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  1. FS: Bushman Jenny Concert Cutaway <SOLD>
  2. FS: Kiwaya KTC-1 Mahogany Concert
  3. New Boat Paddle Ukes on eBay
  4. Ohana CK-75CG Limited Edition (UK BUYERS ONLY) Beautiful uke with solid flamed maple
  5. WTB: Fluke Tenor
  6. Laguna "Catalina Concert" Spruce/Mahogany Concert Uke
  7. 2 Great "Tenor" deals: Kala Slim Travel, and Boulder Creek "Riptide" A/E & tuner
  8. Looking for a Flea concert?
  9. Looking for a Spongebob-Ukulele
  10. Another Xmas Soprano
  11. Mainland Mango Concerts with cosmetic issues
  12. FS: Oscar Schmidt OU2E Concert Electric/ Acoustic w/ hard case
  13. Martin o on ebay
  14. Kamaka Tenor
  15. Bluegrass Ukulele Tenor Yellow Heart
  16. FS: Tangi 8-string Tenor Mahoganney <SOLD>
  17. F.S. Fluke Tiki Tenor(rosewood option)
  18. WTB: Flea or Fluke ukulele
  19. Massive uke clearance!!!
  20. Larrivee P-03 Parlor Guitar - Solid Mahogany & Spruce - with gigbag
  21. Martin Tiple, 2 sopranos & Maccaferri Baritone
  22. Concert Beansprout Banjo Uke on Ebay
  23. Looking for an Eleuke
  24. Antonio Pinto Carvalho Ukulele Soprano
  25. FS: KoAloha pikake soprano w/ Ko'olau HS case<SOLD>
  26. WTB: First Ukulele
  27. Kamaka KKeiki
  28. Gh&s banjo uke
  29. Bean Sprout long neck Soprano Mahogany Ukulele
  30. Pono PCMP spalted curly mango concert pineapple <SOLD>
  31. Ana'ole Spruce and Koa Tenor
  32. Looking for a Mainland, concert or tenor
  33. WTB: Tenor Ukulele Hard Case
  34. WTB: Canarian Timple
  35. FS: Kelii Koa Tenor
  36. Mainland Tenor & Mele Concert Pineapple on EBay<SOLD>
  37. Cigarbox sopranino by Rob-C
  38. For sale: Mainland Mango Concert like new
  39. Fluke Uke M20 Tenor "Lava" with black and gray gigbag
  40. WTB: Flea Soprano
  41. Martin Concert Uke
  42. Looking to Buy Ukulele w/ a Cutaway
  43. FYI - Flea Soprano on sale at Elderly
  44. FS/FT-2005 Kamaka HF-3 with curly koa and p/u
  45. WTB-Risa G-stick
  46. 1950's Fin-Der plastic uke.
