View Full Version : UkeFest VA 2014 - So fun!!!

11-08-2014, 10:35 AM
I got to see the Aloha boys, and I bought a super cool $20 Can-Jo from Creedy Ukulele's, I met the guy who makes Rodriquez ukuleles (he was so nice and I want one of his instruments one day!) and I took a sort of ukulele jam-along with the Aloha Boys. I had a blast, so much fun! I am totally smitten by this little $20 can-jo, the old-time sound from it is just too cool from that little can. Oh and I got a cool strap for my martin from uke-fan.com because they rock.

I saw loads of Kala, Pono and even those little cheaper electric ukuleles it was really nice to get my hands on everything and get to hold them. Those pono solid electrics are pretty wild in person. I can happily say I was only tempted buy the $20 can-jo. So technically I did not add to my ukulele collection, but I now have a "can-jo" so maybe I can start a can-jo collection?