View Full Version : FS\FT: Baritone Uke Project and original Planet Waves Mini Headstock Tuners

Captain Simian
10-22-2014, 05:47 PM
This a B&J baritone uke that needs a little work. I bought this a few months ago from Antebellum Instruments and it initially played just fine. After awhile it started buzzing at the zero fret. It looked to me that the edges just weren't rounded off enough so I thought that I'd take a shot at fixing it and I ended up making it much worse. If you know how to do fretwork, don't mind re-gluing the string guide, and stringing her up then this should be a quick and easy project for you. All laminate mahogany, a bit beat up but look like it's structurally sound, and Grover geared tuners. When it was up and running the action was low and a bit quiet but very mellow sounding. $50 shipped with PayPal Gift Payment, $60 shipped standard PayPal payment.




Open to trades especially for a Makala Dolphin or Shark in any color but red or one of the new Bugs Gear plastic ukes.

I will only ship this within the continental USA.

Inksplosive AL
10-22-2014, 09:31 PM
PM sent on the tuners.

Inksplosive AL
10-23-2014, 10:53 AM
As mentioned in my PM.

First let me start by saying I'm a pro tattoo artist not a luthier. It is to my understanding with a zero fret like this baritone it is the height of this zero fret not the nut that is your issue.

Simple... The zero fret has to be the tallest fret if its shorter than the first two frets you will get a buzz. I think you simply need to install a new zero fret. I have a risa stick with some bad fret wear and I've built up the courage to refret this if a leveling and recrowning doesn't help. There are many videos on youtube of guys and gals fretting everything from guitars to how to tie a sitar fret properly. There are special tools and presses and there are hammers and the old way before there were luthier supply houses.

Heh hell throw it together with a piece of welding rod pushed under the strings behind that zero fret making certain the rod lifts the strings over that zero fret and you will have a top notch ghetto fix right there.

I have a couple old harmony sopranos there is something about that old mahogany besides the smell. ;)


Captain Simian
12-27-2014, 05:48 AM
Still available.