View Full Version : ARRRGGHHH! Confounded Strap!

02-26-2009, 11:26 AM
I've got a Kala Archtop Tenor (love love) and I'd like to start using a strap. The headstock solution I've got ... use a Planet Waves quick release contraption.

The problem I'm having is on the body/end pin jack. It's super thick! I tried putting a good ole fashioned strap on it. Twist, tug, manipulate, turn. :wallbash:

Then I took some scissors and cut it a bit so that it could widen it to fit over the ginormous end pin jack. I even unscrewed the cap and tried to slide the strap over the skinnier threaded part and then put it back together. No go. :wtf:

I've considered the old hold-it-under-your-arm-trad-ukulist approach, but I've been playing guitar so long that my old hold-it-under-my-arm-trad-ukulist muscles have atrophied. Not to mention the sweat in the Texas in the summer making things slippery and gunky. Yuck.


Maybe I'll sit down? :rolleyes: