View Full Version : I am now a radiused fretboard convert

10-28-2014, 01:50 PM
I received my factory second Cocobolo concert ukulele this week. The flaws were barely noticeable. It came all the way from Nicaragua. The box was pretty beat-up but the uke was so securely packed that it arrived safely. The uke is beautiful and well made but I mainly bought it because I wanted to try out a radiused fretboard without shelling out a lot of money. I must say, I am now a radiused fretboard convert!!! It feels so comfortable to have a fretboard that corresponds with the natural curvature of my fingers. Now, flat fretboards feel so uncomfortable. I want all my ukes to have radiused fretboards now. I tried playing songs with many barre chords and now I can do them with much less of a struggle. I also tried my fingerpicking songs on it and it was no more difficult than on a flat fretboard. Just wanted to let everyone know.

10-28-2014, 02:45 PM
I totally agree with you.

John Kitakis told me that a radius fretboard would make barring easier to create a better tone with less buzzing.

Initially, I didn't believe him. But when I tried one I became a convert to them and play Pono Pro Classics as a result. I am not looking for a traditional sound but something for jazzyukulele. And for my dollars, the Pono Pro Classic offers the most value for the money.

Physiologically, I have very long arms and hands so removing stress on the wrist was key. I think improved technique and skill will help but I prefer radius necks.