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03-04-2009, 02:15 PM
I just got my first all solid koa soprano and I know that humidity is important for my uke to stay healthy so I have a few questions about humidifiers which I hope someone can answer:D

I have two herco humidifiers and one humiditron humidifier ( the long stringy thing that goes in the sound hole). I always have the herco humidifier in my case and the humidity of my house is between 40-45 % (which is below the optimal 50%) so is it necessary to also use the humiditron in the soundhole at that humidity level?

I also wanted to know if the long stringy humditron humidifier is shoved into the soundhole, or is there a specific way of putting it in? The package only says "insert into the instrument" so I'm a little confused:confused:Should I only use it when I'm playing or not playing, will it affect my sound, how do I get it out?

By the way, I left the humidity measuring thing in the case with the herco humidifier overnight and the humidity was at 42%, is that ok or should I use two herco humidifiers?


03-04-2009, 03:09 PM
Hi FrozenMango, I've always heard that acoustic instruments like the same humidity as humans...so the 40-50% range is fine. I keep my acoustic instruments in a room with 45% humidity (i've got a room humidifier) and I've never had a wood movement issue.

The real key is to pick a humidity and stick with it. It's the change in humidity that has the most effect. If you're at 42%, you should be fine. Just try and keep the uke around there. You really just wanted to avoid storing it in 40% humidity for awhile, then keeping it at 60%, then 10%. You'd start to see alot of wood swelling and contracting which would effect your setup.

You could also always email Honu for their recommendation of humidity for their instruments.

Hope that helps and enjoy your ukulele.


03-04-2009, 05:06 PM
If your home's humidity level is 40% or above, you shouldn't even need any humidifiers in the case. I'd probably leave the Hercos in there just in case, but the soundhole one shouldn't really be necessary. 40% or above in the case should be just fine.

I have a Honu concert and use one Herco and one Planet Waves small instrument humidifier in the case. The humidity reads above 40% all the time (it's now been through 2 winters) and the uke has not had the slightest problem. In fact, one time I accidentally left it in my car in the garage during freezing temperature for like 2 days and the uke had no problems at all. (but you should not try that at home...)

03-05-2009, 01:49 PM
thanks for the info:D