View Full Version : Putting a uke book together, BUT...

TJ Uke
01-03-2015, 08:39 AM
I want to know what people would want to see.

This is something I'll be putting a lot of time into.

So, if there's something missing that you want to see, and it needs to be done in-depth, let me know!

You can email me at timothymorrison (at) hotmail.co.uk too.

02-09-2015, 08:04 PM
TJ, you've got to give us more to go on. Why do you want to write a ukulele book? Are you planning a book of songs, scales, or what? Is it a book of anecdotes about the ukulele or a book about designing ukuleles? If you happen to be writing a "how to" book or a book of repertory songs, I've found including a CD along with the book useful to model the songs. Do tell us more though about what you are writing about