View Full Version : WTB: Pono Mango Tenor *Pineapple*

11-29-2014, 10:54 AM
Hey guys! I'm thinking about a good Pono MGTP for $250 shipped to SoCal... PM me if you have one you're willing to let go for this price! If you live close, I can drive to you and pick it up to save on shipping!
Thanks :)
(Btw, just so I don't get told this: I'm not looking for the standard tenor shape, but the pineapple model! I know there's a MGT on UU right now)

11-30-2014, 03:20 AM
The Pono Mango Pineapple Tenor is back in stock at HMS, but it costs almost twice of what you have in mind. They're great sounding, though. I have mine strung with Worth Clears, and it sounds very sweet.