View Full Version : Wassup UU staff

02-24-2009, 07:40 AM
Eh Brahs, heard you met one of the boyz yesterday. Shootz.. did he show you his newest? Dat lucky buggah.

Yah, brah gets to fly ovah, pick-up the new swag, goes jam with some of the big local kine and then Jack dis weekend? No fair... couldn't make this trip although I might be ovah for da weekend. you nevah know...though.

Anyways, heard some positive tings about someone who jammed in front of my braddah and da man. Will keep that under tow for now. But yeah, looks like I will be making the transition soon and getting da hook-up for reals. whoosh......

Although Braddah bettah be coming back with two for to sample for now. haha.

Alohaz...... we stay catch up wit you one of these dayz. Automatic!
BMark is out..:shaka: