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I owned one of Toby's ukes for a while, and I thought it was lovely. Beautifully made and wonderful tone. A carved archtop instrument is a completely different animal and does not sound like a flattop uke. They tend to have a forceful, cutting tone with a lot of emphasis on the midrange. Archtop guitars gained popularity in jazz bands in the earlier part of the 20th century because they were audible and stood out tonally without needing to be amplified. Toby's instruments are essentially small archtop guitars, and exhibit similar tone. If you understand what you are getting in an archtop ukulele, I think you'll be very pleased with Toby Chennell's instruments.

Patrick Madsen
10-04-2014, 05:07 AM
I'm in line for a Chennell starting very soon and should be finished just before Christmas. It will be a steel string cutaway baritone King model; carved front and back for added projection. Deciding now on either an all mahogany or a spruce top with maple back and sides with f holes and a pickguard to bring the string height at the body more like a flat top has. I want it more like a small scaled tenor guitar hence the steel strings.

I've heard his instruments are really good and has lots of volume in the Queen and King. Not sure what the Jack's volume is like.

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I also had a Jazzbox tenor from Toby for a while. Beautifully carved top and back, amazing work. It was LOUD and very warm and with great sustain, not exactly what one thinks as jazz uke would sound like. The low G was just a little boomy.

It had brass fret which tarnished fast. I had to adjust my usual uke position as not to press on the tailpiece and make it go sharp. The floating bridge took a little time to get adjusted right.

You can find more in older threads on Jazzbox tenors.

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Wow, if that's the uke that's coming your way, you have NOTHING to be worried about!

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Wow, she's gorgeous! I think I would find that tailpiece hard to get used to.

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Oh my, what a beauty!

Patrick Madsen
10-04-2014, 07:51 AM
Dang Pearl that is gorgeous. Is it the same one on his Facebook page? I hear you on the cold feet after ordering but I know it will be a good one. He makes guitars, uke basses and Standup basses also. Thanks for the headsup on the brass frets tarnishing.

For those who are not familiar with his work, his site is: Jazzboxukes.com

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That's a beauty. I recently had a Selmer-Maccaferri style flat top uke made by a builder in Vietnam, came out great. Good playing on yours.

http://www.fairfax67.com/images/Gypsy me.jpg

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