View Full Version : Watching the Journey.

10-21-2014, 05:55 AM
I decided that my strings were worn out just a few days before I left for Puerto Rico for a month. I have my mail forwarded down here, so no big deal. I ordered them and came down, and here I am. I was watching the tracking. I live in Iowa. I ordered the strings from Missouri. The strings went from Butler, MO, to Kansas City, three hours from my home by car, or truck for that matter. But then they went to Kent, WA. That seems a little out of the way. Today, they got to where I live in Iowa, but they are going to get forwarded down here to San Juan. I wonder how long they sit there, and what route they take to get down here.

Luckily the strings that are on the Uke are working fine, they have just been on there a long time and I read the thread here about when to change strings. I decided that they are not smooth on the underside where they fret, so that's how I decided that I should change them. All is good.