View Full Version : Sterel String selection for Baritone uke

Patrick Madsen
12-24-2014, 09:38 PM
I'm having an Archtop Baritone made by Toby Chennell of Jazzbox ukes.(Jazzboxukes.com). It'll be built to use steel strings rather than nylon. Will be more like a short scale arch top tenor guitar

I know a few here have had Rick Turner make steel strung baris. for them.. What steel string are you using? Toby said he'd research and have the proper set on but thought I'd ask you guys who already own a steel strung bari.

Another build I'm having done is a Griffin tenor that'll be strung with Dirks Southcoast classical metal strings. It'll be old growth redwood with East Indian rosewood back and sides. It's almost done so am getting excited to hear what a tenor will sound like with metal strings.Scroll down his blog a bit and take a look.