View Full Version : Trade: My Martin T1K (with pickup) for Your Martin T1K (without pickup)

09-06-2014, 07:42 PM
Ok this may seem odd, but I have a Martin T1K with a Fishman Kula pickup & preamp, but I think I'd rather have a plain T1K because: 1) I don't really need the pickup, and 2) I have a thing for really light ukes that practically float in your hands.

So I'm checking here to see if there's anyone who owns a T1K who: 1) doesn't have the light-as-a-feather fetish, and 2) wants/needs a pickup.

Mine is in great shape with no issues (sound, structural or cosmetic) except for a couple small cracks where the preamp went in (which were repaired during installation and are totally solid).

Even though the cracks are small, stable, and inconspicuous, they are there, so I figure that negates the added value of the pickup, and I'm fine with a straight trade assuming yours is in good shape and plays well with no issues.

Here's a couple photos; I'll try to take more when I get a chance: