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03-01-2009, 12:41 PM
So I've had my Pono PKT-1 for awhile now, probably like 6 months now, and I've only now noticed something was little off with my uke. I was cleaning my uke with some polish I had bought at guitar center when i noticed that the bridge wasn't aligned properly. I stuck on my tuner to see how bad the problem was and at the 12th fret, strings G C were okay, about 5 cents off, but at E, it was about 20 off, and A was registering as B. I dont know if it could be my tuner and the slight slant at the bridge is somewhat negligible to someone of my skill, or if I should see someone about fixing it. any suggestions? ideas? I'm pretty sure I can't return it after such a long time, unless MGM or Pono has some warranty on stuff like this. Thanks.

sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for this kind of stuff!

03-02-2009, 07:29 PM
The angle of the bridge is most likely done on purpose, to compensate for the different diameter and tension of the strings. The "a" should be closest, with the bridge or saddle getting farther towards the "g". Ironically, the saddle is compensated to help intonation, not make it worse. You should contact MGM or Ko'olau about it. I'm sure either one of them will be helpful in resolving the issue. If the uke has been sitting around for a while, it may be that the strings themselves are causing the intonation problems. 5 cents is not bad at all, but 20 cents and one whole note is definitely cause for concern. In any case, try contacting the seller or maker.