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11-11-2014, 08:21 PM
priced reduced again $1500 + Free S&H Continental US
This is a 1948 Style 3M Martin Ukulele. On inspection, it appears that no repairs or refinishing have been performed. There are some pick wear marks on the upper bout as shown in the titled picture. The A string slot on the bridge has widened to the point a bead is used to secure the string which are Koahola Blacks.
I'm selling this and other ukuleles because I have decided to limit my collection to World War II Martin Sopranos. I have a 2, 3, and a modified 0 from that era. If you have a WW II Style 1 or 0 contact me and perhaps a trade or such will work. Can include am old "Trap door" style case I use for storage only

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