  47. Ukulele, for playing heavy metal :)
  48. Wtb baritone ukulele
  49. WTB, concert flea with RW fretboard and koa or mahogony top.
  50. F/S Kanilea Custom Concert
  51. FS: Complete Brazilian Cavaquinho Cavaco tutorial Book + two DVDs
  52. FS: Risa Electric Ukulele - No reasonable offer refused
  53. Tucson CL posting KoAloha KSM-01 Pineapple $400
  54. FS: Vineyard Long Neck Soprano (tenor scale), with upgrades and extras... $100.00
  55. WTB: Hardcase for a tenor kamaka
  56. Lanikai Tenor Spalted Mango For Sale Model SM-T
  57. FS Kamaka HF-3 Tenor
  58. Kala Solid Acacia Slothead Tenor
  59. Solid Myrtle Wood pineapple concert <SOLD>
  60. FS: Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele and Case
  61. kala lacewood tenor <SOLD>
  62. Surf flea
  63. Mainland Chili 2nd on ebay
  64. FS: Tiki Surf Flea M30
  65. WTB: Bushman Baritone
  66. FS: Kala KA-KBE-C KOA Baritone Cutaway Electric Ukulele
  67. 1972 Kamaka Ukulele w/ case in great condition
  68. POSSIBLY WTB: Risa Uke Solid Concert or any Electric Ukulele
  69. FS: Kala Acacia Tenor (KA-ASAC-T)<SOLD>
  70. Bandurria for sale...
  71. Original 1920's Martin 5K series vintage Ukulele in Case Offers considored
  72. FS/FT: David Gill Pineapple Concert
  73. FS: Martin Style 1M
  74. FS: Kala KA-KTE-C - Koa Tenor Ukulele
  75. Looking for a Surf Fluke M-10 or M-2
  76. WTB: Guitalele / Guitarlele (Details Inside)
  77. Interesting Martin on Ebay - Tiny Tim Fame
  78. 1937 Gibson EH-100 lap steel (I know its not a Uke,but...)
  79. Kala All-Koa Soprano Uke w/Instruction Books
  80. walnut custom tenor 'project'
