View Full Version : Customs Fees / Tariffs for Tom Pocket Uke from Hong Kong?

Papa Tom
01-15-2015, 01:38 AM
I'm about to pull the trigger on one of those neat little Tom TUP-200 pocket ukes on eBay. The price is $38, so if it turns out to be unplayable, it's not much of a loss.

My concern is whether that $38 will turn into a lot more after additional fees are added to import it into the USA. Has anyone purchased one, and if so, were the fees exorbitant?

01-15-2015, 02:04 AM
Never had to pay tariffs or fees on any purchase I made from a Chinese seller.

Papa Tom
01-15-2015, 02:11 AM
It's coming from Hong Kong.

01-15-2015, 05:42 AM
I haven't had to pay tarrifs for anything I've gotten from random far east ebay sellers. That's no guarantee obviously. But I suspect you'll be fine.

01-15-2015, 06:13 AM
I just got a TOM concert from China to Norway. No customs tariffs up here.

01-15-2015, 07:05 AM
I have bought three Rubins via e-bay that came with free shipping from China to the USA and had no additional costs.

If the package is held (and I doubt it will be) and there are taxes I believe you have the option to just walk away from the purchase.

I have also bought electric tuners, gear tuners, buttons, strings, an electronic pick-up, and several non ukulele related items from china and never had any additional costs. (and no two items came together in the same shipment.) I also know people with more than a dozen bruce wei ukes, and have not had extra charges from shipments from Viet Nam.

Papa Tom
01-15-2015, 07:59 AM
So, based on all your input, I just ordered the Tom TUP-200 for a total of $37.44 US. At the last minute, I questioned myself as to whether the RUBIN was the one I should have gotten, as most people here seem to have that one. Then I saw that they are sold out in most places and, this being an impulse purchase, I didn't want to lose steam, so I ordered the Tom.

If anybody has played both and can make me feel better about the Tom, please chirp in. Of course, I really only bought it because it has my name on it.