View Full Version : Band saw safety tip from someone who knows way more than me.

10-01-2014, 03:26 AM
I read this post on the boat builders forum and had to do a double take as the only saws with lasers in my neck of the woods are of the ultra cheap variety. In fact my GMC 8 inch bandsaw is the only bandsaw I have ever seen that has one and it is cheap in every sense of the word.

One of my more interesting assignments was to reduce the injury rates for operators of bandsaws in meat processing plants, they were getting one or two finger amputations per ann in each plant. These guys and gals work at very high speed at a repetitive but very demanding job slicing up meat cuts in the bony sections of a carcase and its very easy to make a mistake.
I brought in some laser line indicators and mounted them on the front of the machine to show the cut line, the productivity went up noticeably, and the injury rate was better than halved.

Good outcome.

Incidentally, someone had tried fitting out the operators with the stainless steel mesh gloves that the knife butchers used, but when hit by a bandsaw blade powered by a 5 hp motor the result was the hand was smashed instead of having a clean cut. Much worse.

John Welsford