View Full Version : Name Confusion: Littleriveruke is NOT the same as Little River Ukuleles

02-27-2015, 08:25 PM
I live in an isolated, small town in Northern California called Little River. The population at the last census was 410 souls. When I joined Ukulele Underground forums, I had no idea that there was another luthier that lived in town and I picked the name Littleriverukes. I have since learned that there is an accomplished luthier that lives just up the road from me in the woods by the name of David Sigman who has a business by the name of Little River Ukuleles. My choice of name was entirely coincidental. What are the chances? Who would have thunk it?

This is a potentially serious problem since I am an amateur ukulele builder and David Sigman is an accomplished professional. I do not want there to be any confusion so I will be changing my UU handle. Sorry for any confusion. Believe me, it was entirely unintentional on my part. To see the real Little River Ukes and David Sigman's incredible ukuleles, please go here:


Thank you. I think that needed to be cleared up. When a person's livelihood is at stake, names are important.

Now back to our regular programming...