View Full Version : FS: Colombian bandola - four strings, 4th below baritone uke (DC, USA)

02-18-2015, 06:41 AM
When I was down in Bogota I picked up this bandola to mess around with, and brought it back to the states thinking another ukuleleist could use it.

This is specifically a bandola llanera, since the general term "bandola" can mean all kinds of things. Pear-shaped body with four nylon strings, normally tuned ADAE, so a fourth/"one string" lower than a baritone uke.

I've been playing it in a tuning an octave below high uke tuning: ADF#B, or as an open-tuning ADAD. So a uke player could easily use this an an instrument that's a full fourth below a baritone. The current strings are a little slack on the high end for this tuning, so I'd swap in some slightly different gauges if you want non-standard tunings.

This bandola is nearly new, and comes with a bandola-specific semi-hard case, something you're unlikely to run across anywhere in North America. It's local Colombian production, appears to be solid wood and smells like cedar. Seems sturdy, cosmetic touches a little sloppy (frets need better dressing and have some finish slop on them), but action is decent and in the tunings I'm playing intonation is actually pretty on for most strings/tunings. So this is no $1k pro instrument, but I think for my price, and given how you really don't see these sold internationally much, it's a good deal.

Looking to get $185 for this, plus shipping to you from DC, or pickup locally. Photo is of this instrument (and I also have the case for it); soprano uke provided for size-comparison only, not part of sale.

02-18-2015, 07:12 AM
Any sound samples ?

02-19-2015, 09:24 AM
Just did a really quick video clip to give you the general idea; I've been playing other instruments so my strings skills are really rusty. It does put out some nice low notes for a small instrument, adds some further depth beyond what a baritone has.