normal.
  199. checking interest...oscar schmidt ou3 concert fs
  200. Peaceful Behemoth
  201. White Mahalo Tele strung Worth brown low-g
  202. FS: Mainland mahogany concert w/ case <SOLD>
  203. High School Musical concert ukulele by Washburn (Oscar Schmidt) <SOLD>
  204. Well-red Kala Concert <SOLD>
  205. FS/FT: Koa Fluke with tenor neck and electronics
  206. Honu Tenor Tradional... ALL KOA <SOLD>
  207. Interesting 8 String (not mine)
  208. Her Majesty Schmidty - a personalized Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert
  209. Covey Aetherius 6 string waterfall bubinga
  210. Ken Timms Tenor <SOLD>
  211. New koa soprano pineapple
  212. Luna Honu soprano <SOLD>
  213. SOLD - FS: Mainland Tenor Mahogany w/ FREE uke-leash
  214. FS: BRAND NEW IN BOX Kanile'a K-1 Tenor Ukulele
  215. For Sale: Kala Tenor Ukulele KA-T + chromatic tuner + hardshell case + chordfinder
  216. FS: Pistachio Green Soprano Flea with Original Bag
  217. Koaloha standard soprano
  218. And another new koa soprano!
  219. FS: Loprinzi Nova Concert
  220. FS: Kanilea K3 Custom 8 string Tenor LEFT HANDED
  221. Fs seagull coastline cedar c6 gt-acoustic guitar
  222. Looking for a Banjo-Ukulele
  223. Bluegrass Ukuleles is back! 3 new tenors up for grabs <SOLD>
  224. Are Bushman Jennys still for sale?
  225. A bunch of ukes and a banjo for sale!!! (or possibly for trade...)
  226. Martin Guitar and Fender Amp 4 Sale
  227. FS: Larrivee U-01 all solid mahogany Uke (Saprano)
  228. Koaloha Pikake soprano
  229. Timms Style "O" Soprano
  230. Koaloha standard soprano and Kala KA-S soprano FS or FT
  231. Ohana SK-35 Solid Mahogany Soprano
  232. Concert - Surf flea with Rosewood Fretboard and Aquila's <SOLD>
  233. WTB Ebony Pono Baritone
  234. FS: Kala Koa Tenor + Case & Extras
  235. Looking for a 12 fret Kamaka HF-1
  236. Ashbory Bass setup
  237. Mainland Red Cedar Tenor/gig bag <SOLD>
  238. ARGH I wish I lived on the Big Island... but maybe not.
  239. Curly Mango Devine Uke
  240. need help with a uke price check
  241. Who want's a plastic 'ukulele?
  242. Nice Collectable Kamaka
  243. New soprano banjolele
  244. Kamaka on the Big Island
  245. KALA KA-STE Sitka Spruce Tenor Ukulele w/pu
  246. Looking for a long neck soprano with tenor scale neck
  247. Where to buy in Japan?
  248. Kelii Tenor have one you want to sell?
  249. Future Soprano Uke
  250. Get Behind me Pineapple!