  81. FS: Kala Mahogany Thinline Travel Tenor
  82. Trade - Kiwaya KS-1 (soprano) <SOLD>
  83. Anybody want to trade an eleuke for something?
  84. Group purchases offer...
  85. Time to trim the herd
  86. FS: Concert Fluke Electric
  87. FS/FT KoAloha Concert Sceptre with Crown Bridge
  88. For Sale - Kiwaya KS-1 (soprano) <SOLD>
  89. Concert Surf Flea with Rosewood and Aquillas<SOLD>
  90. Custom Painted Concert Fluke with Pegheads
  91. Uke Cds for Sale <SOLD>
  92. Epic Collection Downsizing: Kamaka, KoAloha, Kanilea, Pono, Fender, PRS Oahu Only
  93. Cordoba ck25 concert Uke
  94. WTB: Soprano UKE for a child!
  95. FS - Kala UBass
  96. FS - Custom Tenor Island Ukulele
  97. FS - Roland Bass Cube
  98. Handmade Blue Frog Soprano Ukulele Solid Redwood Top and Poplar
  99. WTB: RISA Uke Stick (tenor) OR RISA Les Paul (tenor)
  100. "Sopranano" size cigarbox uke
  101. FS: Strunal 1/4 Size Guitar - Guitarlele - Solid Cedar Top - Tenor Uke Scale
  102. For Sale: Pahu Kani Custom Longneck Super Concert Ukulele
  103. Another Stromberg Voisinet for sale
  104. New BluegrassUkes Standard Body Tenor for sale - mahogany
  105. Mainland soprano Chili - new!
  106. New BluegrassUkes Tenor
  107. Looking for these hard to find ukes!!!
  108. FS/FT: Concert Uke
  109. FS: Kanilea Tenor ukulele <SOLD>
  110. FS/FT: Not a Uke but Uke-Related. A Mountain Ocarina Key of G
  111. FS: Earnest Joel Eckhaus Figured Mahohany Concert Ukulele
  112. Selling My Boulder Creek RipTide UT-2N Spruce Top Tenor
  113. FS or Trade: Mainland mango concert (relist)
  114. Weiss Del Canto Baritone - Nice!
  115. MP style "O" concert pineapple fs
  116. Help! Need to sell a nearly new Kamaka 6 string this weekend!
  117. FS: Tiki Mug Fluke (FMM-F-122) <SOLD>
  118. FS: Ko'olau Gold Series soprano CASE
  119. WTB Feeler: Nice soprano
  120. For Sell: Kala Acacia Tenor (practically brand new)
  121. FS/FT Mitchell MU-100 Concert & Luna Ovangol A/E Tenor
  122. FS: FLEA soprano / bark cloth design
  123. Fluke Tenor Surf w/ rosewood fingerboard, pickup and hardcase.
  124. WTB a cheap, open-back banjo
  125. Trade-Kamaka 6 string tenor for Kamaka 4 string tenor
  126. Larrivee Soprano Ukulele for sale...
  127. 2009 Martin S-0 with gig bag, made in Mehico
  128. FS: New Tags On Flea Pineapple, & Sprucehouse SO
  129. I got two of 'em in stock...
  130. WTB: Jupiter Creek Ukulele or electric Ukulele
  131. lanikai solid monkey pod concert w/pickup
  132. Flea Tenor Tiki King
  133. FS: Unique concert Flea with sinker redwood top, MiSi Pickup, and custom case.
  134. WTB Kiwaya soprano
  135. FS: KoAloha KTM-00 Tenor Ukulele <SOLD>
  136. Kala mahogany concert KA-C
  137. 2 for sale: Loprinzi and Hamano <SOLD>
  138. lanikai monkeypod concert....going to return tomorrow..any offers?? save$$$$$
  139. FS: Pono PTO-CE
  140. FS: rare Pono, custom painted Fluke, Steady cases. stands
  141. WTB or Trade: Boat Paddle Ukulele
  142. FS: Ko'olau CE-1 Tenor <SOLD>
  143. Two Ukes maybe for sale (depends on Harley Davidson)
  144. Trade my Soprano Hard Case for your Concert Hard Case
  145. Another Stromberg Voisinet for sale on eBay
  146. McNally Grand Strumstick FS or T for solid body E- Ukulele & an Islander Semi Deluxe
  147. WTB or trade for. Wanted a 'beater' Flea ukulele.
  148. FS: Like New (I opened it) Ohana CKP-70 Roy Smeck type
  149. MUST GO: Sprucehouse SO
  150. Koaloha D-VI<SOLD>
  151. WTB: $100 Uke good intonation, soprano or concert
  152. WTB a Republic Reso-Uke
  153. WTB: Yamaha Guitalele
  154. Jake Shimabukuro 3rd Row Seat Concert Ticket For Sale
  155. Too Many Ukes! Applause UA-10 soprano FS!
  156. Blues Combo Pack
  157. Solid Iron Uke Anyone?
  158. FS: Kala KA-ST tenor with spruce top, case, setup by MGM!
  159. WTB: electro acoustic soprano uke
  160. Bushman Jenny for sale
  161. Lots for sale: Mandolin, Yueqin, Charango, Bandola, Percussion too!
  162. FS: Kala Archtop Jazz Tenor - A/E Sunburst <SOLD>
  163. Looking for cheap Tenor in West LA
  164. WTB: G String Tenor Ukulele
  165. Wanted: KALA ASAC-T
  166. FS: Lanikai LK-1C Solid Koa Concert Ukulele w/ CASE
  167. Interested in Buying Ohana CK-65D
  168. Near mint Risa soprano ukestick <SOLD>
  169. LoPrinzi Custom Concert with case $825.00 Free shipping Continental US<SOLD>
  170. Pono PC0 Concert Uke w/ pickup <SOLD>
  171. risa solid body steel string ( preferably tenor)
