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02-25-2015, 06:24 AM
My lovely bride bought me a Warren Ellis Eastwood tenor guitar last month and i finally got to spend some quality time with it. This is my first real electric steel string so perhaps i am finding it fun due to the novelty but i have to say it is a blast. Really having fun strumming along and jamming to tracks and such. It works remarkably well through my Yamaha THR5A and other than the steel strings making my fingers bleed (i actually mean that!) the guitar is remarkably playable and easy to spend long times playing.

Of note is that i play a lot of baroque and classical fingerstyle music and with the right amp setup this actually sounds and plays that kind of music very nicely, super surprised at the versatility of it. I play the guitar baritone tuning at the moment and capo at the 5th for turning it into a tenor low G. Overall, for the price i'd highly recommend it for a uke player that wants to plug in a steel string and have a ton-o-fun...

I really like:
Being able to capo at the 5th fret and play it just like a tenor uke, really hilarious sounds compared to my Kinnard
The wider neck - it's a full 1.5 inch nut and i find that very nice to play and exactly the same as a uke in comparison to the normal much tighter nut width on other tenor guitars.
The real steel string pickup - no comparison to the piezo pickups on my ukes
The overall quality - this instrument is very very nicely appointed and well made, surprising for the price actually.

Not so keen on:
I think the tuning machines could have been a higher quality, they work fine but i've seen better.
It didn't come with a case, had to drop another $100 for the case and for a $500 guitar i figured i would get some kind of a case


Some links and demo's:




02-25-2015, 09:38 AM
Congratulations Billten, that looks like a nice instrument, enjoy!