View Full Version : String tree ideas for new baritone build

01-11-2015, 03:40 AM
I just strung up my #16 uke, a tenor body 20" scale baritone, and it looks like I'm going to need some sort of string tree (or bar) to get a good string break angle over the nut. I've never built a baritone neck before this one, so I cut the headstock angle on the neck blank by eye. Bad idea, I've made templates for the other sizes I've built. This headstock came out to about a six degree angle. The FB thickness is 3.5mm and string height is .025 at the first fret so there's almost enough "rise" as it is, but that's with winding the strings down to the grommets. I'm open to any ideas, as otherwise the uke turned out great.
Thanks for any ideas you guys may have.

01-11-2015, 04:38 AM
How about inlaying into the headstock surface a piece of material, say 5mm x 2mm x fretboard width + a margin. Cut 4 ramped string grooves in the underside of the inlay before gluing down.

This would avoid the lump of string tree sticking up, and could become a "feature" rather than an obvious fix. Brass or MoTS might look smart. Or fretboard offcut, to match.