  172. BluegrassUkes Curly Koa up for Sale
  173. Mya Moe Koa Concert Tradition <SOLD>
  174. Risa Tenor Scale Uke -Ellie Electric Ukulele $375.00 + shipping
  175. Lovely Koaloha Pikake Soprano - near mint - good price<SOLD>
  176. Kala U-Bass - very cool, compact bass instrument. Excellent condition.<SOLD>
  177. Nice little acoustic amplifier - Ibanez Troubadour - $80 shipped.
  178. Martin SO Uke
  179. Good Deal for a Concert Fluke on eBay
  180. WTB: Banjo Ukulele Banjolele.
  181. New Barry Sholder Banjo Uke
  182. WTB a concert-size Fluke ukulele
  183. Beautiful Martin SO uke for sale
  184. Kamaka Soprano FS/FT <SOLD>
  185. WTB: Concert Ukulele
  186. a martin for $100 in Oklahoma City
  187. Tenor M20 surf fluke w/rosewood fretboard <SOLD>
  188. WTB Tenor or Superconcert.
  189. Solid Mahogany Concert F/S (UK)
  190. FS: MiSi Acoustic Trio
  191. 1959 Martin tiple T-15
  192. Guys, craiglist is going berserk with Kamakas!
  193. FS: Koa Fluke
  194. Kamaka KKeiki soprano uke and vintage case <SOLD>
  195. Kamoa All Solid Koa Tenor w/ Fishman Pickup
  196. 1941 Gibson tenor REALLY NICE
  197. Maui Music T-4KDLX Solid Koa Tenor <SOLD>
  198. WTB: Looking for a unique or novelty ukulele that plays good
  199. WTB Kanile'a K-2 Tenor
  200. Tenor Gourd Ukulele For Sale
  201. FS: 1 set of Ukulele sized PegHed Tuners
  202. Custom Concert MP Ukulele Style Four by Mike Pereira w/ Softshell Case
  203. MARTIN UKULELE C1 Concert excellent condition
  204. WANTED: Acoustic/Electric Concert Uke & Kala ASAC-T
  205. WTB: Risa stick or other solid body Risa??
  206. trade?
  207. Calling all Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukes
  208. 1981 Guild D-35 dreadnought acoustic guitar
  209. Looking for a resonator ukulele
  210. Looking for an Ohana Vita.
  211. mainland red cedar soprano<SOLD>
  212. Wtb kiwaya ksl-2
  213. FS or Trade: Kala Concert Travel Uke (KA-SSTU-C)<SOLD>
  214. FS or trade: Kanilea solid koa concert ukulele (K-1 SM)
  215. FS or Trade: Pono Mahogany Cutaway Tenor with pickup (PTO-CE)<SOLD>
  216. looking for MGM
  217. Hamano H-100 - Solid Mahogany Soprano <SOLD>
  218. Wtb
  219. Not so perfect Lanakai Spalted Mango Tenor F/S <SOLD>
  220. Pono PKT-2e on Ebay
  221. FS Solid Myrtlewood Concert Pineapple <SOLD>
  222. WTB: Compass Rose tenor
  223. FS/FT/FA: Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel for Kamaka HF-3
  224. FS Kala Ka-KCG-CT <SOLD>
  225. FS (maybe trade): Keli'i Koa Tenor<SOLD>
  226. Looking for Hawaiian Koa concert To Buy or Trade
  227. Kamaka Soprano for sale on ebay
  228. Say hello to my litle friend Ukulele tshirt
  229. Banjo Uke on Ebay
  230. WTB Kala KA-SMHCE-C Solid Mahogany Series Concert Cutaway Ukulele
  231. Sopranino
  232. FS: Bushman Jenny Concert Cutaway <SOLD>
  233. WTB: Hawaiian Koa Tenor w/ pickup, cutaway, and case
  234. Excellent deal on Eleuke pineapple concert plus hard case on ebay.
  235. Totally Awesome - Automated Ukulele
  236. FS: Two(Count Em, 2) Novelty Ukes!
  237. 2 walnut body electrics w/case FS
  238. National soprano reso for sale
  239. FS: Kala KA-ASAC-T
  240. WTB: A Mya-Moe Tenor?
  241. Fs: Concert tradition koa mya-moe ukulele with case
  242. Looking for: Acoustic Electrics Soprano or Concert
  243. WTB Tyler Mountain Banjo Uke TMBU 200
  244. WTB or trade: Kala U Bass
  245. Cordoba CK25<SOLD>
  246. FS: Mainland Mahogany Tenor Ukulele (gloss finish)<SOLD>
  247. National Concert Triolian Ukulele
  248. Kala Acacia Concerts and Sopranos on sale at J&R
  249. Kamoa Solid Koa Tenor with Pickup
  250. Kala Acacia Concert -- $185 plus shipping, case included