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Ukulele Eddie
10-29-2014, 12:23 PM
Any NUD day is generally a good day, but how about a double NUD day??!!! Yes, today I received not one but two new Ukes. One, a new Martin S1 and the other, a used Blackbird Tenor with MiSi.

Alas, neither are for me. They're for friends for whom I helped scope and purchase, but I'm feeling the joy nonetheless.

1) The Martin S1 I sourced off eBay from a guy who had just bought it for his daughter. At her first uke class she decided she preferred tenor. It was too good to pass up at $277 shipped. A couple of buddies had told me to keep an eye out for something special in the $300 price range so I jumped on it and took the risk. It is in perfect shape. Street price on these is $375 or so, so this was a smoking deal. I'm impressed with this uke, even at the Street Price. Not sure I could see paying full retail (something like $475), but at Street Price or better, I'm impressed. Warning: sample size of one. Which means it may be representative of most S1's or uniquely nice.

2) I also took delivery of a used Blackbird Tenor with MiSi. The clarity and sustain on these are remarkable. For me personally, I prefer the Clara but I could certainly enjoy owning both as each is unique enough in sound to justify being two arrows in the same quiver. Another buddy turning 50 this year has had his eye on this one and McCabe's gave me a great deal (which I'm passing on to him, of course). My treat to him is Meet & Greet at the Jake show tomorrow nite and I think he plans to have Jake sign the uke.

Despite the fact that I'm not keeping either uke for myself, it's been a fun day!!!!

10-29-2014, 12:26 PM
Neato, well have fun with them unitl he takes them home!

10-29-2014, 02:11 PM
Neat acquisitions, congrats

Dan Uke
10-29-2014, 02:26 PM
Lucky you!! You get to spend someone's money, pretend you like the uke and get credit for getting them a deal. If you really like it, you keep it and get them something else. :p

just kidding...I only kid since I just met Eddie!