View Full Version : Strings for a Tanglewood Union Series TU 6

10-07-2014, 03:05 AM
Hello! I bought this uke second hand yesterday. At first I thought is sounded okay, or that I just needed to tune it. However, now that I've tuned it and have been playing, I think it sounds kind of tinny and cheap. I know it IS cheap, so I have been reading about strings to see if I could turn a cheap uke into a nicer one. Anyway, it seems like there is some epic battle between Aquila and Worth in the ukelele world:confused:. What are the pros and cons in the context of my brand of uke? Any information on strings would be really helpfull! Thanks!!:)

10-07-2014, 03:54 AM
I'm no expert, but I do enjoy the Aquilas I've got (nylgut and reds). The reds made my cheap uke sound a lot nicer, although they sure take a while to stop stretching. I figure strings are cheap, just try them and see.

10-07-2014, 04:01 AM
Comparing Aquilas and Worth strings a bit like apples and oranges. Your TU 6 is a low-end, laminated uke and Worth strings will rarely make a uke in this category sound it's best......that's where Aquilas usually "shine." On a decent quality uke, especially those that are either all solid or that have a solid top, Aquilas usually give you the brightest sound and Worth Brown's the mellowest. Notice I use words like rarely, usually, etc. No string set will do exactly the same thing for different ukes. Often, when buying a quality uke, choosing the soundboard material is half the choice. Strings enable you do find the degree of brightness, or mellowness, that you are seeking. Firstly, if you are a little craftsy, you can check the intonation, lower the action of need be by sanding the nut/saddle slightly when you change strings. A ruler will allow you to check to see if the frets are level. Smoothing fret wire ends with a nail file or a needle file no big deal. If you are willing to go to a little "trouble", you can get it to sound as good as it's going to, then decide on the next step.
Lots of posts here and tutorials on YouTube on how to change strings, level frets, smooth fretwire ends, lower nut/saddle, check intonation.
Good luck...we're here for you.